Sunday, February 3, 2013

THE Bag Decision...

One of the most exciting things for me as a new mom-to-be was getting to pick out the PERFECT baby bag.  (I know, I know...LAME, but I am such a bag girl!)  I have been looking since probably August and am excited to finally say that I FOUND THE ONE.  It was definitely hard to choose between Coach, Petunia Pickle Bottom, and all the other cute types/brands but I am so beyond happy with my decision.  Sure it was a splurge (as are most diaper bags these days) but I am SO totally fine with that being my Valentine's and B-day present...I LOVE IT!  It is HUGE and ROOMY, easy to clean, has tons of pockets and storage, and is very chic;)  Even the Mr. seemed like he would be fine being seen in public carrying it.  
So here it is, drum roll please!  
My diaper bag...

 Marc Jacob's Pretty Nylon Eliza-Baby Bag.

Thanks for indulging me for this post about a diaper bag as I express my bag fetish!  ;)
NOW to stock her up with goodies for BABY A!

OH, and we have FINALLY decided on Baby A's name...I will probably be sharing that in the near future.  Also, the baby shower is creeping in on is next Saturday!  So much going on, time is flying by - Can't wait for what's ahead!  :)
Happy Sunday!

Here are some pics from our "big snow" this weekend too!  Waited so long for this here in NC (we were lucky enough to have our maternity pics scheduled during it!!)  SO EXCITED to see them:)