Wednesday, September 30, 2015

34 weeks

Our baby boy is officially a FALL baby now;)
This is Week #: 34 weeks, 3 days.  One more week of bed rest to go, two more weeks of medicine!  
Total Weight Gain:  23 pounds- two weeks ago the baby was 5lbs 4 oz, so I can't help but wonder what he is now!
What I am wearing: Playing peep-a-bump with almost every t-shirt I own!  I don't know how much more this bump can grow...Wearing a lot of leggings & long tees!
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  This is a hard one because I don't ever go anywhere!  I love my Riley & Clay tees...they are so comfy and all long enough to cover my bump.  I'm dying to get my fall clothes from North Dakota...
Body woes:  When I over do it, I am very sore & have those sharp pains you've heard about 25,657 times.  My back has really bothered me these past two weeks-so much so that I was googling preterm labor (back labor) to make sure that wasn't the case!  After a short questionnaire with the doctor-they think it might be having to sit so much so recommended some back stretches, hot baths, & a heating pad.
Best part of week:  Hearing my Papa was okay & making it to 34 weeks with this little guy!
Feel anything in there?  This question is just getting down right jk!  He loves to shake his 5 lb plus groove thang all the day long!  I have noticed his movement has decreased a little in the last week though.  Very uncharacteristic of him...
Gives me the Creeps:  I think I'm over this phase?  Idk!  Haven't run across anything lately.  I've been super duper mad hungry lately to cull anything.
Zzzzz Pattern:  When I do sleep, I am sleeping more comfortably since I have recovered my snoogle pillow.  I still have insomnia of the brain & have to pee+think to much to get more than four-five hours of sleep.
Gender:  #boymom
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Pop!
I’m Craving:  Tomato+mayo sandwich, half & half tea, greek yogurt, key lime pie, crushed ice & am soooooo thirsty all the time!  You generally won't find me without a big cup of something to drink & ice:)  Almost positive I carry around 10 extra lbs of fluid at all times!
Working Out Regimen:  Not allowed
Mood (s):  I am happy for the most part.  I miss my hubby & can't help but wonder what the future will look like-but trying to trust God's plan.  I can't describe my excitement to meet our new little boy.  If he is any comparison to Cam-(& I know I will love him just the same) there is no way I will be able to describe my happiness & the love I have for them.
I can’t wait for:  Our sweet baby boy to join our family, to be in public again (& have a little socialization), baby smells 
This big brother is SO excited!
The Journey to Baby BOY #2 ...WHAT a journey!<3