Monday, September 28, 2015

Meanwhile on Bedrest | Rambles of Week 6...

At my appointment last week, my doctor commented on how "cheerful" I was after five weeks of bed rest.  For one, I am always cheerful on doctor days because I get to get out of the house & have an ultrasound to see that sweet little face (and Cam's face when he see's his little bro)!  Two...well, I have my days, but couldn't it be so much worse?  I guess the Lord has just kept my spirits up.  I am so excited about our baby boy, I am thankful to have a way to prevent preterm labor without a hospital stay (or have to be in a NICU & leave our baby boy at the hospital for weeks at a time), I have people to help me take care of Cam & my other responsibilities, my medications have worked with none of the possible nasty side effects, our baby boy is healthy as can be.  It's just been hard for me to be anything other than happy with that aspect of life.  
Can we just talk about this belly??  
I guess the hardest thing of all is having to be away from Cade.  My hardest days are thinking about how it almost always seems like no matter what we do in an attempt to be together, something stands in the way.  I want so badly for our little family to be together.  All I can go back to is that I just have to trust that God has a plan & there is nothing I can do to change or speed up His plan.  
We just went to our contact visit with my brother this evening who is being sent to prison tomorrow for 9-18 months.  I don't really mention this a lot because I really try to keep my little corner of the web positive & light hearted.  The problems he has dealt with over the past few years are real & so many young people are battling them these days.  Please keep him in your prayers, specifically for him to overcome the ways in which Satan is trying to destroy his life.  I know everything happens for a reason & firmly believe this is no exception.
Have I told you Papa is okay?!  He was severely dehydrated when he hit his head last week & when he passed out he aspirated on his pizza or drink.  The blood clot scare was related to the aspiration pneumonia he accumulated after the head incident.  So thankful he is on the mend & no blood clot!
Ony: "Don't be looking at me..."
Our new space is pretty much officially complete other than a few things for the boys room & our entry space.  I had a super fun mail week & all of our furniture made it to the front door.  After staring at the cardboard boxes for 1/2 the day Friday, I finally conned my dad & sis into putting it together for me.  Talk about floating on cloud 9- Cam & I are so excited to finally have a little space to call our own again.  Post to come soon on this;)
The rest of our weekend?  It totally felt like Halloween on Saturday with all the gloomy clouds looming in the sky. My mom babysat for some friends over the weekend & Cam absolutely loved playing with his new little buddies!  They ended up spending the afternoon building a cardboard Haunted House out of my IKEA boxes...clever, right!? :)

I hope everyone had a great start to their week!
Chelley N said...

You are a trooper with the bed rest thing. It will be worth it when you hold that sweet boy, and good for you for staying focused!

Cassidy Adams said...

I can't wait! I'm sure you had your fair share of bed rest with your twins!:) I admire you for carrying double lol!