Monday, June 26, 2017

Moments on Monday || Summer Solstice

I guess summer's in full swing now, huh?
I found this while swiping through instagram the other day, & felt it was the perfect description of how I feel about Summer!
How inspiring!
Oh, how I wish I could put thoughts into words just like this!
I've really been struggling with the desire to write lately.

Writing is something I've a l w a y s enjoyed.  It's so therapeutic for me, & I especially love it here because it's so lighthearted & I get to write about my favorite things.  But lately it's another thing on the "to do list" when the boys are asleep + ends up on the back burner.  It could be <<perhaps 😁>> that I have so many ambitions that I am making an "obligation."  Here's to chilling out & going with the flow from now on.✌️

Friday favorites moments on this Monday...
one.  race cars + lightening mcqueen
Ka-chow.  And Mcqueen.  Those are Conley's newest words.
We got to see Cars 3 AND a real live race this past week.  The boys were in hog heaven.
Of course Cam picked the green car every time & if he heard the slightest clue that it wasn't in first place...  He cried.  Like bawled.  And he says he wants to be a race car driver, again.  Oh, & everywhere we go they *both* think they need more matchbox cars.
As if we need another to add to our collection of 5.4 billion.😜 

two.  oil obsessing
You guys, I have a problem.
I want all the oils.  There is a high possibility that my Mr. of almost 8 years is going to divorce me over them.  Unless, he opens himself up to their awesomeness, that is.
I am so obsessedπŸ™ˆ  The more I study them, the more I realize you can use them for a n y t h i n g.  And the information is both overwhelming & i n f i n i t e.  If you think you'd like to know more yourself...please contact me!  I'd be glad to help you.
I'm so excited with this new find.

three.  boys room
The room is painted!!
I can't decide whether to leave as is or attempt a fun accent wall behind their beds.
What do you think-yes or no for the fun accent wall??
We are getting SO close to putting everything together & I can't wait!  The shelves came & we found the perfect lamp on clearance earlier this week.  I found someone to paint their nightstand Kelly Green.  We just found the perfect sheets to match the "warrior theme!  
Dino diffuser+SleepyIze is on the way!
We've just got to find the beds now... I mean, not that beds would be important or anything. 
Truth be told, it's probably going to be Mama's mattress.  For the next year AT leastπŸ˜‚  Cam started crying last night saying he didn't want me to sleep with Daddy, I had to sleep with him.  We've, Okay, I ' v e created an eternal sleep monster buddy.
Well, maybe two.
They're only little once.  They're only little once.

four.  A dress for mama
We headed out to go to a "How to be a Pirate" class at the toy store yesterday morning. Turns out, they were full & no longer accepting anymore kids.  We decided to sign up for next weeks class & go to the little playground at the mall instead <since it was raining & we were already out> & ready to do something.  On our way, Cam seen a dress store & said something I know he didn't realize would pull so hard on my heart strings.  
"One day I'm gonna buy you a dress, mama.  I've just got to decide what color."  
He went on to talk about whether he would choose the red or black (aka white) & I just couldn't help but smile at such a sweet, special little moment.  The day before I had just about entered the pull hair out zone.  They whined over e v e r y t h i n g & fought like cats & DOGS.  Something told me, just wait til tomorrow.  A fresh start.  Tomorrow will be a good day.  And it was.  
I love my little boys more every day that passes.  My heart m i g h t bust.

five.  Santa on the escalator
I'm full of stories this week, huh?  Among our free adventures at the mall, as we were riding up & down the escalator 54 times, we ended up in front of an older gentleman with long white hair & a beard to match.  He had on overalls & a red hat + shirt.  I didn't think much about it, but ended up noticing how much he was getting a kick out of our fun & said "Apparently, this is fun!"  He chuckled & said, "Ah yes, people would pay 50 cents at the fair to ride something like this!"  We laughed.  Then he became serious & turned to Cam & Conley.  "Did you know that you boys are on the nice list this year?"  I know it's hard to be good ALL the time.  
Cam lost color in his face & slowly turned around...looking much like this:
When his eyes met SANTA'S- 
I swear I seen them twinkle & then a sweet little grin shot across his face.  
In true embarrassing mom fashion (I'm becoming THAT), I asked Cam if he wanted his picture with Santa.  He shyly declined.
Naturally, I still tried to inconspicuously snap a picture of him without seeming like a crazy weird Christmas freak, which I totally am, but it never happened.  
But, I swear this happened.
Talk about Christmas feels in June, y'all❤️
So... FYI.
While you're busy making plans for the fourth + fireworks + such...
 Santa's out there.  And he's watching you while he's riding up & down the escalators shopping at Dillards.
Be on your BEST behavior. 

And girls...
 My mamaw Betty says the best shoe sales are at the end of the month.  
E s p e c i a l l y be nice then.  
Mamaw Betty knows.
Happy Friday!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Favorites

Bible school commencement+318 curves + 2 possums + a raccoon later...
we are h o m e!

It's been a loooooong week.
I worked at the nursing home + taught four nights of Bible School.
People do things like this all the time, but all the same, it was a little taxing on this wimpπŸ™‹.
At one point Conley + I ended up at Urgent Care just to make sure nothing was going on.
Kind of a false alarm, I guess, except I ended up on antibiotics since my throat has been hurting for like a month + he is on high alert (pretty sure he is just teething).  
My throat started feeling better the second I started my  
I guess eventually you have to go to the doctor when you can't shake something...
who knew.
And I really don't know why I'm telling you this.

Friday Favorites (6/16/2017)
one.  bible school
Such a sweet, fun week with some precious babies.  I helped teach the 0-3 class & I always feel like they leave without learning a THING.  At their age, it seriously feels like you are talking to the walls...but I pray that they at least learn the name of Jesus.  That is worth all the hard work that goes into each night of this special week<3  

Oh!  And my Cam went to his first Bible school class without me each night.
  I can't b e l i e v e my baby is getting so big.  These four years have flown by & I am trying my best to be happy for him getting to do those big boy things he is so excited to do.  I am so proud of the big boy he is becoming.  I pray we can teach him all he needs to know to be a mighty man for Jesus one day❤️  Love him so, so much.  Tears.
And If there's anything *I* learned from the would be that, as Christians, it is SO important to encourage one another.  

two. big boy room progress
bedding (besides sheets)✔️
pillow cases✔️
throw pillows-ordered
wall art behind bed-ordered

bed+mattress= to be ordered
kelly green dresser-double ditto
CAN. NOT. WAIT. y'all!  This has been the most exciting project yet.

three.  cars 3
we can cross this off our summer bucket list:)  
Cam woke up at 3:45 am this morning to ask if it was time to go see the movie yet.  
He has talked about it all week (and then some) & it didn't disappoint.
Except, he takes after his momma in the feels department + thinks everything is sad.
I'm not going to give the movie away-go see for yourselfπŸ˜‰
Note* how to smuggle coffee if containing a one year old in movie for two hours.
  After, we went to Target + they finally picked out their favorite car from the Cars 3 display they had been admiring for weeks.  
We ended up with the new & improved Lightening-Cruise & Co😊
Conley has learned a new word today: "Ka-chow."  And he's pretty persistent!

four.  fathers day
The boys & I are so excited to celebrate daddy when he get's home.
He works so hard for our family day in & day out.  He sacrifices every minute of every day.  He is always so selfless + giving.  He is happy + always encouraging + positive.  We are a better family because of him.  He deserves the world.  We are so blessed.  We really tried to put our heads together & think of a few special things we could do to show him how much we love him...but for one part of it he just has to wait til' he comes home next week!
To be continued.

five.  essential oil update
My starter kit is HERE!  
I've been trying to save my friend's supply that she has so graciously let me borrow, but I was about to have withdrawals in doing so (HA).  No, really.  I was so happy to whip it out & get back to my trial & error process.  I'm d e t e r m i n e d to find the best sleep potion for my household;)  Along with all the other remedies +pretty smells that come along with it! 
Who knows.  I may even hop on the sales end of this thing!
As usual, I take after my mother & am sold out to anything I become interested in.
It's a problem.
Happy Friday, y'allπŸ’•

Friday, June 9, 2017

Six on Saturday || Days of June

Today, I just realized we are smack dab in the middle of the year.  
Once again.  
I'm n o t okay with how fast my days are flying by. 
 In this world of "adulting," I've found that, in some ways, June is a month of relearning how to do life.  Most of us are so accustomed to the hustle & bustle of our jam-packed slash hurried lives (even if we aren't a "9 month employee") that we come to find the days of summer are longer & a little brighter.  A lot of people refer to it as the "long or slow days of summer."   What do you do with that little extra gift of time?  
Sneak to the pool or opt for an earlier bedtime?;)  
I think both sound a bit dreamy...
But in my case on this Friday night, I'm up doing this blog post, finishing prep for bible school, going through clothes to take to the consignment shop, cleaning up the clutter from the day, doing laundry, studying essential oils...
I'm tired just reading this, y'all!  I think it's time for me to forget my todo list + go to sleep!  HA.

one.  bible school's here!
It was a rough start, but I feel like I am finally reaching the "peace" of mind mark I search for in preparation for bible school.  My room has a few more things it needs in the decoration department, but I put Ms. Perfectionist to sleep earlier this week & was reminded to give myself a little grace in it all.  I went home to rest, enjoy some time with the boys, & remember what is really important.  My lessons.  That has been where my energy has been the rest of the week!  
Excited for my boys & the other babes attending this weekπŸ’›  
Pray for seeds to planted in their little hearts! 

two.  target run jackpot
I have this list of things to buy each week for the boys room, so by the time my Mr. gets home, all we have to do is piece it together.  Well, it wasn't on my list for this week, but I ran into the comforters I've been eyeing for the boys bedroom on CLEARANCE.  We're talking marked down from $40 to $19.98!  I texted the Mr. & snagged those puppies!  That's two for the price of ONE.

Target has so many good sales right now!  Check out the back aisles...that's where all the clearance items hide outπŸ˜‰  SO many goodies!

three.  essential oils
After posting about a typical night of no sleep with my youngest on instagram, which could be the title of this blog or my life story as a momma b/c my children do NOT sleep,  several people encouraged me to give essential oils a shot.  In particular, a cousin + friend who has used them for a long time.  I reached out to her & she hooked me up with samples.  You guys, I'm in love.  So in love that I ordered my kit & am a research obsessed freak.  I feel so overwhelmed and like I have so much to learn but my interest is totally sparked.  
How cute is this diffuser for their room?? 😊

four.  summer fun with my boys
We've laughed, we've cried, we've screamed, we've whispered.
We've been hot, we've been wet, we've been thirsty, our bellies have been full.
But mostly our hearts.  This week of summer has been so crazy fun & I can't wait for my Mr. to join in with these two in a couple weeks.

five. free photos❤️
I had a happy mail day when these sweet memories arrived at my doorstep this week.  I can't wait to think of ways to use them throughout the year.  
Such sweet, irreplaceable, gems they are.
And I scored them (25 of them to be exact) for FREE!  Keep an eye on Parabo Press you guys.
SO worth it.

six.  want mama
Conley Scout is no joke.  He is the most stubborn, demanding, impatient, loud (he screams and sqeals at all times) and physical (lol) child I have ever seen at the small age of one.  
But he is also the most precious, loving, melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July kinda baby at the same time.  Especially when his favorite saying recently turned from "no" to "want mama."  Oh, and he's saying "thanks" and "pease" right now - so that's progress...right??!  
Yep.  That's him sitting practically on my face after repeating "want mama" 34,343 times.
Conley gets what Conley wants.πŸ™ˆ

This mama drops everything at the drop of a hat & runs to snuggle that boy when those sweet words (want mama) are spokenπŸ™‹πŸ’•

And that's a wrap!  
Wishing you all lovely + rejuvenating Saturday!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer Bucket List 2017

So how is your summer going so far?
 I would say it's off to a great start, except for the fact that I am still on the road 24/7.  
I'm ready to be able to stay home for a little while without having to keep an open suitcase, yall!😜  
  Aye aye aye.
Annnnnnny WHO.

Anybody else make a summer bucket list?  I love lists, so of course we did...
I am so looking forward to the sweet long days of summer!
I can't believe it's almost been a year since this picture was taken...
1.  Visit as many parks & playgrounds as humanly possible.
2.  Have a picnic.
3.  Watch Cars 3 & go pick out our favorite character at Target
 (the boys scream CAR! every time we pass the Cars 3 display, so this is our deal)
4.  Go to Bible school & learn about Jesus! ✙
5.  Complete our big boy room & start sleeping in our own beds.😴
6.  Become proficient in essential oils ( in the name of sleep!)  πŸƒ
7.  Learn to coupon like a boss.
8.  Make theme boxes of therapy for work (one for each month).  And THAT means we've got to get our office together <my mr. just loves me & my home projects>πŸ™ˆ
9.  Go to the beach☀️ & I can't WAIT to drink coffee on that front porch again! 
10.  Get a fence, put some snake repellent out, and enjoy our backyard again.🐍
11.  Frequent the pool & teach these boys how to swim! 🏊
12.  Make a pizza on the grill.πŸ•
13. Watch Christmas in July on Hallmark channel. πŸŽ„
14.  Watch fireworks. πŸŽ†
15.  Make homemade ice-cream. 🍦
16.  Visit an aquarium so the boys can see real sharks. 🎣
17.  Start working out again (story of my mom life) 
18.  Establish healthy eating habits for my picky eating boys!  We have lost focus of eating & drinking things that are good for our bodies & we are working on developing better habits (more on this later!) 
19.  Go to some fun summer camps at Smart Toys & Books 
(Fire + Rescue Day, crafts, All About Trains + How to be a pirate!)
20.  Have friends come over to stay the night & splash pad hop+ go to the zoo:) 🐯
And last but not least...
21.  Eat from a food truck and maybe find a movie on a lawn somewhere! 🚚
We've got a lot to live up to this summer, huh? 😎
If it were up to Cam...
"Mom, can we just watch something on amazon crime?" 
(he means prime).


Saturday, June 3, 2017



I've come to learn, that getting inside Cam's brain can be one of the most inspiring & creative processes out there.  I love to hear what he's thinking, the things he likes, + all about those crazy ideas he comes up with (especially when it comes to planning parties, make believe games, or gifts he's wanting (remote control alligator, anyone?).  So, when he said he wanted a dinosaur party, oh... in October, as we prepped for Conley's first birthday, we had plenty of time to plan!
No, it's definitely not unique for a little boy's birthday party.
But once you start searching, it's so fun to make it their own + customize it to suit them:)
*I made the tiny dino party hats out of paint cards from lowes & topped with a tiny craft pom
Since his birthday was in March, (close to Easter) I knew I wanted to do a dinosaur egg hunt for the game/activity.  I ordered some dino eggs from Oriental Trading, a dinosaur gift bag+ paint+foam boards from Target + the Dollar bin had some egg hunt signs, & that was that.  SO easy:)
To make the Dino egg hunt signs, I just taped over the bunny theme with cut outs from the dinosaur gift bags.  Simple as that!
And NO dinosaur egg hunt can be complete without a t-rex encounter.  SO.  
My trooper of a sister dressed up & let the kids shoot her with popper guns (here from Oriental Trading) for a short period of time;)  Cade was supposed to be the victim but luck was in his favor...he was too large for the costume!
yep, those are the popper guns
For our treat to guests, we went to the Walmart Dollar Dinos + tied some Whopper eggs to their arms/legs.  For the girls, we added a tutu + a little make-up & toe paint to feminize them.
For the first time EVER, I finally had a little sense + downplayed the stress of cooking food TOO & we had pizza.  
A h h h e m.  Dinosaur Teeth.
Along with chips+dip.  Green Punch.  And Cake with Ice Cream.
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.
*And I may never have another party without pizza.
Another birthday celebration in the books.  
I think Cam will have a hard time forgetting it.
On to planning the next;)
(In true Cam fashion!)

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