Saturday, September 26, 2015

2.5 Year Update | Cam

After Cam turned two, I have kind of let these little milestone markers get away from me.  I tell you, <<& I've said it 56,643 times before>>, he gets more fun everyday.  The things he says, the way he sees the world, & the little looks he's truly something I never want to forget.  
Oreos on his face & all

Age: 30 months (yowza totally time to quit counting in months)
Clothes: wearing 3T-4T *pants especially... Little Mr. Granddaddy long legs! He's a big boy!  Every. person. we. see. asks if he is four years old.  Don't make him grow up that fast people!:/  This little big foot is wearing a size 8/9 shoe, depending on the fit. These days, while we lounge at home a lot, he runs around in his undies.  And I think he likes it in true man style.
Favorite Foods: Bread, bread, & more bread.  French fries & "ketch," pizza if the Ninja Turtles are mentioned, Popsicles, Fruit, Cheese, macaroni, Cheese balls, & any kind of snack cracker.  His diet is becoming more and more that of a carb-osaurous, & I am completely blaming it on my husbands genes!  Lol.
Favorite Words: "Come on, hot dog, forty dollars, & Hobby Lobby, all day long."  "Wan try again!"  He can string together 10+ words in a sentence.  He's a little chatter box & doesn't miss a beat:)  He continually has me laughing with the things that come out of his mouth.
Favorite Activities: Loves going outside, torturing *ahem* playing with his Ony Doodle, he loves watching "Halloween movies" on the iPad, playing in his teepee, jumping on the bed, going to the lake & cabin, fishing, playing with his toys, watching his favorite shows though we don't have time for tv the majority of the time -->Blaze, Mickey, Paw Patrol, & Little Einsteins.
Favorite Things: Cars, Trucks, Planes, Trains, Tractors, Superheros, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Monsters
Classic Cam: He can always be found dancing to bluegrass, "Shake It Off" & "All About That Bass."  He always says "wan Shake it Off!!"  when he is ready to dance:)  Hiding his "Fra-fryer," finding it, & then insisting it's time for sleep <<I know, I know-judge me>>.  If we are outside, & he senses a flower in a one mile radius he picks it, runs to hand it to me, & in his best Chinese accent says "here, a flower for you mommy!"<insert heart melt here>.  If it's dark outside-this boy is ready for bed.  He also tends to tense up-grit his teeth- & want to squish something at least every hour.  I think it's a boy thing...
Notable Milestones: Cam sits at the table with us now sans high chair (definitely does not have patience or the time for a booster- though it would definitely be beneficial).
He can count to 10 backwards //thanks to Little Einsteins// and says pwease & thank you, excuse me after burps & sometimes just for fun, & says bless you after a sneeze.
As for potty training, he is well on his way.  He wears undies when we are close to home & don't have too far to travel.  He still has trouble with "#2," but we are seeing progress!  It's been a long go in the potty trenches, but I can see the end of the tunnel & am so proud of him for doing it in the midst of all the craziness that has been this summer!  Post to come soon on that-it's been real:)

A Note From Mom:  Cam, you will always be my first little sunshine.  You made me a mommy-my favorite thing in the world!  He is truly a gift from God & I know that God has big plans for his life.  I pray he always will allow God to be the pilot of his life & never forget what life is truly about.  A preacher recently said, that he heard his momma pray over him every night- & the one thing that stuck out to him was that she would  pray for him to be a "mighty man."  For some reason, that resonated with me & every time I pray for my boys-that is one thing on my heart.  I pray they will be mighty men for the Lord-whatever that entails.  There are so few & far between these days...& whatever they do I pray they will do it with all their hearts for their creator.  I have all the confidence in the world that he will be the best big brother a boy could ever ask for.  I can't wait to watch him grow & become the wonderful man was created to be.  
This mommy is signing out...thankful & blessed.