Saturday, October 10, 2015

36 Weeks

This is Week #: 36 weeks - No more bed rest:)
Total Weight Gain:  25 lbs - Two weeks ago Baby A was 6 lbs 5 oz...hmmmm.  
What I am wearing: Whatever will cover this monstrous belly!
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  Gap maternity tees
Body woes:  At this point, everything hurts!  Lol.  
Best part of week:  Achieving the 36 week milestone!  I am so thankful for the prayers & support of everyone-I know God answered those prayers & made it possible to avoid preterm labor & all the things that come along with it.  I am no longer on bed rest or have to take my medications to avoid preterm labor either at this point!  At my doctor appointment on Thursday (brace yourself) I was dilated more than a two, completely thinned out, & it was suggested that I stay close to Knoxville for the remainder of my pregnancy!  Wowza!  Just in case, they scheduled an induction date for October 30th if he doesn't decide to keep being Speedy Gonsalez over the next few weeks!  A Halloween baby:)  Oh & do his first pair of Mocc's arriving in my mailbox count as an exciting part of the week?  I am totally ready for him now;)
Feel anything in there?  When he moves, he does the Monster Mash.  Full out dance party...but he has been a little more calm lately & that is not a characteristic of this baby boy at ALL y'all!
Gives me the Creeps:  HOLY HEARTBURN!  I haven't really had any heartburn this pregnancy except when we were traveling to & from North Dakota this summer...but this week...YIKES>  I have had to sleep sitting up the majority of this week.  I did learn that this baby is blessed with tons of hair that can be seen in the black & white ultrasound pics.  We're talking full on visible bangs.  I quote my sonographer, "Look at him!  It's like he's ready to party with a mowhawk, already!" 
Zzzzz Pattern:  Up & down -- Up & down -- REPEAT
Gender:  #boymom.  I get cracked up imagining our future with these stinkers & all the tales Cade & I will have from raising at least two boys... I have a feeling (if we are blessed enough to have another) #3 might be another boy as well.  Only time will tell...
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Cam thinks it is baby bro's nose
I’m Craving:  Half & half tea with lemon, greek yogurt, key lime pie, crushed ice, grilled chicken salads
Working Out Regimen:  I am walking regularly again!  Yahooooooooo:)
Mood (s):  SO excited.  I can't wait to meet our baby boy, for Cam to meet him, & for Cade to finally be back with us!  And we will be a family of FOUR.  We still can't grasp that we are about to have two babies. I know little man will be here for Halloween so I am so excited about all of the upcoming holidays!
I can’t wait for:  BABY SMELLS!  Baby footsies & matching pjs.  Cam's reaction & commentary on his little bro.  My family being together.  Halloween.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  "I could go on for ever baby!;)" <<Thank you Home Alone for forever sneaking your way into my everyday conversations>>