Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weekend Tales // Welcome Sweet October

"Mommmmmmy, I poooooooped!"  Those were the words that kicked our weekend off to a very interesting start.  And poop he did.  All over the couch.  All over the blankets.  Allllll over the pillows.  And all over Ony's back.  Yes, Honor's freshly bathed back.  Why he can tell me he pooped after the act--but not before?  I may never know.

I haven't mentioned this yet & really to be honest, it hadn't hit me just yet-but this new month of October could very well be the last month we are a family of three.  The first month of our tiniest little boy's life.  The VERY month we get to meet him!!  So with that sweet thought, October...I am <<even more so than normal>> so very excited to welcome you:)
Sneak peek at our little loft dinette-the perfect place for coffee, chalk, & Cam's daily picked flowers;)
We rang in the first day of October with a special breakfast brought to you by the very healthy & nutritious Krispy Kreme //RED// fresh & hot light.  I conned my mom into taking an early morning spin to grab a dozen of the special monster edition donuts simply because my Cam...he is monster crazy & so very excited for Halloween.  The look on his face when we opened the box was priceless.  I swear, he has to be at the funnest. age. ever.

As for the latest updates on baby?  Well, he is a whopping 6 lbs 5 oz & healthy as can be. I am so humbled & amazed at God's protection over our little bug.  Update on mommy?  Well, for the first time in about 7 weeks I didn't have to have my cervix checked.  That was nice.  They said that there really isn't anything they can do at this point if it is shrinking & given that the medicines/bedrest status seem to be keeping me consistent- I have to continue that until 36 weeks <aka 2 more days!>.  I think I can, I think I can...
I didn't get to see my two regular doctors this week-but a random midwife that I hadn't ever met before.  She did inform me that they would begin checking to see if I have started dilating at my appointment next week.  Wow!  It's that close to go-time I guess!

Also, for whatever reason-my one hour blood sugar test came back slightly elevated from last week in which I received a call before my appointment suggesting I would need to schedule a 3 HOUR TEST for next week <insert nausea & dread here>.  *We were about 10 weeks late with this test d/t the cervix scare in the first place...

I had already planned to admit my half & half tea consumption & accidental peppermint before the test & all but beg them to reconsider as the same scenario happened when I was pregnant with Cam <<& let's just be real-a 35 week pregnant girl on bed rest would not be a fun patient while sitting in the waiting room for 3 hours while downing two more of those nasty sugar drinks>>...but before I could even begin-the midwife told me that my doctor didn't want me to have to do that.  Instead, he simply wanted me to monitor it at home this week just in case & report back Thursday.  God bless that man!  He just gets better in my book everyday...
Aside from all that boring OBG talk, the rest of the weekend was wet, lazy, & indoors with too many sugar treats <ahem leftover monster party donuts>.  But for real, I only had one & I am proud because it was delicious.  I did decide to try church this past Sunday for the first time in 7 weeks since it was initially supposed to be my first day off of bed rest until recently.  Wouldn't you know I about wiped it out on the wet porch steps going to the car?  Needless to say, I stayed in for the rest of the day.  I have to say--it was so nice to be out in public for a couple hours & feel like I am slowly starting to get back to normal.  Hmmmm.  What else?  My ice obsession cravings are over the top--which has me wondering why Zaxby's has to be so far away-- because their crushed ice is simply on point...<<using my high school slang here...I still got it-laughing>>  OH, & Cam spontaneously laid his head on my belly & said, "I love you, <baby bro's name>."  I could have died right there. So. flipping. precious.  

And what else is precious?  You'll just have to come back tomorrow to find out;)
Happy Hump Day, y'all!