Friday, April 14, 2017

H54F || Good Friday

Cam decided to ride to my barre class with me this morning & on the way, it was the perfect opportunity to talk about what "Good Friday" really is.  A little hard to describe to a four year old, but he was very interested in our conversation.  
We talked about how today was "the day" many years ago, that Jesus chose to drag a big cross up a mountain.  People didn't like him b/c they didn't like that they called himself God's son.  So they whipped him, spit on him, & were so mean to him.  Put a circle of thorns on his head to make a mean crown.  They hurt him & then nailed his hands and feet to the cross.  And he did ALL of that because he loved us & wanted us to be able to go to heaven with him.
That conversation was powerful (probably more for me than it was Cam).  I pray that these little conversations add up over time & lead to his own salvation one day.  May we each remember in the midst of easter bunnies & eggs, it is all about Jesus & his gift of life + forgiveness.  The best gift we could ever receive.

one.  new recipes
Still over here figuring out the best "Cassidy healthy way to eat."  I truly believe you have to listen to yourself (even STUDY yourself) to establish a way of life.  My worst enemy is getting off schedule๐Ÿ™ˆ  Experimenting in the kitchen + finding the healthiest, happiest alternatives that suit me are all on my constant agenda.  I almost want to go back to school to be a nutritionist (& finish my interior design degree-HA).  But this girl is officially a permanent school alumni!  Too old for all that jazz.

two.  monster truck
R u n!  
Don't walk, to watch this (ES pecially if you're a boy mom.)
  SUCH a cute, clean, family movie!

three.  easter bucket list
Not going so well.  We did meet cousins to play with real bunnies yesterday evening.  
Does that count?
Cam doesn't want to watch The Easter Beagle-He wants to watch sharks.  
Saturday night.  We ARE watching it!  ๐Ÿ˜
We ARE a l s o going to an Easter book reading at Barnes & Noble Saturday morning.  
And sometime I hope to convince them to die eggs. 
MOST importantly,
I hope Sunday will be full of the true meaning of Easter along with spending time with family.   

four.   Essie's ballet slippers
 I think this is the perfect color for spring! ๐Ÿ˜  This has been the best way to defer my cravings for a fresh manicure + pedicure.  I NEVER get these.  But for some reason, (maybe it's because my boots are being replaced with my flip flops?) lately, I feel like it would be kind of I did it myself!

five.  PickPocketing
So.  Conley Scout has a thing for my wallet.  He always pickpockets me at any chance he gets.  Tuesday night, I noticed he was attempting to slide my cards into the child proofed cabinent under the coffee bar.  I grabbed it from him *thinking* I had rescued all my cards.
I didn't notice that my main squeeze...our debit card...was the only card that made it into the childproofed cabinet.  UNTIL.  I was checking out at Sam's the next day.
Grocery day.
The cashier gave me my total + as soon as I realized it was missing, I had a mini freakout sesh!  Searching frantically, I remembered where it had to be.
Luckily, I found enough cash to cover everything but our stash of cheese cubes + sprite.
On my way out, the most precious man came up behind me...
"Mam, Do your children need that cheese & Sprite?  I'd be glad to cover it."
I shared with him our little mishap + & thanked him from the bottom of my heart.  I couldn't help but giggle through the embarrassment to myself while Cam + Conley snickered evily from the cart.
I HAD to take this picture.  This sums up outings with them.  Cam ALWAYS has to use every public restroom he comes across, stripping down + touching every dirty thing in sight, for *at minimum* 30 minutes...all while Conley is crying to get out of any type of restraint so he can run free ๐Ÿ˜œ #thankGodforfamilyrestrooms
Happy Friday!
Teaming up with the girls of High Five for Friday:)

Amie said...

How sweet of that guy :) My younger sister had to go to every bathroom every where we went when we were little. I will have to check out that movie. I think Bowen will love it. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter!