Monday, August 31, 2015

Packing For Baby #2 // Hospital Bag

Being on bed rest for preterm labor concerns can make a girl go crazy.  About a week into it, I think it just "clicked" that I might need to have a hospital bag packed -you know just in case.  DUH!  Oh, & the little one on the way might just need a thing or two at the hospital along with some things to come home to.  (Which over half of our things are still in North Dakota).  I think the past couple of days have been consumed with freakout mode to make sure I am getting all of this ready with as little mobility as possible.  Cue the Kevin McCallister scream //AHHHHHHHHHHH!//  When I was packing my hospital bag for Cam, I had no clue what to bring.  I looked all over Pinterest & the internet for suggestions & was so overwhelmed at all the things recommended.  It was helpful to have guidelines, but every family & it's specific needs are different.  I decided to make my own little personal list of things I prefer to pack after my first experience...please do not be overwhelmed -  This is just another crazy list to share that can allow you to pick things you might find useful as well;)  Heerree goes!
Boppy | Sleeper | Mitts | Knot Top | Swaddles | Car Seat
 I love these zipper sleepers from Old Navy (as well as the gowns) as they are easy for quick diaper changes & you don't have to worry with aligning all those pesky snaps.  Cam had the longest fingernails when he was born & all he seemed to want to do was scratch himself in the face - mitts are a lifesaver (especially when your scared of cutting their fingernails the first few days as I was -lol).  Cam was a swaddle ninja, but I am prepared to try again...I think they are great to make a baby feel snug & as close to the womb as possible-not to mention ADORABLE.  It's so hard to pick these days with all the patterns available.  The Boppy is a mom's BEST friend for breastfeeding.  Of course, you'll need your car seat & I recommend a body support to insert in the carseat so their little heads will have some support for the journey home & future travels.  That is one thing I didn't have for Cam that I wish I had!  Especially when you have to drive through a LOT of curves on the way home.  I love this one, especially since our little one will be toted in the colder weather.  A few others that didn't make the pictures... socks to keep their little piggies warm (not that they will ever stay put)!  And I plan on ordering a few little comfy shoes that look like they are a perfect fit for a newborns feet;)  Let's not forget the coming home outfit (so fun to shop for!) and of COURSE the diaper bag.

Thank the Lord for online shopping as it has really turned into my best friend.  But it can also be a nightmare when trying to budget & bank a savings too!  But somehow, someway, we are managing!  Adulting is totally stressful sometimes.
Okay, a lot of the items related to recovering after having baby are provided by the hospital (at least in my experience, which is so nice!)  These are either just the things I brought & was so glad I did...or wish I would have brought!  Several suggestions are related to my decision to nurse, but the robe & water bottles are just my preferences.  The hospital gowns aren't very modest (if you get my drift) when you have to get up or move around-a robe just gives you an option for an easy way to cover up with company.  As for the random water bottle, if you're planning to nurse- drinking water, water, & more water is essential.  There's something about a personal (cute) water bottle that keeps me motivated to forgo my beverages of choice;)  Others not pictured: hand santitizer, basic toiletries, house shoes, make-up bag, camera, video camera, technology & chargers!

 Whew!  I'm becoming the master of list making laying around.  Now to tackle these to-do's!  I would also love to hear if you have any tips recommendations while packing:)  Especially while on bed rest (this is a first for me).  Have a great Monday;)