Friday, September 11, 2015

Hotdogs, Forty Dollars, & Hobby Lobby

Well folks, another week down in the bed rest books!  I'm officially closing in on my one month run after this weeks doctors visit.  Tomorrow, I will have met my first goal of making it to 32 weeks.  What a blessing!  I can now deliver at the NICU unit (if need be) in the Womens Pavilion at the hospital where I delivered Cam, rather than having to go to the University of Tennessee's NICU!
The baby bump shelf in action
<<Sorry in advance for all this cervix talk...>>Yesterday, we confirmed (once again) that my cervix is staying consistent within the one centimeter range.  Yes, that is still extremely thin & I could go at any moment-but the good news is that it appears what we are doing is working!  Baby is staying put & we are both healthy & trucking along through September:)  Continue with bed rest & meds?  You got it, dude.
I was supposed to have had my 3D/4D ultrasound yesterday, but an hour in the waiting room later (clearing out 2 full rooms of people as I sat there)...only to find out I would be waiting another hour for the pictures-I opted to just do my essential ultrasound & see the doc!  I've been very sore & having sharp pains, which I have read is normal & sure enough that was confirmed by the doctor.  She said the sharp pains are baby boy's head putting pressure on my cervix (which she said generally starts happening at 36 weeks) soooooo anytime that happens (most every time I stand) I have to sit down!  Yikes...getting closer!

After a month of sitting in the car waiting on my crew that so graciously totes my hiney to Knoxville every week, I finally found a wheelchair/motorized cart to actually be able to go in Hobby Lobby & Target with them!  I was so excited, Cam was elated.  Come on...a steering wheel, something to ride?  And not to mention, I got to soak in all the sights of the pending fall season & grab most everything on my hospital bag list.  (Which really makes my stress level go down!)  Why did it take me so long to do this?  

In other news, Cam is absolutely positively obsessed with hotdogs, forty dollars, AND Hobby Lobby.  If he doesn't have anything to say, but would like to contribute to a conversation-he will say one of these three words.  It's seriously the cutest thing you've ever heard.  All week Cam has asked me when we were going to Hobby Lobby.  Now, I'm not sure if he thinks Hobby Lobby is "Hobby Lobby" or something else like Target...anyway, this kid has asked for Spider lights for two weeks.  I have declined in buying because I didn't have the slightest clue as to what we would actually do with...spider. lights.   Then I got an idea...we could string them to his teepee!  

So yes, we took this little stinker to Hobby Lobby & bought the spider lights.  He gripped onto his spider lights the entire time we were in the store.  Cam is always ready to put his store finds up to the register because he knows that means they are coming home with him.  The cashier must have seen the anticipation in his eyes because she said, "Are these yours?"  Don't you think he missed a beat because he immediately blurted out, "Yes!  And they for my teepee!"  He grabbed them & he was off! "Oh my gosh, how cute!" she was able to mutter through both of our giggles. 

He is absolutely over the moon in love.  He has stood at his tee pee in admiration for 2/3rds of his day telling me & everybody else "My lub my pider yights!"  

May you all have a weekend equally as awesome as hotdogs, forty dollars, & Hobby Lobby...;)