Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thanksgiving Fun

I'm getting so excited about this next week, guys!

Not only is my Mr. coming home this weekend, but we are almost a week away from Thanksgiving!  This year, we are planning a low key Thanksgiving, just staying at home & having our family over.  I love the hustle and bustle of visiting everyone in our families, but I am excited for a little change.  I also know we still have Christmas for that!  
Am I crazy for being a little excited that Cade & I get to give a whirl at fixing our first ever Thanksgiving meal?  I’m also looking forward to giving our boys a chance to soak in the day & enjoy the little things like the parade & dog show (which Conley will FLIP over!) without trying to watch while  crammin a little breakfast, getting ready, and being at the first house in time. 
 We may actually get down & eat an entire meal all at one time!  No saving room for three other meals😉  
In honor of the upcoming turkey day, I figured I would try to find a few things to put us in the Thanksgiving spirit around here, so here goes...  

peanuts thanksgiving party 
pop some popcorn (I've recently learned this is probably actually something they served at the first thanksgiving!), with some jelly beans + pretzels on the side for a viewing of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  We did it here in 2014, & I think it's time for a repeat for Con.

jess in new girl wearing her thanksgiving pjs
FYI : they're sis and I already tried to find a pair😂 

nyc + thanksgiving

if you're a gossip girl fan like me, it's a must to go back & at least watch the thanksgiving episodes💁🏻

 parade prep

throw a mini parade planned by your kiddos.  Let them line up the "floats" & you commentate the line up + find a theme song to go along with the fun.  They will more than likely be extra excited to see the parade on tv thanksgiving morning😎

playing dress-up

whether that's in reference to your home or yo' self & fam!  I love planning what our little family will be wearing for the fun holiday months.  

I think I'm pretty boring.  Every holiday season it seems like i gravitate toward chunky knit sweaters and cognac colored shoes.  As for home love...I am generally all Christmas crazy, but this year, I only have the tree up-pumpkins & leaves everywhere else!  Here are a few of my current cravings besides turkey & dressing...

boots | graphic tee | cardigan | mule | surplice sweater| tapered candles 

* ALL Old Navy is 40% off!!

ps i'll just drool over all the pottery barn kid peanuts stuff for thanksgiving😩

Give me all the recipes!
I've been a cooking sponge lately.  Loving looking through Pinterest + old Martha Stew's at all the recipes for turkey + dressing😍  Only me?  Mmmm k.

I've gotta stop now, friends.
In the words of Angels with Filthy Souls (come on guys...the Home Alone movie Kevin watches while family is away) "I could go on forever, baby!"

What gives you all the thanksgiving feels?  🤗🦃🙏🏽💕🍂