Wednesday, September 30, 2015

34 weeks

Our baby boy is officially a FALL baby now;)
This is Week #: 34 weeks, 3 days.  One more week of bed rest to go, two more weeks of medicine!  
Total Weight Gain:  23 pounds- two weeks ago the baby was 5lbs 4 oz, so I can't help but wonder what he is now!
What I am wearing: Playing peep-a-bump with almost every t-shirt I own!  I don't know how much more this bump can grow...Wearing a lot of leggings & long tees!
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  This is a hard one because I don't ever go anywhere!  I love my Riley & Clay tees...they are so comfy and all long enough to cover my bump.  I'm dying to get my fall clothes from North Dakota...
Body woes:  When I over do it, I am very sore & have those sharp pains you've heard about 25,657 times.  My back has really bothered me these past two weeks-so much so that I was googling preterm labor (back labor) to make sure that wasn't the case!  After a short questionnaire with the doctor-they think it might be having to sit so much so recommended some back stretches, hot baths, & a heating pad.
Best part of week:  Hearing my Papa was okay & making it to 34 weeks with this little guy!
Feel anything in there?  This question is just getting down right jk!  He loves to shake his 5 lb plus groove thang all the day long!  I have noticed his movement has decreased a little in the last week though.  Very uncharacteristic of him...
Gives me the Creeps:  I think I'm over this phase?  Idk!  Haven't run across anything lately.  I've been super duper mad hungry lately to cull anything.
Zzzzz Pattern:  When I do sleep, I am sleeping more comfortably since I have recovered my snoogle pillow.  I still have insomnia of the brain & have to pee+think to much to get more than four-five hours of sleep.
Gender:  #boymom
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Pop!
I’m Craving:  Tomato+mayo sandwich, half & half tea, greek yogurt, key lime pie, crushed ice & am soooooo thirsty all the time!  You generally won't find me without a big cup of something to drink & ice:)  Almost positive I carry around 10 extra lbs of fluid at all times!
Working Out Regimen:  Not allowed
Mood (s):  I am happy for the most part.  I miss my hubby & can't help but wonder what the future will look like-but trying to trust God's plan.  I can't describe my excitement to meet our new little boy.  If he is any comparison to Cam-(& I know I will love him just the same) there is no way I will be able to describe my happiness & the love I have for them.
I can’t wait for:  Our sweet baby boy to join our family, to be in public again (& have a little socialization), baby smells 
This big brother is SO excited!
The Journey to Baby BOY #2 ...WHAT a journey!<3
Monday, September 28, 2015

Meanwhile on Bedrest | Rambles of Week 6...

At my appointment last week, my doctor commented on how "cheerful" I was after five weeks of bed rest.  For one, I am always cheerful on doctor days because I get to get out of the house & have an ultrasound to see that sweet little face (and Cam's face when he see's his little bro)!  Two...well, I have my days, but couldn't it be so much worse?  I guess the Lord has just kept my spirits up.  I am so excited about our baby boy, I am thankful to have a way to prevent preterm labor without a hospital stay (or have to be in a NICU & leave our baby boy at the hospital for weeks at a time), I have people to help me take care of Cam & my other responsibilities, my medications have worked with none of the possible nasty side effects, our baby boy is healthy as can be.  It's just been hard for me to be anything other than happy with that aspect of life.  
Can we just talk about this belly??  
I guess the hardest thing of all is having to be away from Cade.  My hardest days are thinking about how it almost always seems like no matter what we do in an attempt to be together, something stands in the way.  I want so badly for our little family to be together.  All I can go back to is that I just have to trust that God has a plan & there is nothing I can do to change or speed up His plan.  
We just went to our contact visit with my brother this evening who is being sent to prison tomorrow for 9-18 months.  I don't really mention this a lot because I really try to keep my little corner of the web positive & light hearted.  The problems he has dealt with over the past few years are real & so many young people are battling them these days.  Please keep him in your prayers, specifically for him to overcome the ways in which Satan is trying to destroy his life.  I know everything happens for a reason & firmly believe this is no exception.
Have I told you Papa is okay?!  He was severely dehydrated when he hit his head last week & when he passed out he aspirated on his pizza or drink.  The blood clot scare was related to the aspiration pneumonia he accumulated after the head incident.  So thankful he is on the mend & no blood clot!
Ony: "Don't be looking at me..."
Our new space is pretty much officially complete other than a few things for the boys room & our entry space.  I had a super fun mail week & all of our furniture made it to the front door.  After staring at the cardboard boxes for 1/2 the day Friday, I finally conned my dad & sis into putting it together for me.  Talk about floating on cloud 9- Cam & I are so excited to finally have a little space to call our own again.  Post to come soon on this;)
The rest of our weekend?  It totally felt like Halloween on Saturday with all the gloomy clouds looming in the sky. My mom babysat for some friends over the weekend & Cam absolutely loved playing with his new little buddies!  They ended up spending the afternoon building a cardboard Haunted House out of my IKEA boxes...clever, right!? :)

I hope everyone had a great start to their week!
Saturday, September 26, 2015

2.5 Year Update | Cam

After Cam turned two, I have kind of let these little milestone markers get away from me.  I tell you, <<& I've said it 56,643 times before>>, he gets more fun everyday.  The things he says, the way he sees the world, & the little looks he's truly something I never want to forget.  
Oreos on his face & all

Age: 30 months (yowza totally time to quit counting in months)
Clothes: wearing 3T-4T *pants especially... Little Mr. Granddaddy long legs! He's a big boy!  Every. person. we. see. asks if he is four years old.  Don't make him grow up that fast people!:/  This little big foot is wearing a size 8/9 shoe, depending on the fit. These days, while we lounge at home a lot, he runs around in his undies.  And I think he likes it in true man style.
Favorite Foods: Bread, bread, & more bread.  French fries & "ketch," pizza if the Ninja Turtles are mentioned, Popsicles, Fruit, Cheese, macaroni, Cheese balls, & any kind of snack cracker.  His diet is becoming more and more that of a carb-osaurous, & I am completely blaming it on my husbands genes!  Lol.
Favorite Words: "Come on, hot dog, forty dollars, & Hobby Lobby, all day long."  "Wan try again!"  He can string together 10+ words in a sentence.  He's a little chatter box & doesn't miss a beat:)  He continually has me laughing with the things that come out of his mouth.
Favorite Activities: Loves going outside, torturing *ahem* playing with his Ony Doodle, he loves watching "Halloween movies" on the iPad, playing in his teepee, jumping on the bed, going to the lake & cabin, fishing, playing with his toys, watching his favorite shows though we don't have time for tv the majority of the time -->Blaze, Mickey, Paw Patrol, & Little Einsteins.
Favorite Things: Cars, Trucks, Planes, Trains, Tractors, Superheros, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Monsters
Classic Cam: He can always be found dancing to bluegrass, "Shake It Off" & "All About That Bass."  He always says "wan Shake it Off!!"  when he is ready to dance:)  Hiding his "Fra-fryer," finding it, & then insisting it's time for sleep <<I know, I know-judge me>>.  If we are outside, & he senses a flower in a one mile radius he picks it, runs to hand it to me, & in his best Chinese accent says "here, a flower for you mommy!"<insert heart melt here>.  If it's dark outside-this boy is ready for bed.  He also tends to tense up-grit his teeth- & want to squish something at least every hour.  I think it's a boy thing...
Notable Milestones: Cam sits at the table with us now sans high chair (definitely does not have patience or the time for a booster- though it would definitely be beneficial).
He can count to 10 backwards //thanks to Little Einsteins// and says pwease & thank you, excuse me after burps & sometimes just for fun, & says bless you after a sneeze.
As for potty training, he is well on his way.  He wears undies when we are close to home & don't have too far to travel.  He still has trouble with "#2," but we are seeing progress!  It's been a long go in the potty trenches, but I can see the end of the tunnel & am so proud of him for doing it in the midst of all the craziness that has been this summer!  Post to come soon on that-it's been real:)

A Note From Mom:  Cam, you will always be my first little sunshine.  You made me a mommy-my favorite thing in the world!  He is truly a gift from God & I know that God has big plans for his life.  I pray he always will allow God to be the pilot of his life & never forget what life is truly about.  A preacher recently said, that he heard his momma pray over him every night- & the one thing that stuck out to him was that she would  pray for him to be a "mighty man."  For some reason, that resonated with me & every time I pray for my boys-that is one thing on my heart.  I pray they will be mighty men for the Lord-whatever that entails.  There are so few & far between these days...& whatever they do I pray they will do it with all their hearts for their creator.  I have all the confidence in the world that he will be the best big brother a boy could ever ask for.  I can't wait to watch him grow & become the wonderful man was created to be.  
This mommy is signing out...thankful & blessed. 
Friday, September 25, 2015


I really didn't know what to title this post or how to begin.  My, my world has changed in the past week.  The plan was to share about Cam's 2.5 year milestones Wednesdsay...(& then when I didnt get to it-I thought I'd share it today), but I just can't write about anything other than this today...
 I could write a novel here-but I'll spare you & just get this off my chest.  If you've been following me through my bed rest stint, you've heard me mention my Nana who comes & cares for Cam & I everyday of the week while my mom is at work (Mr.'s in North Dakota).  Most everyday at lunch, Papa comes to eat with us after he hunts (AVID hunter) & then lets Cam lead him around by the nose-bossing him around- for almost the rest of the day.  If Papa even dares mentioning that he has to leave, Cam sulks up & is heartbroken to lose his play buddy.  "But Papa, got to pway wif me!"

If it is a pretty day, we often head up to their house for the evening to get a little fresh air & let Cam play out in their yard.  It's been something I look forward to & hope for everyday-<<& a place I can easily get to outdoors without overdoing it>>.
This month, my Papa has hit his head numerous times.  He sliced it open at my Mom's house a couple weeks ago moving furniture (for me) and required 7 stitches, a branch fell on it breaking the skin while he was hunting, he had two precancerous patches of skin removed, & several hits & knicks since then.  I know, right?!  Poor guy can't catch a break.

Before we went to their house on Wednesday evening, he was taking trash off for my mom & bumped it on his truck.  //We often kid him how he is going to have to start wearing a helmet it has seemed something happens to his poor noggin at least once a day//.
Wednesday, <<Ahem-the first day of Fall>>was beautiful...I don't know if you noticed.  I think all of us needed a little fresh air after being cooped up inside all day.  We loaded up (even Honor got to tag along) & went to their house to lounge on the swing while Cam drug every single toy out in their yard & ran after the leaves falling from the trees.  *This kid brings me leaves every time he sees one...when a two year old notices an obsession-it's for real.
Just before we left, Nana had cooked a pizza, so of course Cam couldn't pass up a Ninja Turtle specialty.  He took his big slice & sat on a concrete slab at the bottom of their steps.  "Mommy, come sit with me!"  As much as I wanted to, Ony Doodle was strangling herself trying to get his pizza & make sure she was at our feet which was a disaster waiting to happen.

So of course, Papa said, "I'll go sit with him."  Before Nana or I could either one turn around he had hit his head on their stair railing at the bottom of the concrete slab.  He was grabbing his head looking frustrated as if he couldn't believe he had hit his head again.  He sat there for about 5 minutes & the last thing I remember was Nana screaming, "He's going down, he's going down!"  

Adrenaline set in & I ran to Nana's side-both of us thankfully catching him before he hit the concrete.  He was not responding-but breathing.  My Nana, always calm & collected lost it.  Somehow the Lord helped me stay calm because I am usually always the one in a panic <<hello, especially right now>>.  

She called 911 while I held him up & Cam ate pizza in his fedora & underwear (another day+another story).  During that time, Papa became somewhat alert again & started slightly responding -asking to be laid down.  He was cold & clammy, did not make sense, & couldn't keep his eyes open.  All I could do was pray.  About 10 minutes after he became somewhat alert, the ambulance arrived & we decided he needed to definitely be evaluated.
Long story short, they took him to the nearest hospital, gave him some fluids, & sent him home after CT scan.  We thought everything was okay until Nana called back yesterday while I was at doctor in Knoxville & informed us that he was having to be sent immediately to hospital for evaluation & another scan for possible blood clot on lungs.

What???  Blood clot on the lungs?  He hit his HEAD?  None of it makes sense to me right now & I am worried sick about my Nana & Papa.  I really don't know what I'd do without either of them.  Maybe this story doesn't seem relevant here, but let's just be real-this blog could be titled "The Cam Show."   Nana-Pop <as Cam refers to them> have kept Cam four days a week since practically birth.  Cam asked to go see Papa yesterday before we left for the doctor-but there wasn't enough time.  I know even at two years old (& from his description of all that happened Wednesday) even he is worried about Papa.  Please help us pray that he will be okay!  Thank you so much.
Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Tales

This girl is 33 weeks & counting as of Saturday:)  Wow.  I can't believe it has been a full 5 weeks since we came back from North Dakota & set out on this trek to keep our tiniest baby put!  I may sound completely insane, but it really feels like it has flown by so quickly.  I still can't mentally grasp that our baby boy can potentially join our little family at any moment.  Praise God for his ever present hand in our lives! 
I'm a little starry eyed after getting to see our baby in 3D/4D Thursday at my doctors appointment.  I swear, if he doesn't come out as Cam's mini me, I will be completely shocked.  He looks so much like him in these pictures!  He <<naturally in our family>> had tons of hair, big lips, stuck his tongue out more than any baby the sonographer had seen, & kept his hands in his face the entire time!  I believe they kept me in the ultrasound for at least 45 minutes as she poked, wiggled, & buzzed my bump to see if she could get him to move.  Double whammy...ouch & Uh oh!  Another little stubborn thing, just like his mama & daddy...

Cam studies the pictures every visit & always has commentary.  My favorites?  "Cam, who does your baby brother look like?"  Cam: "Ummmmm, mommy & mommy's butt."  "He so little."  "He's so black..."  This kid.  I love him to pieces.
Saturday a.m., Cam woke up requesting "Batman can cakes."  Leave it to my trusty sidekicks to set up a stool in front of the stove so I could give it a whirl.  I did the best I could do!  We pretty much had blue teeth for the remainder of our day, but hey.  It was Saturday...yolo;)  That being said, it looks like I'm going to have to brush up on my superhero pancake skills.  For some reason, I foresee a lot of them in our future.  I love how he gets so excited over the simplest makes my life.

And our current living situation?  As far as the essential items we need in our little upstairs loft, all we are waiting on is the couch, cube shelf, & table.  I finally got our chalkboard back in action & for that- you can't imagine how excited I am.   I have to give credit where it is due...Cade tried & tried to hang our chalkboard in ND but for some reason the tiles just kept making holes in the wall & falling off.  <<Handy Man is not exactly his strongest suit>>  I was devastated to say the least.  Ever since we packed them up from our first home, (I know- it's only been 2 months lol) the holidays & times when you need a little "wordy encouragement" just aren't the same. 
 //Bottom line:  I am thankful for my chalkboard to be back in our lives!//

ANYway, I do still need to purchase Cam's toddler bed & would love to have our crib for baby boy, but those aren't essential items at this time!  Cam is my bed buddy for the time being, & the baby will sleep beside us in his bassinet for the newborn days & then we'll see where we go from there.  Oh how nice it is to see it all come together & feel like we have a little "homey" space again.
Out & over!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pumpkin Spice Giggles

Humor is what I need these days!  I can't help but get cracked up at the truth behind the Pumpkin Spice Latte craze.  Yes, just call me a complete "white girl" because I totally fit the description in all of these puns.  And not on purpose!  

//Cue the sarcasm//  I know you are dying to hear how my first pumpkin latte of the season came to be.  Well, let me just tell you.  My Nana so sweetly took our Ony Doodle to the groomers yesterday morning and so kindly offered to make a special Starbucks run-while Cam & I rode along to get a little fresh air & change of scenery.  What would I do without her?  As per the description, you better believe I waited in the car with my scarf, shimmied on my 32.5 weeks pregnant normal bed rest attire of yoga leggings, flats (UGGs in North Dakota & though the days are getting chillier-let's be real, we're still in the South), & enjoyed my first <<decaf>> Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season on top of my baby bump.  Oh, & just keep reading these next couple of months to continuously hear about my favorite things related to fall;) #sorrynotsorry
My little stinker pouting at Ony-apparantly she didn't appreciate his attempt to bare back-
--But mom, I said, "Ony you so perfect.  You my best friend, and high-fived her in the face??"--
Maybe it's just me, but this so accurate description of PSL lovers cracks me up...

And here is Ony's before & after grooming pictures...yes, she was overdue a good snip!
And NOW time for Pumpkin Spice giggles...;)

And my personal favorite...
Cade Adams, take note.

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season, y'all!
I hope I made you giggle;)
"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."
Proverbs 17:22
Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Tales | Jack O' Lantern in September

Weekend tales have kinda been in hiatus as we are cooped up a lot more than usual.  But we are really trying to make the most of the lazy days.  I know, I know...I sound like a broken record lately.  But I'm realllllly trying not to, y'all!  We've taken full advantage of the teepee, storybooks, Cam's favorite songs, & all of the other festive fun you can round up this time of year to make the days more exciting:)  
This weekend, my mom ended up bringing home the first pumpkin of the season.  You would have thought she brought home Lightening McQueen himself because Cam was a jumping bean when he saw it.  "Mommy, wook-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa wook at my pumpkin!" <<the speech therapist in me dies a bit inside because he has started stuttering so much lately...& I am a tad bit worried... though it's cute at this stage..>> 
So we did the only practical thing to do, we went ahead & carved the little guy.  Cam helped me & pretty much gazed in amazement while instructing me to make sure he had eyes, a nose, & a mouth.  This kid:)  All he has watched lately //when he finds time to slow down that is// is "Halloween music movies" on the "iputer."  I guess that's why he is so in love with his little pumpkin?  I'm telling you, little moments like this are what my mommy dreams are made of, seriously.
After that Cam had a little fun with BB & Joe Daddy Saturday & went to eat his favorite meal of french fries & "Ketch" while watching the rafters float down the river!  Glad he got to enjoy the beautiful fall day...can't wait til baby & I can join him;)
Have I told you how much I love snail mail?  It's one of my favorite things.  Friday evening, the first of the things for our new space arrived along with our baby boy's carseat!  Such a happy mommy right now to see that everything is coming together.  I don't know why I worry!  God always faithfully~time & time again~see's me through the biggest & tiniest matters.  

Aside from all that fun excitement, we also made some "delicious fantastic" snack mix <<as the Camster says these days>> & watched a Halloween Batman movie.  Gotta get that cute little boy in character for his Halloween costume this year;)  The snack mix is SUPER easy...& probably boring to most-BUT I'll share anyway!  Just pop some popcorn, sprinkle in some fall colored m&ms, & a few pretzels.  Walah & nom NOM!  I'm thinking some teddy grahams might add a little extra toddler pizzaz too?
And for the record, I am told Saturday felt just like fall...& for that...I am super duper pumped & a tiny bit jealous of you who got to enjoy the day outdoors.  I'll be window watching for some pretty fall colors from my perch...
Happy Monday!
Sunday, September 13, 2015

32 Weeks

 This is Week #: 32 weeks (My smallest of the (2) weekly goals!  I'm coming for you 35 weeks!)  God has blessed me beyond what I can ever ask him!
Total Weight Gain:  20 lbs & I'm feeling every pound of it- but I am happy to report that my doctor was pleased with my current weight & made a point to tell me, especially since I have been on bed rest!  That definitely made my day, because I have been concerned that it would take a toll on my body!  
What I am wearing:  Nothing but comfy cozies, pony tails, & top knots until Thursday's roll around & it's doctor time.  I get excited (as pathetic as it may be) for every doctor's appointment (1.) because I get to get out of the house (2.) because I can dress up, fix my hair, & put make-up on to feel somewhat pretty (3) I get to see the baby, hear Cam oooo & ahhh over his baby brothers latest sonogram, & learn how bed rest is working!  It encourages me & helps me stay at it to know all this laying around is worth it!
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  I love my leggings & gap maternity tees- but most of the time you can find me in whatever fits & is comfy to lay around the house in.
Body woes:  I have shots of pain in my pelvic area when I walk lately (TMI?  Sorry).  I can't sleep & as much as I adore feeling baby movements, they are starting to hurt!  
Best part of week:  Cam telling me I was his best friend, impromptu! :) 
Feel anything in there?  He NEVER stops!  I can't describe how flippity floppily he is...Cam, you have some competition.  We just thought we couldn't keep up with you!
Gives me the Creeps:  Just praying Cade will make it in time to be with me for labor & delivery.  He was scheduled to come home September 23, but has decided against it in fear that he may have to come straight back for baby.  He is currently thinking he will wait on our baby boy to let us know he's ready to come.  I hope we have enough time!  Prayers, please!
Zzzzz Pattern:  I wake up every night to pee like 78,429 times.  Once I make the first trip, insomnia kicks in.  I have been a little hungry in the middle of the night too.  Thank goodness for Hallmark movies, HGTV, & cereal.
Gender:  Another sweet baby boy
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Stretched to the max
I’m Craving:  Greek Strawberry yogurt, Raisin Bran & Mini Wheats, Key Lime Pie, Half & half tea with a grilled chicken sandwich from Bojangles <<in that order>>, decaf iced coffee.  
Working Out Regimen:  Unless you consider walking to the bathroom or taking a shower cardio activity...nada:(
Mood (s):  I'm a happy girl as God has taken such good care of me & my little family.  As I sit around, I tend to feel a lot of anxiety making my lists as to what needs to be accomplished before the baby comes.  I have newborn/hospital pictures booked...gradually packing my hospital's just so stressful because I am such a planner & like to be prepared now that I know what I'm in for.  But...then, ironically this shirt from Riley & Clay came this week.  "Stop Worrying."  Matthew 6:25-27.  A little snail mail from my Savior:)  I needed that!  #bestsweatshirtever
I can’t wait for:  Seeing Cade again-I miss my best friend so badly.  Being able to pick Cam up.  Fall!  I have myself, Cam, & baby's (just in case) Halloween costumes picked out-in fact, I already ordered Cam's!  I finally got our things ordered for our new space.  Everything should start coming in next week, so after two months of being uprooted & never really getting settled in-we will be able to settle into a "homey kinda place" again.  You better believe this girl is gonna start decorating for fall once I <<my poor Nana>> gets everything situated.  I can't wait:)  Thank you, Nana!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Hotdogs, Forty Dollars, & Hobby Lobby

Well folks, another week down in the bed rest books!  I'm officially closing in on my one month run after this weeks doctors visit.  Tomorrow, I will have met my first goal of making it to 32 weeks.  What a blessing!  I can now deliver at the NICU unit (if need be) in the Womens Pavilion at the hospital where I delivered Cam, rather than having to go to the University of Tennessee's NICU!
The baby bump shelf in action
<<Sorry in advance for all this cervix talk...>>Yesterday, we confirmed (once again) that my cervix is staying consistent within the one centimeter range.  Yes, that is still extremely thin & I could go at any moment-but the good news is that it appears what we are doing is working!  Baby is staying put & we are both healthy & trucking along through September:)  Continue with bed rest & meds?  You got it, dude.
I was supposed to have had my 3D/4D ultrasound yesterday, but an hour in the waiting room later (clearing out 2 full rooms of people as I sat there)...only to find out I would be waiting another hour for the pictures-I opted to just do my essential ultrasound & see the doc!  I've been very sore & having sharp pains, which I have read is normal & sure enough that was confirmed by the doctor.  She said the sharp pains are baby boy's head putting pressure on my cervix (which she said generally starts happening at 36 weeks) soooooo anytime that happens (most every time I stand) I have to sit down!  Yikes...getting closer!

After a month of sitting in the car waiting on my crew that so graciously totes my hiney to Knoxville every week, I finally found a wheelchair/motorized cart to actually be able to go in Hobby Lobby & Target with them!  I was so excited, Cam was elated.  Come on...a steering wheel, something to ride?  And not to mention, I got to soak in all the sights of the pending fall season & grab most everything on my hospital bag list.  (Which really makes my stress level go down!)  Why did it take me so long to do this?  

In other news, Cam is absolutely positively obsessed with hotdogs, forty dollars, AND Hobby Lobby.  If he doesn't have anything to say, but would like to contribute to a conversation-he will say one of these three words.  It's seriously the cutest thing you've ever heard.  All week Cam has asked me when we were going to Hobby Lobby.  Now, I'm not sure if he thinks Hobby Lobby is "Hobby Lobby" or something else like Target...anyway, this kid has asked for Spider lights for two weeks.  I have declined in buying because I didn't have the slightest clue as to what we would actually do with...spider. lights.   Then I got an idea...we could string them to his teepee!  

So yes, we took this little stinker to Hobby Lobby & bought the spider lights.  He gripped onto his spider lights the entire time we were in the store.  Cam is always ready to put his store finds up to the register because he knows that means they are coming home with him.  The cashier must have seen the anticipation in his eyes because she said, "Are these yours?"  Don't you think he missed a beat because he immediately blurted out, "Yes!  And they for my teepee!"  He grabbed them & he was off! "Oh my gosh, how cute!" she was able to mutter through both of our giggles. 

He is absolutely over the moon in love.  He has stood at his tee pee in admiration for 2/3rds of his day telling me & everybody else "My lub my pider yights!"  

May you all have a weekend equally as awesome as hotdogs, forty dollars, & Hobby Lobby...;)
Monday, September 7, 2015

Living Lofty: Small Space Design

Didn't I just do a design board post for the apartment in North Dakota a month ago?  My how life can change so quickly & unexpectedly!  Just to recap, in case you are a little behind on our current living situation... Cam, baby, & I are going to be living in North Carolina with my mom & dad until things become more stable for us to figure out when/what/how would be the best time to be with Cade again.  It's a little harder for me to just jump right back up with a newborn, toddler, & new job & move back to North Dakota at this point!  Maybe God is working out something for my Mr. behind the scenes which would allow us to move somewhere closer to home.  I can't help but think he has a plan in all of this:)  AnyWHO...I guess you could say a lot of my time has recently been invested in dreaming up how to make the little loft upstairs a home while we're here.  Cam is a total homebody & I want to make any space we stay in special & cozy with a "home kind of feel."  Not to mention, I'm pregnant & nesting mode is for real!  
First up, when you reach the top of the steps you reach a loft-type room.  Unfortunately there is not a door, but I think that will make it the perfect entryway & place for a little dinette.  I imagine it will be the perfect place to share some meals & snacks, have tummy time, & put on matchbox car races in just a few short weeks!
Furniture still has to be moved out/baby stuff organized, but we are getting closer!
In the same room, I plan on using a room/shelf divider from Ikea to create a mini joint room for Cam & baby boy!  I am so excited to see this part in particular come to life.  Nurserys/kid rooms are my favorite.  I really think Cam will love it when we finish.  He is so proud of their quilts, his tee pee, & I just really get the impression that creating a little space of his own will be very exciting for him at this age:)  I do have one question for you guys though...I have been planning on purchasing a toddler bed from amazon for Cam-should I go that route or go ahead & invest in a "full size" bed for him?  I am really torn right now...  HELP!

On to the very back of the upstairs, where I plan to create a joint master bedroom & living space.  Yes, it's a lot of white (which is currently my obsession-isn't white so clean & classy?).  But, considering half the wall & all of the trim is wood...I felt like it needed brightening up!  I added accents of black with the style of the rug & the pillows for the bed & couch.  I can't wait to see these visions hopefully come together.  It will be nice to feel like we have our own space again-especially when baby boy decides to come!
The floor is almost finished!  Isn't it pretty?

Keep checking back for our small space updates:)  I'm itching all over to have it done & go all out decorating it for fall!
Happy Labor Day!