Friday, February 24, 2017

H54F || Raw Ground Beef is Not for Breakfast

Good news & bad news on this beautiful Friday morning.
Good thing?
 (we're talking a miracle from above)  
Both the boys slept until I got back from my workout this morning.  
The bad thing?  
We were out of e v e r y t h i n g in the food department, had to make a quick am run to the grocery store= apparently Conley was so hungry he broke into the raw pack of ground beef & a l m o s t chucked a fist full of it into his mouth.😳  These boys are u n a p p e a s e d when there is food involved.
This week has been so full of highs & lows.  I won't go into detail, instead, I'll just get straight to H54F's...

one.  My Mr.
I think I did this last week, but I'll do it again.  I love him so much.  He's such a good husband & daddy.  He is a clown & tries to down play his big heart but it's impossible if you get to know him.  So thankful for him & the fact that I get to do life with him.  

two.  Cam + his prayers + Bible reading
Cam has melted my heart into a puddle lately with his dedication to praying & if you've seen my instagram you may have read a little story I shared about reading the Bible here.  Wednesday night, before we went to our little class, he laid his head on the pew & whispered his prayers the e n t i r e time the adults had alter prayer.  
God speaks to me with this little boy all the time, you guys.  
The other day he said, "Mom, I will miss it here if Jesus comes & gets us & takes us to heaven.  Will my Gotham City be there?"  Love.  His.  Heart.  
It's my prayer that he will always keep his heart set on God & that little Conley follows in his foot steps! 
<<This picture is NOT posed>>

three.  new leggings (super SILLY but I'M excited)
I have been wearing my "clothing" leggings (is that how you would put it?) to barre.  So when Fabletics sent me a special on two leggings for $25, I sprung on the deal!  It was a happy mail day as they arrived this week!  I wore my red ones today-I felt pretty legit (LOL).  And I'm probably never taking them off again.  Comfort=πŸ™Œ  That is all😍

four.  our entry
i've had this shelf for weeks now & we were waiting to hang it until when the shutters were installed.  After it was installed, we found this mirror on clearance for $27.  The round one I had in my mind for m o n t h s has vanished.  We're talking, it was in the stores the day before I went to get it & now it is GONE.  None the less, I was a little unsettled about this space for a few days.  But I have grown to love it.  Once I find the right large skinny basket to sit under the shelf it will be perfect.   It's a sweet, welcoming little space.  Don't even get me started about decorating it for the holidays! 

five.  Whole 30 
As of Sunday, I will be on the Whole 30 program for one week.  And so far, I feel great & so motivated!  I love all the kitchen experimenting I'm getting to do & all the health benefits I'm feeling!  I'm doing a whole post dedicated to I'll just leave it at that.

Despite my love of snow & winter, we have taken advantage of this recent sunshine.  And that's what we'll be doing all weekend. 
 Teaming up today with the girls of H54F!  Find out more here.