Monday, October 9, 2017

Brother Snapshots || 2 Years + 4.5 Years

What's your name Conley? Ummmmm, Halloween. 
How old are you going to be? Ummmmmm, October.

Me too, Conley.  Mama too.

I swear, I don't how many times I've thought this week...
Oh, how I wish I could just freeze time & soak these October fall days in, along with the ages my boys are, as they should rightfully be remembered & cherished...
Do we ever really feel content with the speed of time & what we accomplish each fleeting day?  Kinda like the licks to get to the center of the Tootsie Roll pop-
the world (as we know it here on earth) may never know.

(Almost) TWO
As we creep closer every day to my youngest baby's second birthday, 
I can't quit thinking of how MUCH he has changed this year.
The time span between one year and two years old might be the most change a child ever goes through!  My almost two year old loves cheese, ronis (macaroni) & Moana.  He always says "ummmm" before every word, is his brothers shadow & best friend + worst enemy.  His chunky little legs are growing tall & skinny.  His full sweet face & big squeezable cheeks are growing thinner.  He has so many teeth-big ones, too!  He no longer grunts & points, he speaks in full (insanely smart) sentences.  He refers to himself in third person (Conley's turn!) & will do the meanest thing he can think of & then turn it all around with a snuggle into the side of my neck & a "lub you, mommy."  And that grin.  Ugh.  He loves to make everybody laugh & never stops.  Ever.  He has to sleep with 34,323 stuffed animals a night & takes at least four everywhere we go (lineup: m-elmo, moo moo, puppy, & sharky).

This fall, it has been my specific prayer that God uses Conley's fierce, energetic, & stubborn soul to fight the good fight for Christ.  Of course my prayer for both my stinkers is for salvation (& assurance without the doubt I have faced), but not stopping there.  Conley has so much to contribute to the life God has so graciously gave him.  He is going to be a go getter.  
I pray he never follows the world, caves to peer pressure, but allows God to use his special traits to follow his Savior, as he can be used to lead others straight to him!
 What will I learn of my youngest that I can add to his prayer by next fall, I wonder?

  Everytime I looks at that face, I see my newborn baby Cam.  
Especially when his top lip covers his bottom one.
I guess I always will.
Cam is full of questions & thoughts.  He is full of passion for things like green, Ghostbusters, cheesesticks & saying, "I'm so hungry mooooooom."  
<<Like all the time, homeboy is a bottomless pit.>>  
He always wants to pray that he doesn't have bad dreams & wants to thank God for ...
you guessed it... f o o d.  He loves legos & playing any type of ball.  He began the year by saying he wanted to be a "worker" & most recently decided he wants to play football for the Seattle SeaHawks (of which he has also referred to as the "Hehawks" + "Mohawks.")  His newly appointed favorite team...because...they're, mmmm hmmmm, GREEN.  He is his little brothers biggest protector & enemy all at the same time.  He will go from "Mom, he's so cute.  I'm so glad I have a little brother " to "Mom, why did you have to have him???"  He has a heart of gold underneath all the sillies & his contagious smile.  He can't stand to think he has hurt someone's feelings & is extra cautious & sensitive about it (a trait he unfortunately inherited from me #peoplepleaser101).  He always tells on himself when he does something wrong & punishes himself by harsh overly dramatic grieving over his sketchy choices.

My current prayer for Cam is that God will use all his passion, honesty, & gentle heart for His purpose.  Cam is so humble & in tune with the way other people feel, that I know without a doubt, God has planted those traits in him because he has huge purpose.  He wants to please others so badly even at his young age, and I pray that God takes over & replaces that.      

My prayer for both my boys is that they will be "mighty men for Christ" one day.
  Before my boys were born, I know I've shared here before, about how I heard a preacher mention, as he was growing up, he always heard his mother praying this over him at night.  

That really just stuck with me even then, for some reason, & has always been on my heart since I've been blessed with BOYS:).  It is such as sweet reminder that God can use any of us if we are willing.  And with each special piece of character, lies a gift waiting to be put to work for God's purpose for our lives.  Wow.  I will never get over that...

If I accomplish nothing else in this life, I pray my Mr. & I raise Godly men that will represent Jesus well.  Mistakes are sure to happen along the way, I know.  
But thats why mercy & forgiveness exist...right?

God knows I need it as a MOM & all the mistakes I make 24 hours a day...Conley needs it for all the throwing, hitting, pinching, + biting...& Cam needs it for all the times he starts throwing a fit over not getting the iPhone.  HA!😂
The seasons of fall before my babies were born,  all seem to run together & feel the same. These days, each season of fall brings BIG changes...making the fun & excitement bittersweet.  They are not, nor will ever be the same again, with each year that passes, but each one so very special & so very different.  All to be remembered for different things & milestones.
It goes for any holiday, really!  But given the ber' months are full of the most special...
 it's definitely now that I always find myself reflecting & gathering all the things I never want to forget.

Truth is, I've wrote down so many things they've said or done over the past year, that I couldn't possibly share it all or we'd be here all day.  We can't remember everything we'd love to remember, but we can make memories to last a lifetime.

What are your favorite memories with your babies?  What are their snapshots like this fall?
All the sentimental feels today, guys.
Happy Monday, sweet friends.

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Amie said...

This is so sweet!!! So glad to know the hitting, pinching and throwing are normal for 2 year olds, that is happening a lot at my house! I love that he is saying so much. My little guy can say many words but it's like he chooses not to if that makes sense?

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you, Amie! Haha, yes apparently? Cam never really did that, but Conley is a pro! That totally makes sense. Conley typically doesn't unless he is with people he really knows...most people think he doesn't talk:)