Friday, February 10, 2017

H54F || Valentines Tis Near!

Valentines day has never been my favorite holiday.  As a child e s p e c i a l l y.  I really don't know why...I guess it was because I was scared to death that I would give a boy a card that suggested I "liked" them.  I would spend hours making sure a name matched a non-love suggestive message on the card.  OCD much?  Cooties, right? :)  Fast forward to today & here I am having a b l a s t helping Cam get ready for his first Valentine party + decorating the house with lots & lots of purple flowers!  All the tulips, please!

Here are the high fives for the week...

one.  prayer journal
I'm ashamed to share with you that though I mutter little prayers throughout the day, I don't have make time during the day that I shut everything out & just talk to God.  I try to write down prayer requests & glance at them throughout the week.  When someone tells me to pray for them/asks for prayer I try to pray RIGHT then so I don't forget.  But I let myself get so busy that I am not a purposeful prayer warrior.  When I tell someone I will pray for them that is a HUGE thing.  A HUGE responsibility.  I don't want to make a habit to just "say" that-I think that happens in my Southern culture sometimes.  It's a way we see we can comfort one another or what we can say when there is really nothing else TO say.  But, I r e a l l y want to make an effort to share their needs with my Heavenly Father!  
I'm most convicted/concerned about it b/c a little advice card from Cam's baby shower keeps coming to mind..."pray for him everyday."  I would say that I pray for my boys everyday, but it's usually in passing.  Occasionally specific, but not often.  Usually just a "Lord, please be with my boys."  Not with a burden or concern knowing the world they will face as each day passes.  The world gets in my mind & I have such a hard time staying focused & staying on task.  Generally I try to pray as I go to sleep & end up falling asleep before I finish.  That is why, I started this prayer journal.  It's specifically to pray for my boys & Mr.  I want to SEE my prayers.  THINK them out.  I don't want the careless things of this life to effect my most important purpose in life.  Please pray for ME as I can already see Satan at work trying to hinder me in this effort, but I am never going to stop trying to grow in Christ & being the mother & wife God intends for me to be.  Let's band together & fight for our family, girls!      

two.  barre workouts
Last Saturday, I signed up for a free barre workout class just for fun.  I'm in such a rut of not working out & I figured it would be a way to give myself a little jump start.  I ended up loving it!  I could barely walk the rest of the week & the soreness reminded me how much I love working out.  Let me preface the remainder of this paragraph by saying that I have the sweetest guy e v e r.  He found an extremely good Groupon deal for two unlimited months of classes at the studio I went to.  This may be one of the sweetest things he's ever done for me as he is never able to surprise me...he likes to tell his secrets:)  I'm so excited!

three.  diet days
Not this week:/  I did p e r f e c t Super Bowl Sunday, even after eating Red Lobster-NO cheddar bay biscuits) & baking the Mr. a birthday cake.  But then.  Then we went to NC & celebrated my mom's birthday/had minimal groceries/meal plans & I failed.  Good thing Cade surprised me with the workout classes!  Now to get back to meal planning, right after tasting Maker's donut of the week (it's cookies & cream this week, y'all.) 
and that pretty much sums up this weeks food in one picture

four.  weekend mornings & nights
It's a good thing I love coffee & my ninja is finally getting back to making good coffee.  I love my weekend mornings & nights so much, that I never want to go to sleep.  I love waking up early, reading my bible & writing here by the fire.  And then I love a late night after the boys go to sleep with my Mr.  We have been trying to find a new netflick obsession (we did gossip girl & once upon a time a couple years ago), but so far all we've done is watched about three episodes of Grey's Anatomy.  I used to love this show at the beginning, but quit watching.  It almost sounds a little too crazy these days for me to develop a desire to keep watching it.  
Not convinced.  Any recommendations?

five.  Cam-ism's

Right after Cade sent me this message, Cam came in the bedroom to snuggle with me.  He shared the exact same thing again with me & then said, 
"Mom, are we going to the children's hospital tomorrow?"  
Me: I hope not!
Cam: Well, Daddy said we are.
Cade: what!?
I mean, where did he get that we were going to "the children's hospital???"

Oh, yeah!  And Conley had shots yesterday + we met with the Kitchen Gallery about our built-in shelving options for the living room.  Of course they wouldn't share their renderings of the future space- but we got an idea of what to budget for.  
It's been an extremely productive week so far!  Now to rest a little.
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Happy Friday, y'all!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

That's too sweet about the exercise classes! I'm curious about barre, but they tend to be really expensive and I think I'd kill myself. haha I'm so out of shape.


Amie said...

Thank you so very much for the reminder to write those prayers down that I will pray for others. I used to do that but haven't lately. Also, thank you for the reminder to pray for my little guy daily! And to be intentional with both.

Cassidy Adams said...

Lauren, if it hadn't been a Groupon deal I couldn't have afforded it! Lol. I really love it! I'm hoping I'll learn enough in my two months to do it on my own afterwards;)

Thank you for reading Amie + your sweet words! <3