Friday, September 25, 2015


I really didn't know what to title this post or how to begin.  My, my world has changed in the past week.  The plan was to share about Cam's 2.5 year milestones Wednesdsay...(& then when I didnt get to it-I thought I'd share it today), but I just can't write about anything other than this today...
 I could write a novel here-but I'll spare you & just get this off my chest.  If you've been following me through my bed rest stint, you've heard me mention my Nana who comes & cares for Cam & I everyday of the week while my mom is at work (Mr.'s in North Dakota).  Most everyday at lunch, Papa comes to eat with us after he hunts (AVID hunter) & then lets Cam lead him around by the nose-bossing him around- for almost the rest of the day.  If Papa even dares mentioning that he has to leave, Cam sulks up & is heartbroken to lose his play buddy.  "But Papa, got to pway wif me!"

If it is a pretty day, we often head up to their house for the evening to get a little fresh air & let Cam play out in their yard.  It's been something I look forward to & hope for everyday-<<& a place I can easily get to outdoors without overdoing it>>.
This month, my Papa has hit his head numerous times.  He sliced it open at my Mom's house a couple weeks ago moving furniture (for me) and required 7 stitches, a branch fell on it breaking the skin while he was hunting, he had two precancerous patches of skin removed, & several hits & knicks since then.  I know, right?!  Poor guy can't catch a break.

Before we went to their house on Wednesday evening, he was taking trash off for my mom & bumped it on his truck.  //We often kid him how he is going to have to start wearing a helmet it has seemed something happens to his poor noggin at least once a day//.
Wednesday, <<Ahem-the first day of Fall>>was beautiful...I don't know if you noticed.  I think all of us needed a little fresh air after being cooped up inside all day.  We loaded up (even Honor got to tag along) & went to their house to lounge on the swing while Cam drug every single toy out in their yard & ran after the leaves falling from the trees.  *This kid brings me leaves every time he sees one...when a two year old notices an obsession-it's for real.
Just before we left, Nana had cooked a pizza, so of course Cam couldn't pass up a Ninja Turtle specialty.  He took his big slice & sat on a concrete slab at the bottom of their steps.  "Mommy, come sit with me!"  As much as I wanted to, Ony Doodle was strangling herself trying to get his pizza & make sure she was at our feet which was a disaster waiting to happen.

So of course, Papa said, "I'll go sit with him."  Before Nana or I could either one turn around he had hit his head on their stair railing at the bottom of the concrete slab.  He was grabbing his head looking frustrated as if he couldn't believe he had hit his head again.  He sat there for about 5 minutes & the last thing I remember was Nana screaming, "He's going down, he's going down!"  

Adrenaline set in & I ran to Nana's side-both of us thankfully catching him before he hit the concrete.  He was not responding-but breathing.  My Nana, always calm & collected lost it.  Somehow the Lord helped me stay calm because I am usually always the one in a panic <<hello, especially right now>>.  

She called 911 while I held him up & Cam ate pizza in his fedora & underwear (another day+another story).  During that time, Papa became somewhat alert again & started slightly responding -asking to be laid down.  He was cold & clammy, did not make sense, & couldn't keep his eyes open.  All I could do was pray.  About 10 minutes after he became somewhat alert, the ambulance arrived & we decided he needed to definitely be evaluated.
Long story short, they took him to the nearest hospital, gave him some fluids, & sent him home after CT scan.  We thought everything was okay until Nana called back yesterday while I was at doctor in Knoxville & informed us that he was having to be sent immediately to hospital for evaluation & another scan for possible blood clot on lungs.

What???  Blood clot on the lungs?  He hit his HEAD?  None of it makes sense to me right now & I am worried sick about my Nana & Papa.  I really don't know what I'd do without either of them.  Maybe this story doesn't seem relevant here, but let's just be real-this blog could be titled "The Cam Show."   Nana-Pop <as Cam refers to them> have kept Cam four days a week since practically birth.  Cam asked to go see Papa yesterday before we left for the doctor-but there wasn't enough time.  I know even at two years old (& from his description of all that happened Wednesday) even he is worried about Papa.  Please help us pray that he will be okay!  Thank you so much.