Friday, February 17, 2017

H54F || Where Did Winter Go??

Well.  We didn't get that Valentine blizzard the Farmers Almanac "was supposedly calling for."  I could probably hold up the number of cold winter days this winter on ten fingers or less.  I think most Southerners can appreciate that, but I'll be honest... it makes ME a tad bit sad!  It seems like we get hot weather y e a r r o u n d.  I'm a l l l l l about the seasons, y'all   :)  If I have to, I am trying to pep myself up about the warmer months & holidays ahead.  Flowers spread all over our house are my condolences right now;)

one.  magnolia journal + valentines
I got some very sweet happy mail on Valentines Day!  In no way did I expect a full bag of Valentine cards/treats/goodies!  My preschoolers are p r e c i o u s.  I love love love them all.  I also had a Christmas gift of The Magnolia Journal laying in my mailbox when I got home Wednesday...s w o o n.

The ULTIMATE PARENTING FAIL: So, there has been a long running promise I made to Cam to come to his Valentines Party.  One day I was working at his school & I didn't (couldn't) stay for nap time to "cuddle with him."  This kid is all about cuddling (& I love it).  He cried several times over that one.  SO.  I promised him I would take off from work early & come to his Valentine party + cuddle with him afterwards.  WELL.  His teachers didn't really have a set time & told me it would be after lunch which was at 12.  So, I worked til' 12 & when we (Cade decided to come too) showed up at 12:22, they were laying down for nap😭  His teachers said he's been looking for you, saying you were coming!:/  The minute he seen us he burst into tears & our hearts burst into pieces.  
Worst.  Thing.  Ever.
The good thing about three year olds is that they are resilient.  The minute I told him we had him a Shark Valentine in the car the tears dried up.  Good grief.  What a mess I made!  Easter party here I come😁

two. my handy man
Just call him Chip.
I can't believe all the things my Mr. can do now:)  I knew he could be a handy man if he just tried.  He can do anything now.  So proud of him.  We've hung shelves, lanterns, pictures...we're going to build something next...I just know it!  HA.

three.  diet days
A little progress.  I ate minimal bread/grains & avoided cake.  I've got to get better at feeling hungry.  I start getting the shakes even right after I've ate my clean foods!  I am also the worlds most likely to be hungry if I am watching what I eat:/ 

 I tried to continue working out in North Carolina at home, though it was challenging b/c the boys won't to lay on top of me & refuse to sleep if I am not right there.  It's like they can smell me.  Seriously, I have figured out the only way to truly workout is to go to a class.  Alone.  They n e v e r sleep early or late enough for me to do it before they wake up or go to sleep.  I went to my workout class at 5:30 yesterday morning & Conley woke up at 5:30 am😖  He knows, you guys.  He knows.  
I'm not crazy in saying it's impossible for me to workout.  It literally is.
which leads us to...
four. obsession
okay.  I liked it to begin with.  But now, it's officially became an obsession.  I'm obsessed with working out again.  Right now, it's b/c of barre.  I crave that soreness I walk away with everyday I'm not able to go (aka when I'm in NC).  It kinda feels like I'm going to ballet class, too.  And let's not even discuss all their cute leggings & tops.  Just what I need.  An obsession with gym clothes.  So practical-NOT.  
Or maybe it is if I consider they are comfy for my mom duties, too? ;)

five. the shutters are here!
numero uno on the home improvement list can be checked off the "to do" list & right on to the "pay off" budget list.  SO much to do-I'm trying not to kill Cade in the process.  
<<He is as bad as I am though if we want to get technical.>>
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