Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sweatpant Explorers

Happy Saturday!  It's been a slow Saturday morning around here (my favorite), leaving just enough time for me to work on our Fall and Winter inventory for The Mustard Seed.  To put me in the spirit, I am watching Deck the Halls on QVC (Christmas in July Sale) which could be dangerous because I ordered a 9 ft Christmas tree last year...Any one else?

I kid you not, the commentary just heard (and I quote) said it was only a MONTH until we will all start putting out "Harvest" decorations...I almost jumped up off the couch & did a pregnant backhandspring;)  Even though I'm not totally sure that's possible!  Which also means...I am that much closer to meeting Baby #2!
For some reason this pregnancy has flown by so incredibly fast.  I feel so behind in everything I need to have done at this point.  I have so much to do before little brother comes!  Organize clothes, Double Stroller, coming home outfit, nursery stocked & cute...
Yesterday, Cam & I went to the Women's Health Center & signed a release for my medical information so that I can schedule my first doctors appointment here in North Dakota.  I am anxious to get to see our baby boy this month again because he is sure letting me know he is in there at this point!  HOLY baby karate kicks!  I don't know if it's just North Dakota or the little night party happening in my bump...but I can NOT sleep.
Aside from the doctor, we spent most of the day on the playground and exploring the local spots in our sweatclothes.  I had a moment where I had a giggle over how we have looked since we came to North Dakota, but as of Monday, the Mr. went back to working full time & that left all of our belongings in the garage.  I have carried in and organized everything I can safely carry, so at this point it is all a waiting game.  That means I have to be content with our sweat clothes until he has a little time (& help) to bring the rest in!  

If you know me, you know my make this apartment a home obsession is kicking in to full throttle, or maybe it is 10 times worse with the nesting mode kicking in?  Idk.  All I know is that I have so many ideas for this place and am ready to get started.  Praying for some weekend warriors to come in and help us get started!

As for yesterday's sweatpant expedition... we also went to have lunch, got stuck in a major traffic jam where Cam took his cat nap for the day, and then drove around downtown and stopped in to a local coffee shop for a yummy smoothie.  I quote Cam in saying, "Mmmmm, delicious!"  We may have just found a new favorite stop;)  I am super proud of myself for getting out and exploring.  We may just drive down to the farmers market this morning after Cam wakes up.  They have asked me to do a booth for the Mustard Seed every Saturday morning and at their Thursday night festivals this I am pretty excited at that opportunity!  God is good, isn't he?
Speaking of the Mustard Seed, if you're interested, we are having a little promotion on our website this weekend as a "thank you" for all the love and support shown since our opening on July 3rd.  Log on, shop away, and enter the coupon code THANK YOU at checkout to receive a FREE "Little Book of Big Ideas ($6 Value) and a sample of our Eco Star Crayons:)
Wishing you all the BEST Weekend!