Monday, October 19, 2015

This Week | Something Like Christmas Magic

Insomnia is at it's peak.  I have to eat dinner at practically 3pm to avoid heartburn.  I could down a Sonic diet cherry limeade <especially the heavenly thing that is crushed ice> every 30 minutes.  I can't stand up without having to pee 678,564 times.  My belly is BIG, y'all.  And, yes.  I will totally confess.  I completely sat in the floor of the public mall restroom to change Cam's potty accident clothes Saturday evening.  Judge me...judge me harrrrrddd.  This exhaustion is for real.  I probably sat there for an hour, okay 25 minutes easy.  I've gone to the sanitary dogs!  What will two potty trainees do to me???
He hugs & talks to baby bro all the time:)
God's gift to pregnant women...or maybe just this one.
A random glance at my phone during the night...yep, that's 1 am people

All the same, I can't explain the excitement I feel.  

It's crazy!  Cade & I were talking this excited as we were to meet Cam, we never knew the love we would have for him.  Now, now we fully know.  Maybe that just feeds & emphasizes the excitement you naturally have when expecting the next baby?  I really don't know.  All I know--is that my heart feels like it can't even partially contain having two of them to love.  I feel like Christmas morning everyday when I think of the little family God has so preciously blessed me with...maybe that's as close of an explanation as I can give?
He might kill me...but it's the only picture I have of him this week & he's been MIA on this blog waaaayyyy too long!

And to add to my excitement?   We are picking Daddy up at the airport around noon TOMORROW.  We haven't seen this boy since AUGUST.  Major withdrawals don't even touch how much we miss him.  Are we for sure it isn't Christmas Eve??  Cuz' there sure is some Christmas magic happening in this little heart of mine;)  
Park 10.17.15  Finally, some chilly scarf weather!

On a side note, Cam & I have listened to our Michael Buble Christmas all week & he continuously says, "I need Jingle Bells music, Mom," sooooo we listen to "Jingle Bells" on repeat all day, everyday on our trips to the park & to go grab grub.  <<Proud mommy moment right there>>  I will update you when I convince my Mr. to love--okay tolerate Christmas music like this...I'm afraid those days are gone when he hops in the car.  
I can just hear him now..."Cassidy, it's O C T O B E R."
All Christmas magic & music set aside...Sometime...Someday this week...We will meet him.  LORD WILLING.  It's really here!  We are about to become a family of four:)  
Hoping y'all had a great weekend...Happy Monday!
Katie C said...

I'm trying so hard to resist the urge to listen to Christmas music. We love it here too! And I can totally imagine the anticipation of baby #2 arriving. I agree - you don't realize how quickly your heart fills up once that new baby is placed in your arms. How exciting!!!

Katie @ Cup of Tea

Cassidy Adams said...

Come September...I can't wait any longer;) Lol...We are so excited:) Thanks for stopping by!