Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites || Post Vacay

The days following the fourth mean one thing, & one thing only.  It's time to prepare & hype up the excitement for F A L L of the year.  I even made myself start planning Conely's First Birthday Party (because, you guessed it.  It will be a fall theme of course:)  One of the many reasons I was so excited to have a Fall baby!  Not only that, but I'm feeling a bit Christmasy as'll see why below  

Here are some highlights of our week to share along with the girls & bloggers of High Five for Friday (H54F) & Friday Favorites.  What were the highlights of YOUR week? :)

1.  Pictures.  I went on a picture printing f r e n z y this week!  I'm one of those people who prefer books to ebooks.  I like real pages to feel & turn when I finish reading a page.  I like to write my grocery list on a piece of paper & mark things off rather than typing it into my phone & pressing backspace to delete.  Call me old fashioned, but it's my preference.  As for pictures, you'd think the opposite as I am terrible to print & share, but lately I have made more of an effort.  Now to find where to put them...frames or albums?  
2.  Christmas in July.  Anybody else enjoying Hallmark's Christmas Keepsake Holiday Preview in July marathon?  I sure am!  Okay, so it doesn't officially start until today, but they have been airing Christmas movies all week!  I plan to buy up some hot chocolate, turn the AC extra low, grab a cozy blanket & end the day with at least one movie every night this week.  I am sooooo excited:-)
3.  July...Resolutions?  Yes.  I mentioned yesterday how I have been thinking a lot & reflecting on life.  I truly desire to be more intentionally prayerful & to trust in God with all my heart & to put Him first in my life.  Please pray for me as I try to do what he would have me to do.  

4.  Finding Dory in 3D.  This kind of goes along with my little resolutional thinking.  I'm trying to give my full attention to the boys when I'm with them.  They are growing so fast & I want our time together to be quality time.  SO...Thursday we decided to do a mid-day matinee for the 3D Finding Dory.  Conley flopped all over me the entire time (maybe he was taking note from the fish out of water in the movie...) & Cam was totally consumed with his giant ICEE & glued to the movie until about 10 minutes til' the end.  He became restless.  "When is it going to stop!?"  Totally another - #whenyourthree moment, but he claimed he LOVED it as we were leaving.
5.  Three New Christmas Ornaments.  While we were cruising, we picked up three ornaments from each place we went...a fun tradition for us when we go to a unique place or shop!  Our first stop, we found our ornament in "Hemp Heaven."  Yes.  It's just what you are thinking.  A shop for pot accessories.  But for some odd reason, they had a Christmas Tree in the windows & it was like a tractor beam...sucked me right in.  
Brownie points if you can guess what movie that quote is from!  
And I totally had to get Cam's picture to commemorate the moment.  There weren't many options to choose from people, okay??  Laughing.
In Grand Cayman, we found a sea turtle Santa ornament to remind us of our visit to the Sea Turtle Farm.  Cam also broke an ornament in the shop here.  After he had been told 3,453 times to be careful - everything there was b r e a k a b l e.  Boy moms out there, hear me when I say, e s p e c i a l l y when your son thinks he is HULK 99.9% of the time, ain't n o b o d y got time for a shop like that.

In Cozumel, I had the hardest time finding any ornament at ALL.  They were all glass pinatas & we a l l know how that will go over with two little boys.  I finally found a wooden hand painted fish & it had to do.  I figured it would remind us of our trip to the beach where we were supposed to "snot-nel";)    

I know it's High FIVE for Friday, but I have to do a sixth thing's why:
6.  Cam's first independent prayer.  I've been trying to explain prayer more to Cam since he is old enough to talk to God rather than continue to do our repetitive prayer he loves from Sunday School.  He has gotten where he is silly & I can tell it just isn't very meaningful to him-more of a routine.  I figured that might be the cue needed to go to the next level of prayer!  He hasn't really caught on until last night.  I don't think my heart could ever be prouder.  I asked him if he wanted me to pray or if he wanted to.  He said, "You pray!" I started, then he said, "No, I'll do it!"  Here it is...Cam's First Prayer:)

Dear God, Thank you for today.  
Thank you for our families.
Thank you for the movies.
Thank you for the food.
Thank you for the drinks.
Thank you for California & the rain.
Thank you for our families.

Is that not precious?  A prayer of praise.
He is worthy of our praise!
And I'm not sure where California came from but HEY...I'll take it!
The things we can learn from our babies;)
Happy Fri-yay!

Ashley S. said...

Aw! That prayer is so sweet! Good for Cam! I am also a huge fan of Hallmark Christmas movies, much to my Hubby's disappointment. Ha ha! I will be praying for you as you continue to work on your prayer life. Have a great week!

Cassidy Adams said...

Love ANYTHING Christmas:) Especially in July lol. Thank you Ashley!