Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Valentine's Day

I never really liked Valentines Day in my teen years.  Primarily because as soon as Christmas Day arrived, Valentine merchandise shoved my beloved Christmas decorations into the next year and THAT my not cool.  Another thing I didn't really get was... why there had to be one day out of the year that you show someone you love them.  Why not do that everyday of the year?  Just didn't get it!  Isn't that what love really is?  ALWAYS showing someone how much they mean to you?

I do appreciate it a bit more now.  Not really sure why, I guess it's just because I enjoy holiday's like a maniac.  I love decorating, planning a (rare) date night, being able to plan themed therapy activities, having an excuse to drag my Mr. to a chick flick (SAFE HAVEN ANYONE???;)  We shall see how THAT works out but oh WHAT an opportunity for Cade to prove his love...  

In honor of this heart festive holiday, here are a few of the decorations I threw together for our home: 

Penny is ALWAYS decorated

Hope everyone has a "love-ly" day!
Happy Valentine's Day!