Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Tales| Pumpkin Patch Fun

Reality has set in.  Baby brother's arrival is creeping up on us at a rapid pace & though I imagined we would all just hop on over to the pumpkin patch with a newborn in tow to pick out our perfect pumpkins & catch a hayride--it finally dawned on me that is not going to happen.  So...rain or shine we decided to tackle that "Fall to-do" on Saturday...& rain it did.  
Most of the pumpkins were green/wet/& muddy, we forgot our umbrella, & the hayride was not operating that day.  But don't you dare believe that would stop Cam from having a blast:)  For one, he splashed through every mud puddle in sight & jumped on every farm tractor he could con his Joe Daddy to putting him on.  Two, he decided that he & baby brother needed to load every muddy pumpkin sitting in the patch in the trunk of our car <we finally convinced him we only needed two and they weren't for kicking or throwing contrary to popular boy belief>.  
P.S. Besides mud puddles, we found a TRAIN & chocolate too...#lifemade

I can't complain one BIT about our rainy day trip either, because it was my first official day off of bed rest & I was just glad to be out in public again!  Also, to be able to continue our little tradition of getting to go to the patch for our pumpkins--going strong for three years now.  I was so worried that it wouldn't happen this year with all the craziness happening lately!  Just in case your feeling nostalgic like I was, here was trip 1 & 2.
The weekend passed swiftly & now we are pretty much setting up camp in Knoxville until the baby comes.  If you didn't catch it in my bump update Saturday...the last time I went to the doctor, it was suggested I stay close to the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I was already dilated to almost a three & completely thinned out with pre labor prevention medications, so given that I have quit taking the medicines & am off bed rest now...this little guy is bound to show up soon!  What an adventure the journey to meet him has been!  I can't wait;)
More excitement?  I got to drive for the first time in 8 weeks yesterday!  The trip seemed like the longest I have ever taken in my life & we were completely dressed like hobos but HEY -- it felt good to have that independence again:)  And to enjoy a yummy ole decaf Pumpkin Spice;)  Naturally, I had to take a corny selfie <swollen fingers & all> to document this milestone!
Happy Monday