Friday, June 22, 2018

friday favorites || lake days+fathers+chris pratt

 Yep, It's safe to say that yesterday was the FIRST day of summer, & summer
 is in full swing!
Bible School, Father's Day, lake days, weekends with friends,
morning coffee on the porch.
We are marking things off our "summer hope to list" left & right.
Which led me to just forget ever having the heart to erase
that sunshine on the chalkboard that Cam drew & create
 our "summer hope to list" beside it, instead.
Summer living love set aside, I do confess...
I may or may not be continuously scouting Bath & Body Works for their fall scented candles.  (p r e t t y sure they'll be pulling those babies out at the end of JULY!) #sorrynotsorry
One. Fathers day
It's easy celebrating the sweet guys in our life!  We spent the weekend in NC with Cade's dad on the lake & joined my folks at church for Sunday morning service & bible school later that evening.  Everybody gathered at the lake to eat & we had a nice time together floating, dance parties on the pontoon, & huddling to stay dry from the thunder storms!
*I could kick myself for not getting a "dad" picture - sometimes I'm the worst.
This child...& his peeing outside habits.

Two.  90 degree + Indoor playground? Yes, please.
Is it me, or is it just too hot to be on a playground in the middle of the day without a pool or splash pad nearby?  The mall just got a new playground, so we went to try it out!  Ya know, just sit, sip coffee, let the kids play, relax.  NOPE.  Check out Conley's swan dive off the snail tunnel.  He caught a i r.  Every two seconds... help mom!  And he'd jump before I was able to grab his arm.  Forget concrete face scabs, a broken arm is up next...
Three. Breakfast @ Nana's + Wally Webster
Just before we headed back to TN last weekend, we went & had breakfast + coffee at nana & papas.  Her garden is beautiful, her breakfast pizza still tastes like heaven on earth, & Wally Webster is still the center of Conley Scout's world (okay.gravy is in the running).  He prays for this cat every night, y'all.  Enjoyed this slow morning!


Four. Thursdays are for Diet Cherry Limeades + cake decorating 
More cake updates...I learned 2d design last night.  And the boys ordered ninjago.
My instructor had other plans... we did Marie, the Aristocat & a pinwheel.
SO, when I got home, I threw ninjago together.  It's rough, but for the first time ever doing it + not having any tools or patterns...  I'll call it a success.

I learned how to die my own fondant, too!
Five. Magnolia Meatloaf
Yes, I'm going to totally bore you with this last one & yet again, brag on Joanna Gaines recipes.  This meatloaf, y'all... run don't walk.
My favorite meal ever, just got better if that's even possible.
Off to pick up groceries, get my fuzzy headed boys a haircut, wrap up Bible School, & plan a family date night for my "Chris Pratt/Owen loving" boys to see Jurassic World.
 You get a prize if you can you say that in ONE breath.
Cam, while watching Jurassic World: "Owen's the one who looks like me.  I mean, I look like Owen, don't I?  Like, without the hair on my face?  Like just my face?"  As he scrunches his face inquisitively while stroking his cheek.
I die.

Happy Friday!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Shark Attack Lemonade

Because, #sharksarelife
And... little boys get thirsty in the summer time.
We go through a pack of Gatorade in a hot second!
4 lemons
1/3 cup Truvia
Pitcher of blue raspberry lemonade kool aid
Ice cube tray
Shark gummies
A couple hours before serving, fill ice cube tray halfway up with blue kool aid.  Add a shark gummy to each cube.  Alternate heads & tails sticking out of cube of ice.  Freeze.
Squeeze juice of 4 lemons in the bottom of a pitcher.  Pour in 1/3 cup truvia or other sugar of preference.  Mix with spoon.  Fill water to top.
Now your ready to serve with your blue  shark ice cubes!
*This lemonade is a healthier choice, too!  Not tons of sugar.
Add a paper straw with a shark, a lemon wedge, & sip away the hot summer day😎

Of course, there are lot's of fun kid friendly summer drink options on Pinterest, we just came up with this because we didn't have ingredients for the ones we liked. 
A little imagination & using what ya got can go a long way!


*Con totally busted his face ALL to pieces at Bible School... he fell down the concrete steps- he gets his clumsiness from ME.
Do you guys have a fun go to summer drink?
Friday, June 15, 2018

H54F + Friday Favorites || living that june life

We have had one laid back week!
It's been really nice, however, Cam hasn't felt the best after a traumatic Monday (you'll see why below).  Though, I do have to mention, the last time I checked the calendar...can I just say that I about did a DOUBLE take at how fast this month is flying by.
How fast SUMMER is flying by!  Loving & cherishing every moment:)

One. gymnastics+ kindergarten shots
 Monday was a day & a half. 
Cam got his kindergarten vaccinations. 
I will spare you all the gory details & just say it was quite the show...
He's a pretty big boy & almost as big as I am.
I'm the one who had to pin him down so that he didn't make the situation much worse by breaking the needle into his arm.
Yes, breaking the needle.  Three needles :(
It was that dramatic.  I don't think the nurse expected him to get that upset!
He has dreamed of them all week, worried about the one's he has to get when "he is a teenager" to the point where he won't sleep at night.

Thankfully, we counteracted the traumatic experience with something fun.
We signed up for a trial gymnastics class that evening.
We will definitely be back for open gym this summer & sign up for classes in the fall.
They LOVED it!  Con took a while to warm up, but when he did he was totally in his element.  Climbing, hanging, hopping. 
And Cam?  He learned a forward roll & handstand!  He was pumped:)
One day, as football is his end goal these days, I'm thinking he will use the moves he may learn in gymnastics in the end zone after he scores a lineman touchdown, right?;)
Two.  Cake decorating class # two
Okay, I covered the cake with fondant at home without tools this time...& it was terrible.
BUT, I learned a lot of things to do differently after showing my instructor.
I'm saying that was a great learning experience;)
Last night, we learned how to make a rose, calla lily, & daisy.  The basics of flowers in gum paste.  Next week, we are learning 2d designs.  I let the boys pick out my design.Stay tuned;)

Up next week minus the fondant people...
Three.  green detox smoothie
 Found this delicious recipe on pinterest...& it is two things: healthy AND yummy.
My boys even like it & just LOOK at all the healthy things they're consuming that they typically wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole!

1 cup spinach
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
1 banana
1 TB chia seeds

Total calorie count: 272

Four.  sheepadoodles
  Will someone buy us a Sheepadoodle???  Why did I stumble upon this adorable ball of fur?  WHY.  The minute my hubby said he was ready for a dog a couple of weeks ago-he regretted it.  LIttle ears heard... mama ears heard.  Let me just boys are KILLING me in the dog department... please, mom!  Please! 
And then there's me in my husband's head... please, Cade!  Please! 
And then I remember how crazy life is WITHOUT a dog.  I digress.

In other words, it's exciting that we found the dog we'd like to get in the future, but we have A LOT we need to do to our yard & house, get me back into the groove & working, AND one more major event in our family before taking on this responsibility.  Until then, I am going to follow every sheepadoodle account on Instagram AND make a ridiculous pinterest board to get my fill.
Five.  Our hero + fathers day goodies
 What in the world would we do without our Daddy/Hubby?
I may joke about his "occasionally grouchy" spells on date night, but most of the time you can find him working with all his heart for his family, encouraging us with endless positivity no matter what situation we face (I've never had that in a male figure in my life) & distracts us from any worry or down day we may have with endless laughter.  Our family would not be what it is without him or God's grace.  He's my best friend.  Oh yea, & we can't forget to mention BUT (don't tell him that I admitted this) he may or may not always cook the best breakfast's around.

Somehow, the snazzy sock game is always strong on fathers day in my eyes. I love to let the boys pick them, b/c it's always hilarious.  They always pick the things they love.
 They also are the best gift card/candy/tool/etch. holders, too-huh? ;)

I stumbled on the coolest Instagram account for mamas! 
Check out @busytoddler if you're in need of ideas to keep you & your kids entertained this summer:)
Wishing you all a Happy Father's Day with those special guys in your life.

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