Sunday, September 13, 2015

32 Weeks

 This is Week #: 32 weeks (My smallest of the (2) weekly goals!  I'm coming for you 35 weeks!)  God has blessed me beyond what I can ever ask him!
Total Weight Gain:  20 lbs & I'm feeling every pound of it- but I am happy to report that my doctor was pleased with my current weight & made a point to tell me, especially since I have been on bed rest!  That definitely made my day, because I have been concerned that it would take a toll on my body!  
What I am wearing:  Nothing but comfy cozies, pony tails, & top knots until Thursday's roll around & it's doctor time.  I get excited (as pathetic as it may be) for every doctor's appointment (1.) because I get to get out of the house (2.) because I can dress up, fix my hair, & put make-up on to feel somewhat pretty (3) I get to see the baby, hear Cam oooo & ahhh over his baby brothers latest sonogram, & learn how bed rest is working!  It encourages me & helps me stay at it to know all this laying around is worth it!
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  I love my leggings & gap maternity tees- but most of the time you can find me in whatever fits & is comfy to lay around the house in.
Body woes:  I have shots of pain in my pelvic area when I walk lately (TMI?  Sorry).  I can't sleep & as much as I adore feeling baby movements, they are starting to hurt!  
Best part of week:  Cam telling me I was his best friend, impromptu! :) 
Feel anything in there?  He NEVER stops!  I can't describe how flippity floppily he is...Cam, you have some competition.  We just thought we couldn't keep up with you!
Gives me the Creeps:  Just praying Cade will make it in time to be with me for labor & delivery.  He was scheduled to come home September 23, but has decided against it in fear that he may have to come straight back for baby.  He is currently thinking he will wait on our baby boy to let us know he's ready to come.  I hope we have enough time!  Prayers, please!
Zzzzz Pattern:  I wake up every night to pee like 78,429 times.  Once I make the first trip, insomnia kicks in.  I have been a little hungry in the middle of the night too.  Thank goodness for Hallmark movies, HGTV, & cereal.
Gender:  Another sweet baby boy
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Stretched to the max
I’m Craving:  Greek Strawberry yogurt, Raisin Bran & Mini Wheats, Key Lime Pie, Half & half tea with a grilled chicken sandwich from Bojangles <<in that order>>, decaf iced coffee.  
Working Out Regimen:  Unless you consider walking to the bathroom or taking a shower cardio activity...nada:(
Mood (s):  I'm a happy girl as God has taken such good care of me & my little family.  As I sit around, I tend to feel a lot of anxiety making my lists as to what needs to be accomplished before the baby comes.  I have newborn/hospital pictures booked...gradually packing my hospital's just so stressful because I am such a planner & like to be prepared now that I know what I'm in for.  But...then, ironically this shirt from Riley & Clay came this week.  "Stop Worrying."  Matthew 6:25-27.  A little snail mail from my Savior:)  I needed that!  #bestsweatshirtever
I can’t wait for:  Seeing Cade again-I miss my best friend so badly.  Being able to pick Cam up.  Fall!  I have myself, Cam, & baby's (just in case) Halloween costumes picked out-in fact, I already ordered Cam's!  I finally got our things ordered for our new space.  Everything should start coming in next week, so after two months of being uprooted & never really getting settled in-we will be able to settle into a "homey kinda place" again.  You better believe this girl is gonna start decorating for fall once I <<my poor Nana>> gets everything situated.  I can't wait:)  Thank you, Nana!