Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Office/Playroom Plans

The more mobile Cam becomes...
The more visions of a play room addition to our home office
 are becoming more practical and realistic.
I really want a space where I can foster Cam's imaginative/creative side.
An extra special corner of the house aside from
 his room where he can hang out and have 
 personal space while offering a tech/tv free kind of entertainment.
(though at the moment...there is no competition for the swiffer and broom stick-dust pan duo)
I have always known a portion of our
home office would one day share space with
the little one, and now I am SO excited it's that time:)
If you remember our home office from my "nesting post" last year,
our office looks a little something like this for the time being...
This space needs organization and decluttered...
and I'm brainstorming how to do that as well...
The future "play corner"
So, we need a play area.  Decluttering.  And a WHOLE lot of Organization!
Here are a few of my ideas!
Attic Playroom for the kids to go with the adult playroom in the basement :))
All natural! Kids' playroom!
Double duty chalkboard/magnet wall. Paint it on and then "frame" it.
Chalkboard wall - - - to do or not to do... the dust may drive me nuts.  OCD can suck at times!
I like the blackboard and space for hanging art, plus I'd add a bunch of storage for tons of art supplies.
pretty space.
What do you think?
Do you have a play room/corner for your little ones?
I just love designing space for kiddos:)
Cam's "play corner" of the office...Coming soon!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Wordless Weekend


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Russian Tea, Anyone?

With the recent snow storm threats here in the South,
I feel it's only proper that I share something
I am beginning to consider an essential accessory for wintery days at work.
When it is cold outside, there is little I enjoy more than a nice hot drink.
Coffee is always a staple, but sometimes I start craving somethin' a little different ...
My Nana's Russian Tea has been the perfect fix lately.

SO, I spent this past weekend stocking up on a supply for the upcoming week.
It has been just the mid day pick-me up I have needed to push myself
 through the remainder of the workday and back home to my muchkin!
Nana's Russian Tea

7 cups water (bring to full rolling boil)

3 regular size tea bags
1 tsp whole cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
cover, simmer for 5 minutes

Stir in 1 cup truvia (more or less depending how sweet you like it)
1 cup orange juice
1 cup pineapple juice
1/4 cup lemon juice
*try fresh squeezed for a clean recipe:)

Tip: I store this in the refrigerator and bring to a boil everytime I want a fresh cup.
Hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I have:)
No pressure, but I'll love you forever if you will whisper a prayer
and cross your fingers for a few weekend snowstorms!;)
Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Rundown

I sat beside gummy grin on our way home:)

Updating our memory jar:)

Adopting a new family member called for an extra special weekend.
Welcome to the Adams family Mr. Fitz!
We had a little journey finding you...but we are glad you are joining us.
If you have followed me at all you know we adopted Cookie after losing our Miniature Schnauzer mix Penny.  Cookie was a sweetheart but there are some dogs that are a little challenging with a baby and she was one of them!  Miss Cookie required a young, "hip," baby-free home and luckily...
our friends, The Luthers, were looking for a furbaby just like her!
Not only did she find a great home, but she and Mr. Fitz can meet and be buddies:)
Such a relief it all worked out!  God always just seems to work everything out perfectly. 
To continue keeping up with Cookie,
follow my friend Kris over at "The CupCake Chronicles.":)
Cam tagged along for our new adoption, and ended up handpicking Mr. Fitz...
Which makes him all the more special to us!

So Far Fitz has been the perfect Fit.

Thus his name...(or maybe a small touch of the PLL Mr. Ezra Fitz...)
He is gentle.  Calm.  Lazy.  And laid back.
Fitz doesn't mind Cam's curiosity and he isnt the least bit snippy.
He let's Cam pet him and steal his toys.
Unfortunatley, he is even so kind as to share his dogfood...
<Insert parent failure title here>
Anywho...we had the best weekend being lazy, curling up and sipping hot chocolate during our mini snowstorm, making another snow wish with a snowflake touch to our Saturday morning breakfast, dragging out a valentine decoration or two, and getting to know our sweet new furbaby Mr. Fitz!
On a slightly unrelated note, I am currently typing this post while
snowed in on this cozy Tuesday night
(in part thanks to our Saturday snowflake breakfast creations I AM SURE) ;)
Kinda scary, right?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

8 & 9 Months

So Here we are.  
My heart hurts to say that we are at my sweet baby boy's 8 & 9 month update.
But it also leaps for joy in knowing Cade and I are capable of raising a baby!
And a precious baby at that might I add!
I have to tell you all...Cam has completely defined his personality
these past couple of months.
He has always exhibited certain characteristics...
but MAN!  Lately it is hilarious to sit back and observe the things he does:)
A Few Of My Favorite Things:  Tearing napkins and papers to shreds, twerking dancing, crawling, walking, peek-a-boo, hide and seek in his room (he "crawl chases" me around the ottoman giggling his gummy grin to pieces)  attempting to eat the fireplace rocks, Christmas lights, FOOD (anything-this child has never turned down ANYTHING!), crawling to the bathroom to push the shampoos and soaps off the tub, bath time, wires, remotes, keys, cell phones, banging on the computers, and he loves dogs (and any other kind of animal...), loves to ROAR
Not so favorite...stay away from the face, falling, when mommy won't let me eat the fireplace rocks, sleeping/napping, when I am unable to eat, sitting still, vacuum cleaner and hand dryers...they are scary! and being left in the pack n' play when 9 pm rolls around!
Milestones: standing, walking EVERYWHERE at nine months, saying "mama mama" in reference to yours truly!  Social smiles, attending with others, object permanence (he knows something exists, even though he can't see it...aka he knew by about 7pm when he hadn't seen me on Christmas Eve Eve...something was off!) reaches for people (and the majority of times it is reaching to get to what he wants LOL-SUCH a stinker!
My face: I cackle, and give the cutest gummy grin you ever did see...however I still do not have a tooth in my head but buckets of slobber!  He raspberries when he is mad.  It is the funniest thing EVER.  Don't make this baby mad!  Spit will come flying.  And he does a hiccup kind of sound when he is so happy he can't muster up any other emotion.  I die.  Oh the preciousness!
My eyes: I am actually beginning to think his lashes are what gave me heartburn during my pregnancy...NOT his hair!  Yowza!  They are SOOOOO long!
My hair:  I always thought Cade and I would have children with carpet heads...but his is coming in slowly.  I do imagine it will only get thicker ...He has AWESOME bedhead too!
My hands:  He CRACKS me UP with his hands.  He reaches and grabs everything...and many times you will just catch him staring and flexing his little fingers in fascination.  I LOVE this!  He also holds his hands up in the air and shouts or sings!  It is almost like he is preaching or praising the Lord...I can't get enough.  Entertainment 24/7!
My feet:  They kick when I am excited or mad...cutest thing you ever did see.  Have I used that phrase lately?
Music: I'm gonna say Christmas music, because that is the majority of music he has been exposed to since September!  "Ho Hey" continues to soothe him though.  He loves our church choir and attempts to sing along every Sunday.  As for our recent trip to Memphis, he was also caught trying to sing along with Elvis...
Best Part of Month(s):  Why Thanksgiving and Christmas of course!
Worst Part of Month:  We have had a couple of wipe out falls and smashed fingers these past months d/t Cam's love for exploring and a trait he took after his mommy...not being able to be still for long periods of time.  God bless his soul!
My favorite products: Snoopy, Etsy's velcro ties, Baby UGGs, fleece footy pajamas,  bathtub xylophone, fisher price car
I tell's been a journey.
But the most enjoyable journey the Lord has allowed me to experience yet.
What did I do before I had a baby?
I don't even know!
 & Cam
Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Run Down

I swear.  Without my weekend...
I would be a total nut case
(not exactly saying that I don't classify as one on occassion with one).
However.  I do have to:
Thank you Lord for Saturday and Sunday!

And speaking of weekends...we had another refreshing one complete
with a rainy morning to sleep in, followed by our Saturday morning breakfast brunch:)

With my au naturel berry syrup.  No sugar added:)

I am hopeful that Cam's snowflake pancakes will bring on the snow
they are calling for this week ;)
Even better...I would love for it to snow us in this I can actually enjoy it!

Aside from snow wishing, Cam FINALLY got a highchair.
(Why we went so long without one I will never know.)

He associates it with eating so...he is content to actually SIT DOWN a few seconds!
He is truly my child in that he can't sit still...

We did quite the cleaning, organizing, and planning
(and Cam quite the UNorganizing/cleaning - it's a good thing he's cute!) 
for something I am SO
excited about this coming weekend...
Don't you love when people leave you hanging?

We found out some fabulous news!  A new buddy for Cambino! 

Congrats to our friends- the Wrights:)

Saturday evening we had dinner with friends, began planning summer vacation, and  dusted off the ole' Rook cards while wrangling the babies and watching football.
Sunday, we went to church where Cam helped preach and lead the choir in worship, nothing new except this was the first Sunday we have had a walking baby that is learning new sounds THAT is fun!
How to keep them quiet and in the pew during the entire service? 
Stuffing his jaws full of puffs and juice?  Beats me!

Sadly, we had to end the weekend watching
 the Mr.'s beloved Panthers get beat in the playoffs...
He put his superstition that had his mom cooking a Thanksgiving feast to rest.
No more turkey and dressing football games!  Crazy loon.
Happy Monday everyone:)
Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Be Happy & Smile Because It Happened

I am excited about 2014.
Why should I not be?
As a daughter of the true and living King, what do I have to worry about?
That is why my "word" of the year is happy.
One thing I learned in 2013, but have had a difficult time applying to my that
happiness is a mindset.
We are as happy as we make up our minds to be.
This year I am going to chose to be happy, regardless of the circumstances.
And I am able to do that because my hope is in Christ.
It is definitely not something of this world.

No one has a perfect life.
Anyone can dwell on the not so fabulous parts of life.
In fact, I think that is a way Satan tends to bring us down and rob us of our joy.
And my sweet Mr. reminds me of this...oh, daily.
(He's a keeper)
To kick the new year off, I am linking up with hundreds of other bloggers by answering the following questions:
1. What is something you want to change, or a goal you want to set for the New Year & what is your plan for making it happen?
I want to start cooking more, daily prayer and bible stories with Cam, maintaining a budget (aka saving money), and finding a way to be active every day...and last but not least: do the things that "make my soul...(yep you guessed it.) happy
2. Many people chose a word to reflect on, live by or aspire to for the New Year. Let us know your word, how you decided upon it & how you plan to incorporate it into 2014.
"Happy."  I shared my decision upon this word at the top:)
3. I will make 2014 count by...being present.  I don't want to wish the time away as I always find myself doing.  There is always an "I can't wait" situation that has me wishing the time away...
 I can't ever get back those moments. 

Anyone can also share on Instagram or twitter by using hashtag #making2014count,
or visiting In Honor of Design to link up and join:)
Before we get too far into the new year...I would like to highlight 2013, because we did welcome one of the biggest blessings of our life into this world last year.  I think that deserves some recognition:)
In January, we celebrated the Mr's 24th Birthday and I began my last semester of grad school with a huge baby bump tagging along:)

In February, we did a lot of nesting, check our nesting projects out here, and our sweet family hosted our first baby shower.  Everyone made it so special...
In March, I celebrated my 25th birthday and little did we know...that our most precious blessing would make his grand appearence on the 22nd.  Never did we know such love until this day.  He is the sunshine of my life (though a huge snow storm came the day after he was born!) and gave my life a new purpose. 
Fun Fact: We also celebrated Cam's first holiday soon after...Easter:)

In April, I completed my Masters Project and attended my LAST day of grad school!  Bye bye speeches and research papers!

In May, I graduated and secured my first job...celebrated my first Mother's Day and finally got to enjoy a little stress free time with Cam.
In June, Cam and I took off for Nashville and Memphis, TN...his first roadtrip:)

In July, I began my first job and we said goodbye to our Great Dane, Zack.  We miss him so much.

In August, we got excited for fall and began scrounging up all the pumpkins, orange, and Halloween Movies we could find!  Cam also began trying baby foods, while his belly has been busy growing ever since...
In September, we lost Penny.  And things haven't been the same since.
In October, we went to the Pumpkin Patch, took a hayride, carved Cam's very first pumpkin and played in the leaves.

We dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and Baby Werewolf  for Halloween and embarked on a not so perfect first evening of Trick-or-Treating.
In November, we stuffed our faces with thankful hearts and watched Snoopy as he made his way down the streets of NYC in the Macy's Thanksgivings Day parade.  We also said goodbye to our Boston Terrier Ickers:/
In December, we celebrated Jesus's Birthday, Cam's FIRST CHRISTMAS and Cam got to be a donkey in the nativity for his first Christmas play...we had a blast!

I will cherish this year, the lessons it taught, and the joy God gave for the rest of my life.