Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Tales | Jack O' Lantern in September

Weekend tales have kinda been in hiatus as we are cooped up a lot more than usual.  But we are really trying to make the most of the lazy days.  I know, I know...I sound like a broken record lately.  But I'm realllllly trying not to, y'all!  We've taken full advantage of the teepee, storybooks, Cam's favorite songs, & all of the other festive fun you can round up this time of year to make the days more exciting:)  
This weekend, my mom ended up bringing home the first pumpkin of the season.  You would have thought she brought home Lightening McQueen himself because Cam was a jumping bean when he saw it.  "Mommy, wook-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa wook at my pumpkin!" <<the speech therapist in me dies a bit inside because he has started stuttering so much lately...& I am a tad bit worried... though it's cute at this stage..>> 
So we did the only practical thing to do, we went ahead & carved the little guy.  Cam helped me & pretty much gazed in amazement while instructing me to make sure he had eyes, a nose, & a mouth.  This kid:)  All he has watched lately //when he finds time to slow down that is// is "Halloween music movies" on the "iputer."  I guess that's why he is so in love with his little pumpkin?  I'm telling you, little moments like this are what my mommy dreams are made of, seriously.
After that Cam had a little fun with BB & Joe Daddy Saturday & went to eat his favorite meal of french fries & "Ketch" while watching the rafters float down the river!  Glad he got to enjoy the beautiful fall day...can't wait til baby & I can join him;)
Have I told you how much I love snail mail?  It's one of my favorite things.  Friday evening, the first of the things for our new space arrived along with our baby boy's carseat!  Such a happy mommy right now to see that everything is coming together.  I don't know why I worry!  God always faithfully~time & time again~see's me through the biggest & tiniest matters.  

Aside from all that fun excitement, we also made some "delicious fantastic" snack mix <<as the Camster says these days>> & watched a Halloween Batman movie.  Gotta get that cute little boy in character for his Halloween costume this year;)  The snack mix is SUPER easy...& probably boring to most-BUT I'll share anyway!  Just pop some popcorn, sprinkle in some fall colored m&ms, & a few pretzels.  Walah & nom NOM!  I'm thinking some teddy grahams might add a little extra toddler pizzaz too?
And for the record, I am told Saturday felt just like fall...& for that...I am super duper pumped & a tiny bit jealous of you who got to enjoy the day outdoors.  I'll be window watching for some pretty fall colors from my perch...
Happy Monday!