Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October Countdown + Favorite Small Business Giveaway

 Happy 1st Week of October, friends!
I know that in the violent events our world has experienced over the past couple of years, we need a ray of sunshine here & there to sidetrack us from all the sadness in the media, especially this week.  Despite all that has went on, we have to look above & know that it is all in His hands.  My heart goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones in the most recent Las Vegas tragedy & to the people who are so troubled that they would commit such an horrific act of hatred such as this.

  October.  One of my favorite months of the year.  I already feel more cozy & snug as the leaves change their colors & the weather cools down (somedays).  In honor of this month, I put together two things...
1.  A printable "Fun in October Countdown."
2.  My last small business Fall giveaway! 
What is a "Fun in October Countdown?" you might ask.  Well, let me share more! 
I looked up some of the favorite October/fall related things & put them all in a word document that you can access below.  I sent mine to Office Depot to have them print it out  on cardstock and laminate it for me so it will last for years to come. 
The boys & I are putting all the fun "to do's" in a hat & drawing one each day.  We draw two (one for each kid) & pick the one we think we'd like to do for the day.  Some are really simple like, "High Five A Scarecrow" & others may take a little more planning like "make a soup."  Some you'll want to save for special dates like, "Go Trick or Treating!"  (which is why you draw two;).  When we finish the little "to do", we put it in our October countdown calendar on the corresponding day we did it!
You can totally do your own, too!  I just thought I'd share because I would have loved to have printed one somewhere else without having to go in and look all this up & make my own document at midnight.  But NOW, we have some fun fall things to do every evening!  I know some evenings we need a little fun after school or before bed & these are just the things to inspire us & make the most of October!  I'd love to hear if you have some suggestions! 

Find the list here! 😉
And now, Giveaway Time!
A little for the mama & a little for the baby. 

I'm hoping this sweet giveaway will add to all the fall fun at your home.  I have four sweet businesses that I love, that have donated a little something special for my readers. 

oneThis (2T-Youth XL) sweet baseball tee from the Etsy shop, Ashers Ally! 
 You may have seen Conley wearing his sweet fun little skeleton "I've got this feeling...inside my bones" shirt.  We LOVE that song...& we love Halloween.  A little from the shop owner, Ally:

"  I have always been creative so I decided why not spread the love lol, cheesy but true. I opened in 2016, did it for a few months then decided to close while we moved back to GA from Washington state, my husband is in the military & I was pregnant.  I planned on reopening after my daughter was born, which I did & stayed open for a couple months until I accepted that I had PPD & took a month off. Now I've been back open a month and feeling/doing better than ever. I named my shop after my first born Asher (I'm a total boy mom). Once I get an order I try and have it shipped out as soon as possible. I love doing this, making things for others. I love knowing that my designs are being worn all over the USA! God sure has blessed me with this 😊 "
two. A handmade stuffed squirrel (whose soft fluffy tail is to DIE for) from Mila's Zoo, check out her instagram!  It is always making me laugh-I love how she interprets animals & people into stuffed things to love.  This sweet squirrel is oh so sweet & cuddly, the perfect animal for your baby to love this fall.  Her creation process takes 4-5 weeks after ordered, so this is a great find as the sweet little buddy is ready to be shipped as soon as the winner is announced next week!
three. where my coffee lovers at?  This campfire mug by the Savi Design will most likely become your most favorite mug to sip coffee out of this fall.  This "hello pumpkin" mug is the perfect shade of orange & white with black specs to evoke a sense of Fall AND Halloween. 
A little from Hillary, the shop owner:

 "The Savi Design" mainly started out as a hobby. When I was little I did calligraphy and just got away from it. But then, in 2015, I got engaged and decides to pick up calligraphy and lettering again so I could DIY some place cards, mirrors, etc in my own wedding. Then I did some stuff for family and friends and decided etsy would be a fun place to share my lettering and signs with others! "
four. This fun 6 feet Orange + Black Halloween felt ball garland by The Fickled Felt Tree, my favorite little shop to buy festive garland from! 

Chance are, if you have ever read one of my holiday home posts, you've seen Brittany Peterson's work!  I think I string them everywhere & they bring such fun colors in our holiday decorations for every season!

Here's a little about Brittany:

When The Fickle Felt Tree was started in 2012 felt ball garlands were just starting in other countries and TFFT shop was the pioneer shop in the U. S. A. TFFT shop has been featured in MARTHA STEWART WEDDING MAGAZINE, DISNEY BABY BLOG and many other wonderful blogs. All orders are shipped out within three business days. There are many color combos available in the shop but if you'd like something different than what you see, Brittany, the owner is more than happy to customize any garland for you. She loves seeing pictures of her garlands and felt flowers from her customers! The garlands are so versatile that people use them in so may different ways. Her products are well made and can be used year after year. Brittany has been married for almost thirteen years and is a busy mother of four young children from Las Vegas.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Good luck, sweet friends!
I'll be announcing the winner next Monday!
As soon as the winner is announced, I'll be emailing you & getting your information for these sweet shops.
Give these girls a follow on Etsy for extra entries:)
MJAMES1021 said...

Hey, I love to read your blog. I have two small grandchildren, Andrew age 5 and Addison age 4. I love to see the different things you do with your kids which gives me ideas. One of the most important things I see in your blog is that you"re are a young Christian mom which we don't see many of these days. You are an inspiration to many. Keep blogging.

Your fan,

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you for your kind words, Marilyn! So sweet.