Saturday, August 1, 2015

Matchbox Cars & Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Saturday, y'all!  (Posting a day late).  I hope everyones last week of July has been a great one.  It's a beautiful day here in North Dakota, but man is it hot.  I can't imagine the heat + humidity back home in the South.  I'm feeling for you guys...& I'm also feeling ready for fall!  We have had a full week with surviving potty training drills, our first Mustard Seed booth in a new place, & another trip to the grocery store.  Cam is doing so great sitting in the buggy shopping cart for me.  I feel like that is an answered prayer (as funny as that sounds?)  It just makes me a nervous wreck when he runs away from me & I like to know he is right with me!  I can't say I'm past the kid leashes once our little one arrives...
I did let him down while we were checking out since he had been so good & that little stinker.  He started cleaning the shelves of packs of matchbox cars & slipping them onto the conveyor belt while I was emptying the groceries from the cart.  I heard the cashier snickering & looked at the stack of car boxes hiding in our food.  Smart little cookie!  Isn't he? :'')
In spirit of Friday, I figured I'd do some Friday Favorites.  
Pinterest Paleo & 21 Fix Boards: Cam & I have both had stomach troubles lately.  Cam a lot longer than me...and the doctors can't seem to pin point anything.  I'm at the point of thinking it might be food related (as well as mine) so we are trying to eat healthier this week to see if we feel any better.  Much to my husbands dismay, our grocery trip consisted of stocking up on healthier meals.  

Potty Training Fav's: I made this one up myself.  I like to buy these little glass canisters from Target because they are perfect for almost anything...turns out- even potty training!  I rolled Cam's little undies up & stuck his potty prize (Skittles today) on top.  Easy, neat, & motivating for Cam!  Also, this app has been my best friend!
Meri Meri Holiday 2015: We are getting this line in for The Mustard Seed this fall & I had so much fun going through their holiday things and deciding which ones we would have in our shop.  So many cute things that you can do with your kids to make the holidays special:)  Stay tuned!  

Freshly Picked Sales:  I don't know if you've noticed, but Freshly Picked just keeps sneaking out sales!  The glacier blue moccs were on sale this week (just the ones I've been wanting for Cam & the baby!)  Definitely watch their social media accounts if your looking for a purchase in the near future or for the holidays;)

White Manicures:  I don't know why but for some reason, I have been craving one for a couple months now.  Just can never make myself take time or shell out the money to go get one!  So I picked up some white nail polish at the store yesterday to give myself one-yea, that color has to be done  Not a forgiving color for flaws!  Esssshh  
Hope everyone has a great Saturday;)