Monday, September 7, 2015

Living Lofty: Small Space Design

Didn't I just do a design board post for the apartment in North Dakota a month ago?  My how life can change so quickly & unexpectedly!  Just to recap, in case you are a little behind on our current living situation... Cam, baby, & I are going to be living in North Carolina with my mom & dad until things become more stable for us to figure out when/what/how would be the best time to be with Cade again.  It's a little harder for me to just jump right back up with a newborn, toddler, & new job & move back to North Dakota at this point!  Maybe God is working out something for my Mr. behind the scenes which would allow us to move somewhere closer to home.  I can't help but think he has a plan in all of this:)  AnyWHO...I guess you could say a lot of my time has recently been invested in dreaming up how to make the little loft upstairs a home while we're here.  Cam is a total homebody & I want to make any space we stay in special & cozy with a "home kind of feel."  Not to mention, I'm pregnant & nesting mode is for real!  
First up, when you reach the top of the steps you reach a loft-type room.  Unfortunately there is not a door, but I think that will make it the perfect entryway & place for a little dinette.  I imagine it will be the perfect place to share some meals & snacks, have tummy time, & put on matchbox car races in just a few short weeks!
Furniture still has to be moved out/baby stuff organized, but we are getting closer!
In the same room, I plan on using a room/shelf divider from Ikea to create a mini joint room for Cam & baby boy!  I am so excited to see this part in particular come to life.  Nurserys/kid rooms are my favorite.  I really think Cam will love it when we finish.  He is so proud of their quilts, his tee pee, & I just really get the impression that creating a little space of his own will be very exciting for him at this age:)  I do have one question for you guys though...I have been planning on purchasing a toddler bed from amazon for Cam-should I go that route or go ahead & invest in a "full size" bed for him?  I am really torn right now...  HELP!

On to the very back of the upstairs, where I plan to create a joint master bedroom & living space.  Yes, it's a lot of white (which is currently my obsession-isn't white so clean & classy?).  But, considering half the wall & all of the trim is wood...I felt like it needed brightening up!  I added accents of black with the style of the rug & the pillows for the bed & couch.  I can't wait to see these visions hopefully come together.  It will be nice to feel like we have our own space again-especially when baby boy decides to come!
The floor is almost finished!  Isn't it pretty?

Keep checking back for our small space updates:)  I'm itching all over to have it done & go all out decorating it for fall!
Happy Labor Day!