Wednesday, October 21, 2015

what i wore | 37 weeks maternity

Soooooo, we are about to head to the hospital.  I had contractions about every 10 minutes last night & I've had increasing pressure since about Sunday!  They told me to come in for that to be checked, but I've been waiting on my Mr who just arrived yesterday.  My nerves are getting more jittery every second & my excitement//anticipation is through the roof:)  We might have a baby today...but before I leave you-here's a new post!
Welcome to yet another new link-up I'd like to start participating in..."What I Wore Wednesday," hosted by The Pleated Poppy.  Go check out her & so many other ladies style posts to feel inspired:)  I know I did!

I've been slack on my Style Finder posts for maternity these past couple of weeks.  Given that this will probably be the last week sporting my big ole' baby bump for a while <<Thank you Lord for seeing me to FULL TERM!  37 Weeks!>>...I'd like to part ways with a quick round-up of how I've dressed it two days with my "minimalist wardrobe" this week.  Haha:)  And Yes, if your wondering, I am going to tell you how alllllll of my winter things are in North Dakota for the gazillionth time.  Your welcome:)

My beloved Target came to the rescue this week, as our Southern air *finally* became the perfect touch of October chilly & I had to grab a couple of warmer items to last until my Mr can send some winter things my way.  No complaints about the change in temps here!  I finally got to wear a wooly scarf & not completely sweat my make-up off or look like a crazy person:)  
Top-Plaid Tunic, simlilar//  Bottoms-see above//  Shoes-see above  
I can honestly say that I witnessed a fellow Southern girl SO excited for the cooler weather that she wasted NO TIME wearing her new purchase.  She paraded her new red beanie around Target, through the cashier line to purchase <I don't even think she took it off her head to checkout-we're talking run her head through the scanner> & proudly out the door to take on the rest of her day.  Talk about excited for fall weather!  All the Southern girls be like:  Quick locate my Uggs, leggings, vests, & Han Solo Boots, y'all! :)  I'd like to hand partial credit to my hubby for that tag line...  People watching at it's finest!

Hump Day Giggles...
 For the despondent, every day brings trouble; for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.  Prov 15:15
especially when your pregnant....

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