Thursday, July 23, 2015

25 Weeks

This is Week #:  24 Weeks (last week of my 6th month...WOW)  But I did "25" because I will be Saturday!  Outtakes from this picture below;) aka the best part...
Total Weight Gain:  I don't know, haven't been to a recent check up & do not have a scale yet.
What I am wearing:  Pretty much sweat clothes and pajama pants.  All I've been doing this past month is traveling/moving/packing/unpacking, etc.  You get the picture!  I've got to get back into the swing of dressing cute again...  I know it will make me feel better!
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  Do t-shirts and soffe shorts count this month?
Body woes:  My whole body has ached this month.  I can't sleep.  
Best part of week:  Every time I feel baby move.  It amazes me how God brings life into this world.  I am so humbled and grateful to be a mommy!<3
Feel anything in there?  He is something else!  Or maybe I just forgot how much Cam moved...or maybe I'm in for the decathlon of my life & I will have another Cam running around.  Prayers, please:)  Hehe!
Gives me the Creeps:  Just in a cleaning everything mode.  Especially in an apartment...I threw everything in the garbage that the previous attendants left behind.  The Mr. wasn't to thrilled to be missing the shower curtain for a couple of days...oops!
Zzzzz Pattern:  Like I mentioned before, I 'm not sleeping too well.  I actually woke up at 3 am this morning and never went back to sleep...
Gender:  BOY
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Pop!
I’m Craving:  Hmmmm, strawberries, blueberries, chocolate
Working Out Regimen:  Ummmm, moving.  :/
Mood (s):  This move has been emotionally draining & difficult to adjust to, but every time I see Cam run to his daddy when he gets home from work, I know I made the right decision.  I have peace in knowing that God is in control & everything will work out perfectly:)  I don't know what I'd do without faith & the peace He gives!
I can’t wait for:  Fall & Winter at The Mustard Seed.  Finally getting into see a doctor here (I'm getting very anxious to be settled if this is where I am going to be for delivery).  Getting this apartment in's driving me crazy that my body won't let me do it all in a day! || I did start the boys room...isn't that little "Dapper" pennant flag DARLING?  It's from The Mustard Seed wink wink;) ||  I'm excited to see my sister who is coming to visit in a couple of weeks & our September visit home.  And of course, I can't wait to meet my sweet baby boy...but I want to enjoy everyday of pregnancy that I can!

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