Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy Ber Months & Bed Rest Gems

Alright you guys!  We are officially into the "Ber" months & I am officially excited.  Yay!  I'd like to say I have big plans for these upcoming months, but from what it looks like...until 35 weeks gets here, I will be laying low.  And also intently googling "how to avoid gaining 5,000 lbs & lose all muscle mass during bed rest."  Baby A, you had better stay put with all this self deprivation!  I kid, I kid!;)  I do however have time to make plans for our fall & winter- hoping that they will eventually happen!  
Me: "Cam, will you take a picture with me?"  Cam:  "I not say cheese." <Grinning from ear to ear>

We are currently living at my Mom & Dad's house.  They are graciously allowing us to redo the upstairs loft into a living space until our "next adventure" happens-but we will leave all that in God's hands as I can't worry myself with all that right now!  Two of the rooms have been painted with an off white color & we are hopefully supposed to have the bedroom/living rooms spaces refloored this week to give it an update & brighten everything up a bit.  I hope to share the space as we make progress so check back for updates!  I guess another space design post is due in the near future?  (Scratch the apartment)
Lots of furniture to be removed, appliances replaced, & work to be done!
My nana has already made it squeaky clean for us, scrubbing on it for 3 days+ bless her soul!:)

Good morning!  Fresh morning treat of decaf on ice & Cam's "blue" coffee made by Nana.
He's so funny.  And was obsessed with our witch straws:)
To continue the randomness of this post, why not include a few gems I have discovered while on bed rest?
  • Did you know Growing Pains still comes on television?  Yes!  It was one of my favorite shows growing up & can be found on the UP network at 10 am every weekday morning.
  • I'm obsessed with Christina, Tarek, & Flip or Flop.  Okay, HGTV in general.  But especially them.  I'm continually "flipping" my mom & dad's house in my head as I sit here staring at the walls... lol!
  • The Mountain Faith Band from Sylva, NC (where I was born & spent all 7 years of my college education) are the  Just go watch them on YouTube!  I can't quit singing "Counting Stars" after hearing their version.
  • 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus by Casting Crowns is my jam:)
  • Online shopping for baby & home goods is where it's at...okay, maybe my husband & mother (who has to check the post office for me & carry the packages home) doesn't think so.  Hey!  The doctor said I could!
  • Golden Doodles are excellent guard dogs, but total teddy bears with kids.  (At least ours is!)  Honor lays by my side & barks at anyone who unexpectedly comes around myself & Cam.
  • Gap & co (Old Navy, Banana Republic) & JCrew Factory (two of my favorite stores) have a sale almost every. day. of. the. week.  I always just thought I was lucky to catch one before when I was ready to buy something, but no!  They keep em' coming!  I pack my imaginary shopping cart full & plug in the discount just for bed rest fun everyday:,)  I know, I know...haha!  Pathetic!
The struggle is real these days...
Happy Ber Days;)
Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cassidy,
Glad to see you are still hanging in there and that you have a good sense
of humor about it all..........humor always helps for sure.
Very cute pic of you and Cam in bed.........and wow think you just might
be a pumpkin smuggler for look adorable as always!

So nice you're parents are making a place for you and Cam, I am sure they
probably are lovin having you guys around all the time. We love being with
our daughter abd son any chance we

So how many weeks along are you now?? Loved the turtle pic and you caption,
yea, I remember that

You take good care, and know you were probably ecstatic just to go to the
Drs. office........amazing the things that thrill our heart when we are
incapacitated and can't get out, huh!!

Love and blessings Hon,

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you Nellie! I am 31 weeks as of this past Saturday. Much love & blessings to you too:)