Friday, October 9, 2015

A Note To Big Brother

My precious Cam,
I all but blinked & my baby boy is two and a half years old, becoming a big brother.  You have been our pride & joy for almost three entire years.  Our life has been turned upside down & changed completely by you & we wouldn't have it any other way.  You made us a mommy & daddy.  You suffered/survived all of our parental "firsts."  And for that I halfway apologize & have to thank you for patiently accepting us as we were... imperfect!  You are an amazing boy.  You have the most adventurous spirit that inspires me to make any moment we find ourselves in meaningful & exciting.  You are stubborn just like your mom & dad (& slightly strong-willed like mom).  You have such a kind & loving heart to all those around & I hope you never let go of that.  You aren't too proud to say your sorry & give us a sweet kiss in an instant.  Never lose your permanent big cheesy daddy grin- it's one of the MANY things I adore about you two.  I hope you will always know how proud we are of you as you go throughout life.
Now for the big brother part...I want to make sure that you know that big brothers are so very special.  God himself choses birth order & the oldest child in the family (take it from me-wink wink) has to be very special.  Your baby brother will be looking up to you his entire life.  More than likely, he will start out being recognized as "Cam's little brother."  He will want to make every track you make & do everything his "cool" big brother is doing.  He will probably say everything you say, want to play with every toy you have, want to wear just what you wear, go everywhere you go, & the list pretty much goes on & on!  Sometimes it might get on your nerves & that's okay.  I just want you to remember that very few relationships are stronger or more special than brotherly love.  God blessed you with a best friend for life by sending your baby brother, & this is just the beginning of an amazing adventure for the both of you <<some boys never have that>>.  So, help me take good care of him;)  Teach him how to do the cheesy daddy grin, make sure he loves Hobby Lobby,  & be sure he knows just how much mommy & daddy love both of you!  More than life.