Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween! Let The Wild Rumpus Start.

Goodbye October, hello November!  It is a bittersweet time, as Halloween is over and we make our way toward Thanksgiving and Christmas. This Halloween was a little different from any other we have ever had before...because, we're kind of in Flordia.    

We are in Flordia for our friends/family wedding, taking place today!  From the texts, calls, and Facebook pictures back at is clearly becoming a winter wonderland for the first time this season.  I am crossing my fingers that the snow doesn't go anywhere, so we can enjoy it when we get home late tomorrow night!;)

Meanwhile, it's pretty chilly here in Flordia too!  I was very concerned that Cam might have a heat stroke in his fuzzy wild thing costume (and the Mr. and I too in our sweatshirts!)  Speaking of our sweatshirts, can I just say how hard it was to come up with something to match Cam's costume this year?  Geez!  I have studied on this since I decided Cam would be Max, and it has just about drove me crazy!  A couple of weeks ago, I had this vision of sweatshirts with monster heads from the story. 

Yesterday, we were running frantic to wrap up all the last minute things we needed for the wedding.  During all of the madness, we ran into Michaels, grabbed some felt, yarn, scissors, a hot glue gun, and some furry felt for horns.  I ended up cutting out all of the pieces for the monster faces in the car on the way to the wedding rehearsal.  After  the rehearsal, we returned to the couples home for the rehearsal dinner and somewhere between dinner and the rehearsal I threw these costumes together (that would be why the uneven yarn hair is haunting me in the pictures).  But overall I must say, making your own Halloween costume is about the only way to go (especially when it is very simple, finally comes together, and you haven't spent your life savings for a costume!)

JUST FYI...Things I would do better next time?  I would definitely make sure the Mr's hoodie was big enough, the teeth and face are aligned, and that the red wild things hair was an equal length...

And trick or treating?  Much to my excitement, the bride and groom happened to live in an awesome neighborhood for trick or treating!  So after the rehearsal dinner, we headed out.  Cam was a pro by the second door.  Once he realized that people were walking out with a big bowl of things to eat, he would walk right up to the door (silent I might add) and stick his Max claws into their bowl for something else to add to drop in his pumpkin bucket.  Then turn around, reach up to be carried, and we would march the wild rumpus to the next door in the neighborhood:)  Wouldn't you know after our last trick or treat, he began to show off the perfect Max roar?  In true toddler fashion.  Good grief.  I could eat him up, I love him so!

After the costumes come off and Halloween is all said and done, I can't help but start dreaming of what we may be next year...  (Lord willing!)  So thankful to all be together.
I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween with pumpkin buckets full of your favorite candy!
Now let's go get these two sweet things hitched:)

Latresa Phillips said...

Miss you guys for Halloween, but I can see by the pics that you had a great time! Enjoying the snow and can't wait til you get home. Love you,

Chelley N said...

Brenson went as Max this year, too! Seriously, the cutest costume ever. We love love love the book! I love your costume, too!

cassidy adams said...

It is the cutest costume ever:) I agree! Love you MO! Glad to be home:-)