Friday, February 23, 2018

H54F || Daddy's Home for Good!

Man, it's been such a long time since since I've got to do a High Five For Friday.
Is it just me, or is 2018, flying by at warp speed for anybody else?
  Can you believe next week is March?
To make it even more mad, I will be T H I R T Y in two more weeks...
I don't know if I am ready for that just yet.  How can my twenties be coming to an end??  I'm trying to think of it positively, as a beginning rather than an end.  A blessing rather than a curse.  There is just too much stigma on turning a "new decade" in our society!  I plan on embracing it.  Making it the best 10 years yet.  I have a lot to live up to though... I mean, how will I beat my twenties when I got married & we started our little family??

one.  valentine's day 2018
the holidays just get sweeter and sweeter with my little dudes.  And Cam is getting old enough to have class parties to help with.  I remember my mom coming to my room for my parties, & I'd always be so excited for those special times we got to spend together.  I loved to show her around & for her to see all I had been doing in class, & though I visit Cam's class every week with my job, I never just get to be "his mom."  And we both enjoy it so much!

The day after Valentines, the boys & I had a Build a Bear & Playground date at the mall.  It was Con's first one, & Cam's second (Chewie is still the fav as he still has Cam's paci in his paw!)  We now have added Nitro the Dinosuar & Bum the Bumblebee bear to our cuddle collection.  They were so excited-it was something they looked forward to all week!

two.  nitro the ladybug (s)
my boys are obsessed with ladybugs.  They catch them.  Adore them.  Name them.  All "NItro."  And then kill them.  WIth love of course...

three.  hair day!
there is always something so refreshing about fresh salon hair.
A two hour coffee & pampering session later...& i feel like a new girl.
Especially when it was since August 2017 since I last had one!
Goodbye, messy bun + ponies + twist your hair every which way to disguise the dratiness! (again, I'm probably making up words-but it sounds like my scary recent looks pre-hair day).  

four.  job interviews here I come
it is with much bittersweetness, (is that a word??) that I begin the search for a new job.
I absoultely adore everything about my current job as a preschool speech therapist.  I adore my kids, the people i work with, and the hours I work- which leads to two very special days off every week that I get to spend with my boys.  But just as Cade has sacrificed for so many years for my family, it's my turn to contribute.  I have an interview on my BIRTHDAY ( ) in search for the new job.  Things I'm looking forward to about it?  NORMALCY!  Having a husband again (really!  It feels like I've been a single parent for the past almost five years), waking up in my own house, having dinners around our table TOGETHER, and having my family under one roof!  Not to mention not having to travel as much!  200 miles less a week to be exact.

five.  daddy's home for good!!
lord willing.
words cannot express the excitement under our little roof this weekend when we came home TO daddy!  No picking him up at the airport, no waiting at the window to watch him drive up, only to see him drive away a week later.  We cooked, ate, and cleaned up dinner together (is it weird this is something I have longed for since the very beginning??)  Sat in the living room to unwind for the rest of the evening as a family & relaxed while the boys played.  Then, we woke up & had coffee together before he went to work & the boys woke up.  
I am on cloud nine, friends!  It is such a reminder that it is the little things (that are actually the big things) in life that really matter.  Who cares about anything else? 

I've been a slacker lately blogging.  Life has been so busy!  But with busy, comes lots of good if you think about it.  Lot's of productiveness, lots of memories, and lots of steps logged on the apple watch...
I've been keeping a little diary of things the boys say lately & saving it for a rainy Monday-
come back early next week if you're feeling like you need a good laugh!
I'm pretty sure they won't disappoint...

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Amie said...

So many wonderful things in this post! When is your birthday?? Happy birthday to you!! Mine is actually today but I am waaaayy older...39! eekks 30 sounds fabulous! haha Really though I wouldn't go back, we are blessed.

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you Amie! My birthday is March 8th...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Girl, you look awesome and thats just 39 years of fabulous, right?;)