Friday, November 3, 2017

Finding Balance in Joy & Burdens

I've been pretty quiet here lately.
It really is hard to find time to write without a laptop (if your new here or don't know what I'm talking about...I backed over my laptop in July after it fell out of my back window while I was backing down our steep driveway <<I forgot to roll the window up after packing>>☠️). I never get a chance to work on posts, what you read these days has been typed in the note section of my iPhone while IF a baby sleeps on me at night, and is copy and it pasted into blogger the next chance I get to borrow a computer...please bear with me through this rough patch-I promise I haven't quit.
It's my favorite time of year but I tell you, there is so much sadness in the world. I constantly have an internal battle in my brain fighting over happy vs. sad. Do you ever feel guilty to be happy or enjoying a moment when others are going through so much heartache? How can I talk about decorating for Christmas or something funny that Cam said when someone I know is sitting in the hospital with her daughter week after week without answers? After I hear another has been diagnosed with cancer? Or another just lost their sister to cancer?

As a Christian I believe the Lord wants us to fully experience joy through knowing Christ but also carry the burden of others. It's not an easy thing to balance. It's not an easy thing to discuss. But that doesn't change it's influence on how we look at and do life.  

I don't know about you but I'm an all in person. There's no in between. I'm either really happy or really low. I have to praise God on the mountain and pray in advance for when my time comes to be in the valley. I can't help but believe that the mountaintop is the perfect place to keep lifting others up.   I actually believe that's part of the reason God allows us to have times on the mountain in our lives.  I've really been trying to pray that God would send me reminders throughout my day of the people I've purposed to pray for...and he has been ever so faithful in doing just that. Also, just for the record...when I say I'm on "The mountain", it doesn't mean everything is perfect. Sure, I have things that trouble me...things that I'm not sure about or questions that seem to never have answers-but my family is alive and healthy at this very moment and I consider that as blessed as I can be on this earth.

This blog is not meant to make light of the things going through on in the world. I pray that you know that when I write about my Friday Favorites or a post about decorating,  it's just me trying to balance the negativity of the world and all the sadness that life can send our way.  How do you balance joy as a Christian & sharing the burdens of others?
Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Love this. And I understand what you mean. I don't often acknowledge on the blog all the sadness in the world. But that doesn't mean it's not affecting me or that I'm not troubled by it. But I feel quilty sometimes for sharing all the good and not mentioning the not so good. By the way, I use BlogTouchPro. I have a computer but it's nearly impossible with a newborn to sit down and just write s post. I draft it in the app on my phone and then when I have 15 minutes, I'll get on the computer and tidy it up. But I've posted directly from the app too!

Cassidy Adams said...

I need to try this! Thank you for the recommendation:) And the acknowledgement that I'm not alone on this thought!