Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Three & Four Month Favorites

Bumbo Seat:  We are currently using this thing ALL the time.  Cam is going through a spell where he get bored with all positions easily.  Cambini sits in his while I do chores, cook supper, feed him his new beloved puree squash!  And he even sits in it in his little pool...
Heaven is For Real for Little Ones:  I LOVE the adult version of this book, and I was ELATED to find it for my Cam during my "Lloyd Christmas shopping spree."  I read it to him every chance I get...I truly believe kids are never too young to begin planting seeds and I am ALL about reading to your baby any chance you get!
Swimways Baby Spring Float Canopy: This purchase is actually on its way...can't really review it yet but I will be sure to post feedback once we try it out.  I wanted to post it as a favorite because it has been SO hard to find a float for infants that cover them well from the sun.  This is the best thing I have found so far!
Baby Bullet Set:  This is another purchase on the way, however in the short time I have been feeding Cam baby food, I have been frustrated at the options offered.  Even the "natural" labeled baby foods have ingredients that include processed/chemically altered contents that I am trying to eliminate from my own diet, so needless to say I am not going to start my baby off on anything less than the best I can provide.  Again, more feedback to come here...but I am excited at being able to know EXACTLY what goes into my baby's food.
Pamper Sensitive:  I have finally chosen my favorite diaper from the last 4 months of switching between all those given as shower gifts.  These seem to work best for us and seem to fit Cam the best while providing the most comfort.  But hey!  To each their own!
Medela Bottles: These are hands down the BEST bottles I have found for breast fed babies.  If you pump (specifically with the Medela pump...) these are so convenient and portable between pumping and sending along with the baby.  I am loving Medela products!


Dusti Cox said...

Yes on the Pampers. I used them for both girls and never understood why people picked Huggies - which were scratchy and leaked all the time. When it came time to use Pull-Ups, though, Huggies was the way to go. Pampers Easy Ups were softer, but leaked almost every night and they ripped easily. Strange how that worked...

cassidy adams said...

YUCK! I hate when his diapers leak...I feel like I continually wash the sheets! LOL:/ I'll keep that in mind;)

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