Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Tales

This girl is 33 weeks & counting as of Saturday:)  Wow.  I can't believe it has been a full 5 weeks since we came back from North Dakota & set out on this trek to keep our tiniest baby put!  I may sound completely insane, but it really feels like it has flown by so quickly.  I still can't mentally grasp that our baby boy can potentially join our little family at any moment.  Praise God for his ever present hand in our lives! 
I'm a little starry eyed after getting to see our baby in 3D/4D Thursday at my doctors appointment.  I swear, if he doesn't come out as Cam's mini me, I will be completely shocked.  He looks so much like him in these pictures!  He <<naturally in our family>> had tons of hair, big lips, stuck his tongue out more than any baby the sonographer had seen, & kept his hands in his face the entire time!  I believe they kept me in the ultrasound for at least 45 minutes as she poked, wiggled, & buzzed my bump to see if she could get him to move.  Double whammy...ouch & Uh oh!  Another little stubborn thing, just like his mama & daddy...

Cam studies the pictures every visit & always has commentary.  My favorites?  "Cam, who does your baby brother look like?"  Cam: "Ummmmm, mommy & mommy's butt."  "He so little."  "He's so black..."  This kid.  I love him to pieces.
Saturday a.m., Cam woke up requesting "Batman can cakes."  Leave it to my trusty sidekicks to set up a stool in front of the stove so I could give it a whirl.  I did the best I could do!  We pretty much had blue teeth for the remainder of our day, but hey.  It was Saturday...yolo;)  That being said, it looks like I'm going to have to brush up on my superhero pancake skills.  For some reason, I foresee a lot of them in our future.  I love how he gets so excited over the simplest makes my life.

And our current living situation?  As far as the essential items we need in our little upstairs loft, all we are waiting on is the couch, cube shelf, & table.  I finally got our chalkboard back in action & for that- you can't imagine how excited I am.   I have to give credit where it is due...Cade tried & tried to hang our chalkboard in ND but for some reason the tiles just kept making holes in the wall & falling off.  <<Handy Man is not exactly his strongest suit>>  I was devastated to say the least.  Ever since we packed them up from our first home, (I know- it's only been 2 months lol) the holidays & times when you need a little "wordy encouragement" just aren't the same. 
 //Bottom line:  I am thankful for my chalkboard to be back in our lives!//

ANYway, I do still need to purchase Cam's toddler bed & would love to have our crib for baby boy, but those aren't essential items at this time!  Cam is my bed buddy for the time being, & the baby will sleep beside us in his bassinet for the newborn days & then we'll see where we go from there.  Oh how nice it is to see it all come together & feel like we have a little "homey" space again.
Out & over!