Thursday, February 21, 2013

On the Road to TN Again...

After I got out of class on Tuesday, the Mr, Penny and I headed to Knoxville to spend the night for the early morning call time for the baby doc appointment on Wednesday.  What was different about this trip?  We got to FINALLY shop for our little guy.  We joked about how many times we had "visited" Baby's R Us...we figured they were getting suspicious with as many times as we had came and left empty handed!  We took all of the gift cards from our shower, and checked off almost everything on our list and spent roughly less than $100 out of our own pocket.  WOW!  Definitely a blessing:)

BUT first...We had our belated Valentines date and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, Gander Mountain and HHGregg (yes I was a great wife as well-wink wink) ANNNNDD seen "Safe Haven,"-the movie I have been waiting to see for a WHOLE year and it DID NOT disappoint:)  

Neither did the Cherry Slushie or Sourpatch Kids;) says the chick going in for a second gestational diabetes test...OOPS!
Wake up at 6:30 am and head to the baby doc!
Despite the numerous finger pricks and NASTY glucose drink I had to chug for the second time...everything turned out perfect!  No gestational diabetes...the "little" 5 lb 3 oz-er slowed down his growth spurt weighing in at 6 lbs (on track to be a normal 7-8 lbs come end of March-shwew!) and we both had very healthy checkups buying us two more weeks before we make the weekly journey to Knoxville just before he arrives.  
But I am really NOT complaining...I love the trips;)
And once again...we were shocked to be given a 3D "photo shoot."  We have been spoiled to death with these things...

Look for the nose and mouth...that's all your gonna see!
He's yawning!
Side view

Off to Target, RED LOBSTER, Buy Buy Baby, Homegoods, Babies R Us... 
Our RL staple...Lobster Artichoke Dip - pretty sure I could live off of this stuff!

 I would say we had a successful shopping trip:)
We're almost ready!!

Two of the most exciting things for me...(I know I know...DORK!)

Feeding "Tools"! a LOT of randomness in this post-forgive me;)
Have a great night!