Friday, October 16, 2015

High-Five for Friday! // H54F

Happy FRIDAY, y'all!  Woo hoo!
I didn't really make a big deal about it this year--but October 8th was the 3rd anniversary of Peaches & Pearls & that is a very special thing for me.  If you are just tuning in, or maybe found me later on in my blogging's where it all began!  You're sure to laugh at many of the newbie posts, it might be worth the effort;) 

Annnnd, in honor of my 3rd year of blogging on my little corner of the web, I'd like to try my very first <<I think?>> link up party.  In doing so, I've found a new way to celebrate what has always been one my favorite days of the week--FRIDAY!  "High Five for Friday" is a link up hosted by Della Devoted, Bright on a Budget, Coffee with Caitlin, and Cup of Tea.  What better day to celebrate things you like/special parts of your week or recent days than by doing a special round up of your week & a chance at meeting new people?  I'm EXCITED to join in the fun:)

Here's to the first of hopefully many "High Five Friday's!"  I'd love if you all would comment below what your "High Five's of the Week" were as well:)  Then we can all just carry each other's positive vibes into the weekend...right?
1.  Parks: If there is one thing I wish I had access to everyday, it is a park with a great playground.  I love people watching & soaking in the sun while Camster runs all his energy out chasing after other kids & playing on the playground.  I like to ask him what he has been doing every potty break in which he responds, "Talking to the kids, Mom."  I ask him what he said when he meets new friends & he said, "My Cam Adams."  Since when did he become 2.5 going on 40?  

He always grabs me at one point to push him on the swing & yesterday he said, "Talk to the people, mom!"  If I tell him it's time to leave for the day?  "But mom, I've got to talk to the kids!"  I also overheard him telling some boys about Hobby Lobby at the top of the slide yesterday...yea, we're going to have to work on our conversational skills!  LAUGHING!  Love him to PIECES.

2.  One on One Time with Cam: The days of Cam being an only child are quickly slipping by.  It's definitely not a sad thing & that becomes more evident every trip we take to the playground, because everybody else is playing with their siblings & Cam dies to play along!  It has been such a special blessing to me that I will always cherish to have these extra few days of it just being Cam & I before little brother comes along.  I'm looking forward to maybe having a day or two like this with his daddy, too.  Fingers crossed!'

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3.  Maternity Jeans: Ummm, why am I just now deciding to try these out?  The weather is FINALLY supposed to turn cold this weekend, I haven't a shirt long enough to appropriately cover my belly in public, & only brought my comfy cozies to wear around (thinking the littlest Mr. A would have shown by now)--so I finally broke down & bought a few essentials at Target since I will be in Knoxville at least another week patiently waiting.  Long sweaters AND one pair of heaven sent maternity jeans.  Good thing we would like to have another or that could have been a waste.  Or...maybe not because they are the bomb. com.  Preggo mommies...bite the bullet & buy them!  TOTALLY WORTH every penny.  

Side note  *YEP, Cade.  You should have just shipped my winter things from North Dakota when I asked you to 543,567 times ago--guess I'll just have to shop for a whole new winter wardrobe instead :>  Darn!  

4. No More Motorized Shopping Carts: I've wanted to do a post on this forever but just haven't found the time or place yet.  I have so many funny stories & thoughts while on bed rest about having to ride these around stores.  Perhaps my favorite?  The kid who said, "Mom, why is she riding around in a wheelchair-she's not old!"  I just closed my eyes, grinned, & shook my head as I kicked her into full speed & loudly made my way in the opposite direction.  Honorable mention... feeling like a lazy bum as people practically roll their eyes at me riding around in one.  Not my choice-TRUST!

5.  It's BABY WEEK!  I went to the doctor yesterday & was dilated 2 more centimeters than last week. They told me that once I hit 37 weeks I'm FULL TERM & with that...any pressure or contractions can verify a reason to come on in this week & possibly meet our little man!  If not, next Saturday will be the day.  Words cannot describe how excited I am.  NOT TO MENTION my Mr. is coming home TUESDAY:) #happiestgirlintheworld

How was your week?  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!:)
God has blessed.

Ashley S. said...

Wow! You have an exciting week ahead! Your little guy is adorable! Good luck with your new arrival. Visiting from the link up.

Ashley @

Cassidy Adams said...

Thanks for visiting Ashely!:)

Katie C said...

Thank you SO MUCH for choosing H54F as your first link up :) How cool! I love park time. Such fun. And D Day is just around the corner. Did this pregnancy go faster than the first? I can imagine chasing around a toddler makes the second pregnancy zip by. Hope you had a fun weekend!!

Katie @ Cup of Tea

Cassidy Adams said...

Hi, Katie!
I am so excited to join in:) Yes it has really went by at warp speed even with the bed rest status. Thank y'all for reading!

Tif @ Bright on a Budget said...

Congrats on your 3 year blogiversary! Welcome to the H54F party! It looks like you've had a fun week, and that this week is looking even funner:) Good luck and I hope everything goes well!!!


Cassidy Adams said...

Thanks Tif! I'm excited to join in on the fun:)