Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday Rambles

Just this past week, as I was browsing Hobby Lobby for Bible School supplies a lady came up to me as Conley was starting to get fussy & Cam was making a dive to hang off of my neck as we pulled into the check out line & said, "Enjoy them mama, they grow fast.  I have four boys.  And my youngest is 22."  I kinda get the feeling this lady (oh, I don't know) seen my black circle eyes, messy freshly frizzed hair d/t a three year old giving me knuckle sandwiches down every isle, slobbery shoulder, & probably smelt at least a trace of a poopy diaper & sensed I needed to hear those words.
It's a great constant reminder.  I worry myself to death about all that's going on.  (Including when I don't get to blog for longer than a week-yeah, silly huh?).  You've got to go here, do this, be there, make sure this person & that person are happy.  My intentions are always to get everything done & do everything that is expected, but the longer I'm in the role of mommy, the more that all doesn't matter to me.  Perfection anyway.

And let's be honest.  The making everybody happy thing?  You can try till the day you die & will still have people that aren't happy with everything you do.  Is it really worth it?  I've finally came to the place in my life where I can say no.

I may not make it to everything planned, or if I do, I definitely won't be on time!  I will always forget something & I will always have coffee poured on some part of my body (espy c i a l l y when I wear white).  The harder I try to make everything perfect, the worse things are, actually!  But I try.
I do refuse to put "doing" in place of my kids.  Because in over "doing," I become the worst version of myself.  Somedays, I just don't like plans.  Plans mean getting everyone dressed, to somewhere & back, all while I most certainly will be dragging Cam away crying wishing he could stay just "a little bit longer."  That doesn't happen when we take it easy.  Every now & then, I crave that refreshing time.  The boys do too.  Just a day to be.  Don't we all need that sometimes?  Especially in this season of life?  And in taking time for days like that, I like to think I am actually getting to do just what the lady said, "Enjoying them."

I say all this after June has been probably the most hectic, chaotic, crazy time of my life.  I have learned "many a lesson" in June 2016.  On to the next;)