Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shared Boys Room: Nursery/Toddler Room

I knew the moment we found out we were pregnant with Baby #2 that I would have to be creative with what I wanted to do with the future "nursery/toddler room."  I knew it would be a shared nursery since we would be living in an apartment.  I initially had a gut feeling that we were having a girl, so I was really diving into the gender neutral-esque style.  But lo & behold...we found out shortly after that we were going to have two boys!  That sent me into a frenzy, but on the bright was an easier route to take;)

I really love eclectic modern looks with a little bit of rustic/antique/vintage-y touch.  I don't have much to buy (except for the toddler bed & dresser) -thank you, amazon & ikea for cheap options!- as much of what I had with Cam will work perfectly!  Just a few touches to include our new baby boy's name in the mix;)  Here is a little inspiration board including the things that I have on my to do list...I can't wait to see it all come together!  

Other things on my list include: this lantern,  this-this-this pennant (couldn't choose!) & two Pretend with Poppins animals (that I'm going to let Cam pick out) to live snuggly on the boys pillows;) all from the mustard seed!

I also ordered two custom quilts from etsy (shout out to Simply Stitched by Sara! who also gave me some freebies in my package as well<3) for bedspreads as soon as I found out baby was a boy:)  I am so happy with how they turned was such a hard decision with so many beautiful fabrics to choose from these days!  I'm in love with the animals & how well they match my vision for the "boy cave.";)  Not to mention, the "hello bear" fabric was created by an old cheerleading coach from Franklin, NC.  Isn't that such a coincidence that I chose hers without even knowing?  Her fabrics are amazing!  Check all of them out here.
animal jamboree | hello bear
P.S. Is it terrible that as soon as I get the Mr. to hang shelves, our Halloween/Fall books are going up on display?  #soexcited #fallismyfavorite