Tuesday, April 11, 2017

tuesday favorites

Last week was a bit challenging.  I'm not going to sugar coat it.  We have been so off our schedule since March + it's no easy task getting things back to normal.  I've had no motivation to blog lately.  I've had so much planned + failed to post so many fun things.  I almost feel like giving up on it, but I know I would regret it one day... I s u r e wouldn't take the time to write it down in a book as faithful as I post.  After a fresh cup of coffee, the warm glow from a little pink candle, + nap time = I'm feeling a little inspired to get back at it...
hear that?  it's nap time;) #regroup

one.  first ladies night bible study
Many (of the group of 12) were at home sick with the flu or held up late at work/appointments, but the five of us had a great first meet & greet night.  So much fun...loved the girl time + finding out how small of a world it really is<3.  I know it's early on, but it's so cool to think about each person God plants in our lives.  Not to mention- the reason he may have behind it all!
 ((P.S. the boys decided 4 am was the perfect time to wake up Thursday morning.  And then, they basically napped for like two seconds, + carried on with the day.  Therefore, getting ready for company Thursday night was =😱.  They were table sharks, ogling the food like they hadn't ate in 5 months.))

two.  easter basket fun + easter matchy matchies
||  Broken record here || b u t I love any + every excuse to celebrate a holiday.  Easter baskets are so fun.  I can remember waking up before our "Sonrise Services" on early Sunday mornings to find our little easter baskets stuffed to the brim sitting on the stairs.  They always were filled with the coolest things (it almost felt like Christmas!)  This year, we are going with a shark theme b/c Cam is super obsessed with sharks & shark is a fond word of Conley Scout's new vocabulary.  It was all fine & dandy until he told me yesterday that he wanted a "remote control alligator."  What the what?
Yes, remote control alligators DO exist apparently...

three. moo moos
The president of the cow fan club finally came face to face with his beloved moo moos.
Does this mean we get to sleep again, Conley?

four.  puppy sitting 
Some friends went to the beach this week + we got to keep their pup.  The boys absolutely loved it.  Conley especially.  His whole face lights up + he screams "dawg!  dawg!"  They loved walking her on her leash + feeding/watering her.  (Where was all this when we had our golden doodle, Ony?)  

five.  SPRING BU-REEAKKK is here
We have a little bucket list to visit lot's of parks, watching The Easter Beagle while making easter cookies, having an easter egg hunt in our yard/house since we missed a "formal-ish" egg hunt + making easter bunny pancakes (or fruit).  So thankful to have this refreshing spring break happening over here!