Saturday, March 11, 2017

Whole 30 Diary || Week 3

Day 15
breakfast: strawberry smoothie+black coffee
lunch: hamburger patty with lettuce, mustard, tomato+ a few little weenies
dinner: left over meat loaf and potatoes
Struggling today.  It's a travel day with no control over the menu + I am feeling super hungry at all hours.

Day 16
breakfast: two oranges+black coffee
lunch: nothing😱
dinner: baked chicken with potato in olive oil w/ salt+pepper+garlic salt
I am about to die today.  We are in NC with no food, basically.  It's been absolutely miserable.  My husband & kids are eating fruit loops & I think I'd literally kill for a bowl.  I don't know if I will make it to the thirty day mark like this or not!

What do you get when you cross a baby that wakes up from 11:30 pm-5 am + a hungry mommy that is absolutely past going?

YOU GUYS.  On Day 17...I caved.  Our office was having an appreciation dinner-I had no lunch+no coffee+was running on approximately one hour of sleep.  So I said to heck with it & ate 2 chicken strips and a salad with Ranch dressing.  Then, for supper, we went & ate Mexican & I totally had cheese dip + tea.  And I have never felt happier to finally eat the foods & things I love...LOL.

And tomorrow is my birthday.  So, you know what?  No whole 30 tomorrow, either...
Back to it on Day 19...( my family may kill me though-hangry is my middle name😢)
So, it was my birthday. Despite my continuing Whole 30 intentions that I had from day one, I enjoyed chocolate, cream in my coffee, pizza, & cake.  We've laughed at how much happier I've been and at the good mood I've been in.  My stomach is still remaining flatter than before & I (against my better judgement, stepped on the scale on Day 17- & had actually lost a stubborn pound after eating regular after lunch that  WEIRD.)  But I am starting back tomorrow to at least attempt to finish out what I started.  I figure since I was mainly doing it for weight loss/help myself tone up for summer...two cheat days wouldn't completely sabotage my results.  + I'm motivated to get back at it.
breakfast: two boiled eggs + banana
lunch: grilled chicken salad from Knox Burgers
snacks: blueberries, strawberries, walnuts, coffee with steamed almond milk
This day was super hard.  I ended up not eating supper until about 10/11 o'clock at night tonight b/c the boys never went to sleep.  Everyone else ate Chinese & I sat there & watched them.  Maybe that's why I only lasted today before throwing in the two-week towel.
Okay, so here's where it all ended for me.  I started out strong with a breakfast of eggs/bacon/fruit, then a snack of walnuts + raisins.  Then, after we made a quick trip to Lowes the Mr. decided we needed to take the boys to the playground to let the boys run out their energy.  It was around 2 pm, & I still hadn't ate lunch yet.  SO we ran + grabbed a salad - it ended up having chili (which was non-compliant with Whole 30) so... I thought to HECK with it.  This girl is hangry & I'm tired of it!  And, that's my story.  Ha!

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little disappointed in myself for not making it an entire 30 days, but at the same time, I completely did with out dairy + sugar for two entire weeks.  Two weeks, people!  That some kind of amazing for me.  I feel like I've jump started a health conscious life again & I'm ready to get back to normal + enjoy food again without putting too much time & thought into it.  I'd like to plan on doing this again sometime soon just to keep myself in check, but for now...
Life after...
-I lost four lbs. and a total of (I have no idea right now) inches...
But I can tell you I have a flatter stomach
-I learned a lot of new foods/recipes that I plan to continue to use & enjoy
(while I have cream in my coffee + a good piece of chocolate every now & then;)
For example:
<<here's what today looked like for me>>
The best reese egg ever while drooling over alo leggings during nap time!

Friday, March 10, 2017

H54F || 29 Years Young

This weather, guys.  
Yesterday, I wore workout clothes with UGG boots & burnt up.  It ended up being in the 70's.  😳  I hear this week <<like tomorrow>>, it's supposed to snow?  The tulips in my house & my new pair of cheap sunnies have planted a bit of spring in my heart.  Not to mention that lullaby of a thunderstorm I woke up to this am.  
Talk about the perfect sleeping weather + the epitome of spring.  
But if you know me, I'll take a snow day if the good Lord has one lying around;)    
On the subject of spring, I'm also pretty excited about putting together some easter baskets!  
But our wallet?  I can't say the same...
Teaming up with with girls from High 5 4 Friday, on this dreary Friday morning.

one.  mr. is still here!
blizzard=no worky for the hubby.  we are excited to have him home as long as we can.
they all three went & had haircuts together yesterday & Conley basically looks like Matilda.
But in a boy kinda way.  I love his curls (+that he can see).

two.  roar cam's four status:  bday shirts + number 4 sparkler candle
can't believe my big boy's fourth birthday is upon us!  he is so excited, & i can't wait to celebrate him... i always have fun planning their parties<3  trying not to go overboard though.  i get made fun of a lot.  i love picking out shirts to match the theme & these sparkler number candles are birthday tradition for these boys-  They are so fun!

three.  i made it through the last two weeks+ i'm 29
tis' the season for IEP referrals.  we are swamped!  Meetings everyday, + any spare time I have in the mornings or nights when the boys are asleep I am trying to squeeze in paperwork.  And then there is the time I spend trying to logically understand how I am twenty nine years young...

four.  eating good food
never take it for granted people.  embrace every carb.  every chew of that chocolate reese shaped egg.  can you tell I'm going into withdrawals?😂  The day I can eat these things... I will be a happy girl.

five.  outdoor furniture
I'll just be over here drooling over this pergola & black.white outdoor patio set🙋  The 70 degree weather just makes me excited for our outdoor space, even it we can't get all of this (or one piece of it- LOL) this summer- a girl can still dream! 😜
And yes, in case your wondering.  This is shopping in a nutshell with Scouty.
Happy Friday, you guys!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My 29th || In Photos

8 am
dropping cam off at school.  coney's face though.  
9 am
Yep, Whole Thirty gone today yo.  Conley drop off.
10 am
sweetest. coworker. ever.
11 am
get to see my school babies<3
12 pm
hearing screening @ lunch
2 pm
IEP Meeting+again, sweetest. coworker. ever...
pick-up our tiny
4 pm
mini pizza party 
5 pm
quick game of clue...totally forgot how great this game is

packing.  meh

Wednesday night prep
<<I WISH I would have captured them pretending to cross the red sea with the staff of Moses😊>>
Tea+ride to TN+long talks with the hubs+reading funny parent tweets
free drink for my b-day.  woot.
I drink too much.
tinies are out!
11 pm
perfect day.
<Cade's aunt sent this & I thought it couldn't be more perfect>
Good night, 29!  It's been real.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spring Cleaning+Flamingos+Toy Story, Oh MY || Guest Blogger Series

I'm excited to introduce to you our guest blogger for March, Kia!  I follow Kia on several different social media platforms & I always enjoy her posts about her life as a mom.  She has such a precious family to share with you!  Take it away, Kia...

Hi guys! 
I'm so excited to be sharing a little bit about my life as a wife, mother (maid, taxi.. you get the idea ;) My life is pretty fast paced. I have sports kids, you guys. Life is always BUSY! 

Well guys, my name is Kia! That's right, like the car. lol I'm 27, married to a welder, we live in Western NC with our 3 kiddos. Lexi will be 8 next month, My oldest son, Riley, is 6 and my youngest son Brantley, will be turning 4 next month!  I'm currently a stay at home mom until my youngest starts kindergarten. I'm clinging onto him for dear life!! 

(how stinkin' cute are they???)
So since it's March, this means time to start Spring Cleaning. The time of the year where I am excited, but dread. I enjoy decluttering and organization. With smaller kids, they tend to accumulate SO. MUCH. STUFF! I started the Kon Mari Method! Which means toss out anything that doesn't "spark joy". 

Next month, we have a busy schedule. 2 birthday parties to plan/have, baseball starting, Spring Break, Easter, you name it! Time to get to work! 

Ideas for their parties... Lexi will be having a cake with these flamingo candles on top. Her theme is a flamingo/luau! Perfect way to start Spring! 
 Brantley is OBSESSED with Toy Story you guys! He is so excited for his "dory-dory pardy" (I'm saying this in his voice as I type this out. So cute!) 
I'll save the rest of my ideas for April in case I'm needed again ;) Haha! thank you guys for listening to me ramble a bit. 

Thank you Cassidy for allowing me to be a guest for you. I enjoyed it. :) 

Some advice I would give to mommas?  Never criticize another mother for the way she parents. Parent the best way you think works and is right for you and your child. Every child is different, they each require their ability to learn different than any other. ❤️ 

How fun is she??  Love that advice, Kia!  God made us each different not only as a person, but as a mama, too!  And then, a flamingo party?  How a d o r a b l e.  We MUST see more pictures after she throws it, right?:)  Also, is it just me or does she need to share an in depth post on spring cleaning?  We just moved + I STILL haven't finished going through our things in the garage.  I'm a throw everything away kind of girl:)  Thank you so much for sharing a little of your life with us this month, Kia!  Some mail goodies will be on their way to you soon...

If you'd like to contribute to Peaches + Pearls as a guest blogger, I would love to hear from you.  I believe we can learn something from each lady that God places in our life & I'm excited to hear from each & every one of you (+ I believe other girls are, too!)  Shoot me an email at if your interested & we will work together on a post.  
Happy Tuesday, girls!

<<Take me back!>>
February Guest Blogger - Whitney

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Whole 30 Diary || Week Two

To begin, this week has been very crazy, very hectic, & very hard to get through.  Our whole hometown's hearts have been broken for families around the area.  It just shows that we never know what we will be faced with from one day to the next.  We can't plan for everything & God's grace & peace is available to us for a purpose.  

In reference to my "Whole 30" goals, its been really tough to juggle eating well when your mind is a million miles away from what you are going to eat for the day...but, though I starved most of the week, I made a decision to push through the best I could.  I didn't start this little journey for nothing & I'm one week closer to saying I did my best to complete the first month of the program. 

 "Making it through the week" involved very few pictures to share + no opportunities to meal prep or cook at home+ a lot of drive thru meals (especially for the first part of the week) that may not be a perfect or ideal match for the Whole 30 guidelines.  But, I did the best I could.

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs+black coffee
Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Salad (lettuce, grilled chicken marinated in italian dressing +soy sauce, walnuts, eggs)
Dinner: rotisserie chicken+ green beans
Snacks: raisins+bananas+black coffee+oranges
A very hard day.  Travel, travel, travel+church+visit+work+church and then find out absolutely devastating news.
Breakfast:   2 boiled eggs+black coffee
Lunch:  Southwest Salad from McDonalds as naked as you can make it (no dressing, cheese, tortillas, etc. +unsweet tea)
Dinner: strawberry+ice+walnuts+banana smoothie
Snacks: raisins+grilled chicken bites
Again, I couldn't eat much today.  A lot was going on + I was in no way thinking about food.  I just thought about my husband & very special families through out our community hurting.  I did have a bad headache at the end of this day & we picked Cade up at the airport late & then it was up early & back to NC the next morning for work & other things.  I do admit, right before we traveled to Tennessee-I had a strong craving for a vanilla milkshake after I ate my grilled chicken bites...dairy withdrawals, maybe?  I never had milk shakes on a regular basis before Whole 30!  Lol.  Very weird.
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with strawberries+black coffee
Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Salad from Bojangles (as naked as I could make it-no cheese or dressing)+ unsweet tea
Dinner: Fajita mix at Mexican-very hard to avoid chips & cheese after not eating as much as I should have the previous days but I toughed it out).
Snacks: raisins+chewing gum (I shouldn't have)
I was starving & sleep deprived today.  No time for anything.  No ability to prep food, just survive.  I felt pretty bad, but made it through.  I did end up taking a piece of gum after a funeral after not eating or drinking enough.  I was at my whits end for thirst.  I have GOT to remember to stay hydrated.  I am not supposed to have gum on Whole 30.
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs+black coffee
Lunch:  veggie omelet +bacon @ Huddle House (I'm sure the food was cooked in something it shouldn't have been & the bacon probably wasn't nitrogen free-but like I said, doing the best I can to survive this week)
Dinner: Quarter Pounder Patty (I tried to make it as naked as I could-they put ketchup on it-tried to get it off the best I could)+unsweet tea
Snacks: smoothie (one banana, peaches, walnuts, water) & raisins!
I was very hungry this day.  So ready to get back home to be able to better prepare & cook meals that I'm allowed to have.  Especially to add a little variety!
Breakfast: (pre workout) banana+black coffee +2 boiled eggs
Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Salad from McDonalds (hadn't been to grocery store yet-again, as naked as can dressing/tortillas/cheese)
Dinner: grilled chicken wrapped in bacon with salt/vinegar potatoes (this meal was a hit with the family...especially the potatoes...I highly recommend).
Snacks: raisins
I felt so much better today.  It was much easier with some time to plan+to get barre in.  But one thing I have learned, unexpected schedules & plans should not deter you from meeting a goal.  We are in control of what goes in our body.  It may not be the ideal meal or food on the plan...but you do the best you can.  I also got the chance (yes, 12 days in!  To finally do some "before measurements"-so they will def. be a little off b/c I can tell a difference already from when I first began)
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs+black coffee+ left over salt & vinegar potatoes
Lunch:  Old Faithful Peach smoothie (only different ingredient was almonds instead of walnuts)
Dinner: IHOP Build your own omelet with all veggies & bacon/sausage (this is probably not compliant-but it's a long story...I made the best choice I could here)
Snacks: raisins+almonds+coffee with steamed almond milk
Today was nice.  I know I'm getting boring with breakfast but it is the easiest when your running out the door for a morning workout.  I think boiled eggs & fruit will be a new staple in my life even after whole 30.  After my work out, I went to get a coffee.  The steamed frothy almond milk just makes me deal with no cream (my biggest challenge) for 13 days.  I ran out of walnuts so I switched to almonds this week.  They are a great snack & taste great in my smoothies as well...just like walnuts:)  I'm learning new healthy snacks along the way!  
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs+black coffee+banana
Lunch:  Left over chicken with bacon+salt & vinegar Potatoes potatoes
Dinner: meatloaf (this recipe except I added green peppers & used real tomatoes instead of any sauce & didn't use any grains or almond flour) with salt & vinegar potatoes (yes, again:/-we're trying to use the food we have & avoid going to the store!)
Snacks: raisins+almonds+peach smoothie (peaches, banana, almonds, water)
Today, I feel like I ate a lot.  I was pretty hungry all day but when I did eat...the food I ate satisfied me...
Maybe it was my morning kick booty barre session!😁

I'll be honest with you guys, I almost hesitated to post this week b/c I know we've ate out a lot this week & these food choices aren't perfectly "whole 30."  I still can share with you that I can tell a big difference in my body a l r e a d y as well as with how I feel that something is working with the food choices I am making.  Even when I am working out, every day I find that I am improving in my endurance & ability to do the workout full out instead of opting to take the beginner modifications.  Talk about the motivation I need to get through the remainder of my 30 days!  I'm still motivated to see more change in my body & though I'm not doing it perfectly, I'm learning along the way for when I decide to do it again!

Plus...I have to add... reading & researching the Whole 30 "can & can'ts" stresses me out!  Anybody else been/are in that boat, too?  One source said you can have this, the other says you can't.  
Geez L o u i s e.
Any other Whole 30ers out there?
How do you handle crazy weeks & eating out?


Friday, March 3, 2017

H54F || Storms + Sunshine

It's hard to feel light-hearted enough to write a post full of my favorite parts of the week when so many people I know are hurting.  Many are going through some of the greatest trials of their lives.  And if we aren't going through a storm, we can stand sure that one is coming.  You guys, sometimes life seems to do a good job of showing up & reminding us... 

"Look.  You're n o t in control.  This earth is n o t you're home.  Quit settling down & getting comfortable here.  Look up.  For it is GOD who is our hope.  It is heaven that is our home.  Life on this earth is just a vapor.  Remember that in times of trouble AND in times of joy.  Get ready for eternity."
I like to keep things uplifting & positive here, but sometimes, you have to acknowledge those times in life that are hard.  I have to be real.  Those times that hurt.  My sweet co-worker (& a lady whom I consider a friend & an absolute role model) said something I'll never forget this week: "I'd rather suffer on earth, than in eternity."  How true those words are.  True wisdom from a true lady & woman of faith.  I find myself just like a sponge when I am around ladies older (by no means old whether they're 30 or 90!) than myself.  God always seems to speak to me if I just listen.
Now, I'm going to give it my best effort to share some sweet things about my week.  Some are completely insignificant & silly, especially with all that other people have been through this week, but even those little things about our week can brighten a day...
one. daddy's home
despite the circumstances, I always love having my mr. at home.  
he is the sweetest guy I know & always brings smiles to my day.

two.  ferocious salt & pepper
in a house of boys, it just added character.  And they were like, 2 bucks.

three. birthday planning
I am so thankful to be planning a FOURTH birthday party for our big boy.  I can't believe my eyes at the whole "number 4 thing."  But oh, the fun we are going to have celebrating him:)

four.  st patty's day is near
we are adding little touches of green amidst the little traces of easter around our house.  nothing much-just little touches.  I'm getting in the spring spirit with all our warm weather.  I think my hopes of snow are growing slim!

five.  these coffee cups.   
I just need them in my life:)  I totally don't n e e d anymore...  I just love collecting coffee cups😜  It's like you get to choose who or where you want to have your morning coffee when you pick a mug for the morning.  I just love the bieb's too much, you guys.  

I hope all of you have a beautiful week.  Storms come, & storms go...but one thing is certain-the sun a l w a y s shines again.  In fact, just Wednesday school was released early for severe storms.  But as I type, I'm staring outside my window at a gorgeous day with the warm glow of the sun & blue sky.  (And with a precious little sidekick to the right).
Linking up with the ladies of High Five for Friday.


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