Friday, December 1, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 Photo Dump

Our first Thanksgiving as the host family is in the books!  We survived & made many new memories along the way.  I made my first pumpkin pie, the boys found the Peanuts float in the Macy's parade, Cade googled how to carve the turkey, & we played the most hilarious game of “Heads Up” the night before everyone went home.  Oh, & this will, with no question, always be remembered as the “Thanksgiving of the Poopyheads,” because...that’s all our 2 year old will say now.  That and “I hate <insert everything here>” (thanks Little “Drummy” Boy), and it’s dead or stupid.  

But in all seriousness, how good God is to allow us to all see another Thanksgiving together?

the sleeping man couch

Cade & I had the fun of taking this little fireball to a few stops on Black Friday.  
Surprisingly, I think he just loved having his daddy & mommy to himself for a change...
he didn't even mind the shopping-he was so sweet💙  OR say poppyhead every breath!

The quiet days after...
AND we can breathe!  The house was a wreck but everything fell together & we aren't on the air mattress anymore😁

I hope you & your family all had a wonderful Thanksgiving❤️
And, I'm a little late posting...but we are on day three of our 5th annual Christmas Photo Challenge.  I love to see how everyone interprets the word of the fun!  I think it (bear with me-I'm corny) spreads such cheer to see everyone enjoying the sweet days of December together!  I love it.