Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Fall Photo Dump

Happy October AND Friday // Double the fun:)  I just know that this 80+ degree weather is going to morph itself into fall-like temps soon.  I purposely wear sweats everyday to make myself believe it's actually fall <I know, crazy prego lady here>> then again, I am homebound for another I guess as long as the AC's in business I won't be sweating it!  Come on boots & scarf weather...I've been waiting on you since June!

Things just keep getting "fallier" here in my neck of the woods▪️SO much so that you can bet your bottom dollar I will take as many opportunities to post pictures of pumpkins, leaves, boots, & such until it's time to sing Jingle Bell Rock.  **Just a small disclaimer before you get annoyed with me;)

We've had several evenings (accident free I might add) at my Nana's this week //fresh air deficiency, right here// & the leaves are just blowing around & dancing everywhere.  I'm itching all over to rake a pile for Cam <<okay, & myself >>to jump in.  That might be the first thing I do when I'm released from bed rest...    For my appointment yesterday, we ended up throwing on our Halloween pi's & monster shoes Wednesday evening to spend the night in Knoxville given the confusing threats of serious flooding & damage possible in our area thanks to our local weather pattern + Hurricane Joaquin.  Downed trees & flooding in the way of the hospital 2 hours away when I can have this baby boy at any moment...yea...NO thank you!  I can't complain for the early departure, because our first day of October looked a little like the pictures you see below.  If you like fall & Halloween...Your welcome;)
Doctor appointment days...
Yes, this is how our child falls asleep every. night.  I have to remove his "shirt" from his face...

My final stretch insomnia just keeps getting worse, so with that comes late night list making, movie watching, & races to the potty.  I imagine this insomnia will soon morph into sleep deprived nights in which nothing will be going on except hearing the baby cry, feeding, changing, & once I lay him down--holding my breath for the next whimper he will make to do it all over again.     And I assume this time around--Cam stirring & asking for waffles, apple juice, or Mickey Mouse might be pretty routine too...  Would you think I'm crazy if I say I'm ready for it?  Even maybe a little excited?  
List making & "What to expect when expecting," anyone?