Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Living Lofty | Bedroom-Living Room Combo

Few things //besides babies & peace down in my soul// make me as excited as interior decorating.  Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating BUT it's definitely one of my favorite things to play with!  So.  Naturally, I am verrrry excited to show you our little upstairs loft make-over today.  Why do I call it an upstairs loft?  I don't really just "has a nice ring to it"-- don't you think?  It's plenty of room for the time being & I am very pleased with how my vision turned out.  Plus...I have lots of furniture/decor I can use in another space when the time comes SO it's a win-win for everyone:) 

Also, Cam loves it.  We are currently in Knoxville waiting on baby bro to arrive & as I was working on this post he seen the pictures over my shoulder & he said, "I love my room, mom.  I want it back mom." <<Yes, he's calling me mom all the time again:,(>>  I told him we would have it back we just had to wait til' his baby brother could come with us.  He was a-ok with that answer;)  I just hope his optimism persists!



Pillows | Amazon
Sheets | West Elm
Velvet Quilt Bedding | Pottery Barn
Headboard | Amazon
Throw | Land Of Nod <last year>
Still need side tables, lamps, & a bed skirt!  I have a standing mirror too, it just needs picked up!

I eventually really want a lot more pillows here...& a side table with a lamp

Couch | Ikea
Pillow | Amazon
Dog Bed | Home Goods
Rug | West Elm

TV Stand | Target
Skeleton Lantern | PB Kids
Garland | PB Kids
A little Halloween/Fall mixed in...I can't help it!  It's OCTOBER, y'all!

And //of course// there's always a little Pinterest inspiration...

I'll be sharing the boy's space & our entryway soon.  Still have a few things to add before I share it with you here:)  I couldn't have done any of what you have seen without our sweet family's help!  I just dreamed it up, sale watched, ordered, & told them where to put things while on bed they worked so very hard to make everything come together! 
 I am one blessed girl! 
Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cassidy,
YOur loft looks wonderful, what a great transformation. You did a great
job choosing your decor, so it was like being a decorator you picked it out
and told everyone else what to do.............sounds great to me!! lol

Know you are ecstatic to be off bed rest and back to normal, well, as normal
as pregnant can
Sounds like it want be long now. This loft is in your parents home, correct??
Do they live in knoxville? Cause know you said you have to stay close to there till baby was just wondering how you are staying there?
In a hotel or staying with your parents or other relatives or something??
Praying for a quick and easy delivery and that all goes great.

Adorable pics of Cam at the pumpkin patch, and you still look wonderful
as always sweetie.

Blessings Galore and happy sure it seems a bit happier now.

Cassidy Adams said...

Thanks, Nellie:) Yes, it is the upstairs of my parents home. They live in North Carolina, but my grandparents have a house in Knoxville which is where I'm staying right now. Thanks so much! Take care!