Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites || Back to Work

So, first week of year 2.5 as a preschool ST is in the books. And so is Cams last week at his first year of preschool💔. You guys, I swear it's like he's going off to college. My heart has been ripped out moving him to a different center...but I know it's best & most practical decision even though it's the end of "an era-ish" type of experience.  
We spent all of today getting him ready. Haircuts, a few new little end of summer outfits to get us through until cooler weather, and I ordered him another pair of shoes. Anybody else's kids go through shoes like crazy? And back to the hair...of course he would get a military crew cut before his first day at his new preschool🙈. And we'll, Conley got the best cut of his 1.75 year old life🙌🏻. I've got cams "first day" letter board & his little backpack ready. I'm really not good with life changes involving them...God help me!
Get it together, mama bird.

Some of my favorite things this week...
one.  letterboard
I reluctantly used my eBay "capsule wardrobe" clothes money to buy a letterfolk letterboard. I've wanted one of these f or e v e r & a day...Cams first (last first) day of preschool lit a fire under me to get it ready to start this tradition. Yep, he'll be holding this baby up as a senior in high school. Conley, too!
two. italian cooking music channel
As ridiculous as it sounds...I love this Spotify channel! I think I love Christmas music so much because it is so nostalgic. This channel brings those smooth crooners from days past into our lives all year round. It's so soothing, cozy, & timeless. Perfect to play while your cooking dinner & winding down for the day...or at least I think so☺️
three. that eclipse though. 
 I will admit it...I was not expecting it to live up to the hype. But it totally did! What an amazing thing to get to experience. Isn't Gods creation amazing? Can't get over it.
four. a child's point of view
When Cam grabs my's so sweet to see what catches his eye💕 (Besides the million Cam selfies...Ha!)
five. strawberry banana grahams
Why is it that some kind of food or drink always makes this list? I found these at ALDI & oh my lanta...they are AH-mazing!!! I've ate like 34 bags between today and yesterday alone! FYI: The boys love them, too!
Happy Friday, sweet friends💕
Enjoy your weekend!
Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

My youngest just moved to the official preschool room and I was way more shook up than he was!! So, I totally get it. And your son is such a cutie! Hope both of you adjust well!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you, Trista! I feel like a crazy person for crying about it...I've got to pull myself together. How will I ever handle kindergarten??🙈