Saturday, November 8, 2014

Monster Needs A Christmas Tree...and a Puppy!

If you follow me on instagram, you have already figured out that Cam had an early Christmas present just before we left for Florida.  You see, this little boy is in love with animals.  Especially dogs.  Everytime we see one he yells, "dooooooogggggssss," while simultaneously pointing and waving hello.  
We haven't had the best of luck with our sweet furry friends lately.  Since our last tragic pet experience in June, we have been isolated from the pet world (besides our current waning population of goldfish).  For almost two months, I have been reading, researching and trying to find the best dog for our family in hopes of finding one just in time for Christmas.  Well, our little fur ball came a little earlier than expected----try the week before Halloween.  But not to worry, we put up our Christmas tree just in the nick of time:)
After all that reading and research, everything pointed me toward a Golden Retriever to be the best family dog.  Only one problem...they shed like it's going out of business and the Mr. is allergic to dogs.  I was devastated to stay the least, but still had a gut feeling in one way or another, this was the breed for us.  I also favored the Golden because of their popularity in the therapy world (I would love to get certified in pet therapy).  There I go with my wild dreams and crazy ideas...
One thing that was brought to my memory from this experience?  Even in our smallest cares and concerns, the good Lord provides.  It turns out, as I was browsing Facebook with a friend. we found a litter of Golden Doodle puppies right in our area!  We had played around with the idea of a Golden Doodle, due to their Golden Retriever look without the shedding (and they're hypoallergenic).  I just had to convince the Mr. that the name wasn't so bad (he hated the doodle part).  Such a man!  Cam and I decided to visit these puppies two days before we were supposed to leave for Florida to pick her out and make a deposit.  In the end, in true Cassidy fashion, we couldn't leave without her...Meet Miss Honor Adams:)

All of this took place before Halloween, so the only logical thing to do in order to explain to Cam the early Christmas shenanigans was via book.  Monster Needs a Christmas Tree explained everything...I think:)  Maybe by Christmas this little girl will be potty trained?  The perfect gift for mommy!