Friday, August 5, 2016

five on friday || happy august!

The first Friday of August is here!  The local news station here in Panama City claimed that the summer crowds were beginning to thin out.  When we get back, we will have a week until the whole school staff returns for the teacher workdays.  How did summer pass so quickly?  Then again, how do I have a three year old & nine month old?  Fall is near, y'all!  Teaming up again with the ladies of High Five for Friday.  Here are sweet things about my week...

  We've been enjoying the beach this week in Panama City.  We are blessed that our family has a condominium that we revisit each year, so it ends up kind of feeling like your going to another "home" for vacation.  We have really been lazy,& that's a good thing because Conley has been up & down every night.  And that leads us to the next high point of the week

Conley has two bottom teeth!  I had just discounted the belief that his sleeplessness was related to teething, but lo & behold, we have two little teevers!  He is awful proud of them because his grin just seems to be magnified every chance he gets.  I always dread saying goodbye to my little gummy grins.

As if I need another reason to stare at my phone screen, I have really been into learning snap chat this week.  I guess the main reason is I've had time & the other is to share our trip with my Mr. since he didn't get to come.  And of course the very w e e k I start doing that...instagram (my main social media outlet) creates a stories feature.

Laughter.   Big brother may not let me take his picture much anymore but he can make me laugh harder than anyone I know. I must share.  Last night I was giving Cam & Conley their baths after coming up from a night swim.  Conely was very tired & whiney, however Cam wanted to stay in the tub & play a little longer.  I told Cam I was going to go get Conley to sleep (aka nurse) & I'd be back to get him.  Well, you can see how nursing takes a pretty good while if a baby is fighting sleep.  Mr. Cam decided in five minutes he was over bath time.  He yelled, which resulted in any gains I'd made in getting Conley to shut his little lids was out the window. In fact...Conley started screaming & crying.  I guess that scared Cam because he started shouting, 
Bless his sweet little heart.
And I sometimes wonder if he learns anything from our conversations, church, bible stories, & prayers...I couldn't help it y'all.  It was the most stinking cute hilarious thing I'd ever heard & I was laughing so hard I had tears pouring out.

every picture I take is either a blur or he bites his lip like he's going to hurt something...

Hubby is coming home!  Typically, I would be sad leaving the beach...but I am so excited because right before we left, we found out Cade is coming home!  I can't wait to see him & am so looking forward to spending the week together.


Ashley S. said...

Your boys sound so sweet! I am glad your hubby is coming home! I hope you had a great weekend!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you, Ashley! I hope you had a great weekend as well:)